Eco Align Overview Sep 2009


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Overview and approach to filling the green gap between people\'s stated intentions and actual behavior

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Eco Align Overview Sep 2009

  1. 1. Empower Your Marketing Actionable Insights. Sustainable Growth. OVERVIEW
  2. 5. Agency Focused On The Energy Space <ul><li>Full service strategic marketing agency focused on aligning corporate business goals and consumer consumption behaviors with the future of energy and environment </li></ul>
  3. 6. Consulting - DEFG a management consulting and financial services firm focused on innovative energy technologies, green tech and solutions and serving more than 30 utility and renewable energy clients and vendors. Marketing - EcoAlign, a full-service strategic marketing agency focused on the energy and environment space Financing - DEFG Ventures, an investment arm that provides capital and advisory services to alternative energy and green tech companies seeking angel and venture capital. EcoAlign is a full service strategic marketing agency part of The Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG LLC), a holding company with three branded entities focused on the energy and environment space. The result is an incredible wealth of contacts, and superior knowledge of the regulatory, operational, marketing, investment, technological drivers affecting the energy space nationally and globally. Parent Company & Leadership Sectors
  4. 7. Energy Experts Offering One-Stop-Shop Marketing Services Energy Space Experts We understand and know energy and environment’s regulatory, operational, competitive, marketing and political challenges. As an affiliate of DEFG, the preeminent energy consulting group, we have access to people with vast experience and reputations stemming from leadership positions held in various organizations and practices. This means we understand the implications of our recommendations in the business, regulatory and political environment Turn-key Marketing Solution Through our team of professionals we can provide a one-stop-shop solution to cover marketing and management needs. Driven by strategic, market and behavioral insights we can map marketing architectures that engage customers, stimulate action and reward behavior while allowing you to achieve objectives with speed, results and economic efficiencies Unique Behavioral Insights We have a point of view on customers’ decision-making drivers that draws from social, anthropological and behavioral sciences and is substantiated by a database of 7,000+ people that were surveyed on a variety of critical topics. This gives us unique insights that we can leverage to develop value propositions aligned with customers’ values, marketing strategies built for success
  5. 8. Guiding Principle <ul><li>A compelling alignment between offerings’ value propositions and messaging and customers’ values and needs translated into memorable and compelling experiences leads to enhanced ROE </li></ul><ul><li>Hence analyzing alignment and execution is critical to uncover gaps that prevent companies to achieve ROE planned </li></ul>Alignment between customers and offerings + Compelling customer experience that influences purchase decisions = Growth
  6. 9. Uncovering Behavioral Drivers To Drive Sales We Go Beyond What People Say: We Map Business, Psychographic and Cultural Drivers That Influence Decisions To Position Products Effectively And Inspire Customers To Act Needs and wants of customers Needs Worldviews Culture Set of values and thinking styles that influence decisions Typical traits and characteristics that define a culture Channels Behavior What people say, do, read and watch
  7. 10. EcoGap Measures The Degree Of Alignment Messaging Relevance & inspiration Customer Experience & Engagement Internal Commitment & Support Alignment between customers values and needs and messaging Assessment of customer experience through branding channels Tools and incentives Measure internal support and commitment Marketing Readiness Measure how ready marketing is to be truly effective Score
  8. 11. Building Conversations To Drive Sales And Behavior Change customer analysis concept development consumer touch points experience architecture messaging insight concept execution { {
  9. 12. <ul><li>Our approach is built on four key activities: </li></ul><ul><li>SCAN - Scan leading social sites, discussions, and content sites for selected references such as: </li></ul><ul><ul><li>MySpace </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Blogs, Twitter </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>YouTube </li></ul></ul><ul><li>ANALYZE - Analyze based on sentiment, source, popularity </li></ul><ul><ul><li>1,213 data points Oct 1 – October 27 </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Net positive sentiment around identified issues </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Example, AGL presence vs. other (Duke, Florida Power) </li></ul></ul><ul><li>REPORT - Report via self-service interface </li></ul><ul><li>EXPORT - Export data for quantitative analysis in applicable tools (Optional) </li></ul>Monitoring Conversations To Adjust Marketing Sentiment (+/-) Top Sources Top Categories Top Authors
  10. 13. The Day In A Life Of (DILO) Video building and visualizing the utility customer experience in 2015 The video has won four prestigious Telly Awards for “Use of Graphics” (Silver; Highest Honor); “Public Relations” (Bronze); “Government Relations” (Bronze); “Cinematography” (Bronze). The Telly Awards honor commercial/industrial work. The DILO video has been exceptionally well received by energy utility companies and government regulators as an accurate and inspiring depiction of future life empowered by the smart grid. Awards
  11. 14. Recent Engagements
  12. 15. National Footprint EcoAlign has offices in Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Houston, Austin, Denver and San Francisco
  13. 16. Team Credentials Andrea Fabbri - Andrea Fabbri co-founded and currently serves as COO of EcoAlign. In his current capacity, Mr. Fabbri leads customer engagements in market research, marketing strategy, branding and integrated communications to help companies drive consumer behavior towards energy conservation and clean technology offerings. Current clients he’s directly involved in include PHI, Southwall Technologies, Lunera Lighting and Daylight Technology. Mr. Fabbri is a marketing and corporate communications executive with 14 years of experience in branding, integrated communications and relationship marketing. Prior to EcoAlign, Mr. Fabbri was a marketing executive at Intelsat, the world’s largest satellite communications provider. He led Intelsat’s transformation from a 37 years old intergovernmental cooperative to a dynamic b-to-b brand in the telecom industry. Mr. Fabbri directed global corporate rebranding and repositioning projects connected to corporate mergers and acquisitions, led Intelsat to incremental sales through an innovative global web and relationship marketing strategy, managed segmentation efforts and directed integrated communications campaigns and product launches on a global basis. Frequent speaker at branding and corporate Image conferences throughout the country, his work has received prestigious awards such as the 2004 Best in Show MITX Interactive Award and the 2004 New York Interactive Festival Award. Jamie Wimberly - Mr. Wimberly founded and currently serves as CEO of the Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG,, a holding company with three branded entities, including: DEFG LLC, a specialized consulting and financial services firm focused on innovative energy technologies and solutions, EcoAlign (, DEFG Ventures, an investment arm that provides capital, advisory services and marketing expertise to alternative energy companies seeking angel and venture capital. DEFG’s clients include many of the leading utilities, vendors and equipment manufacturers, and financial firms active in the energy technology sector. As an offshoot of his work with DEFG, Mr. Wimberly co-founded and manages the Customer Care Research Consortium (CCRC), a research organization with 16 utility members focused on customer care operations in partnership with Navigant Consulting. He also manages the Demand and Energy Technology (DETech) Research Consortium, a research organization with 9 utility members focused on alternative energy and DSM issues. Prior to DEFG, Mr. Wimberly co-founded and formerly served as President of the Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets (CAEM), a non-profit think tank focused on the energy sector. Prior to CAEM, Jamie Wimberly served as the Vice President of the Consumer Energy Council of America (CECA), the oldest public interest organization in the nation focusing on the energy, telecommunications and other network industries providing essential services to consumers.
  14. 17. Teddi Davis – Teddi is Vice President of Marketing for EcoAlign . Davis has over 20 years of increasingly responsible hands-on business leadership experience in the areas of marketing, product management, business development, channel optimization and sales, serving energy, telecom and high tech. Prior to EcoAlign, Teddi was Director of Customer Choice and Renewables Marketing at Xcel Energy, one of the nation's most progressive and largest investor owned utilities serving customers in eight states. In her position she contributed to the company’s environmental leadership aspirations through the development and management of customer choice options for residential, commercial and industrial customers, such as payment and billing programs, optional rate programs, self service strategies, information programs that helped customers better understand their energy usage, and choice renewables programs such as Windsource and Solar*Rewards. She also helped develop marketing strategies for the company’s SmartGridCity program in Boulder, Colorado. Under her direction, customer choice offerings at Xcel Energy helped demonstrate innovation and leadership around renewables and the environment. During her tenure, she helped grow Xcel Energy’s Windsource program to be the #1 green pricing program in the nation, and was responsible for growing the Solar*Rewards program to be the fifth largest REC rebate program nationally in just three years. She was also responsible for the company’s demand response programs including Saver’s Switch. Before her role managing choice offerings at Xcel Energy Davis was responsible for Product Development for all conservation and energy efficiency programs, and managed residential DSM programs as Director of Consumer Product Marketing for the company as well. Tom Brunetto – Tom is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the gas and electric industry. His expertise includes general management, operations, product-business development, regulation and sales and marketing. Mr. Brunetto is skilled in business strategy, start-up management, supply chain, business transformation and operational excellence, and customer care. Prior to EcoAlign, Tom was Managing Director at Navigant Consulting Inc. in the Energy Practice, Vice President with Cap Gemini where he managed eBusiness and supply chain service offerings for the Energy, Utilities & Chemicals North America business unit. As a partner for Ernst & Young, Mr. Brunetto directed corporate reengineering, strategic planning, regulatory and marketing/sales projects for the energy business unit. These projects included rate design studies, corporate strategy, forecasting, planning and management audits. He has provided expert testimony on cost/pricing justification in Canada and states of Texas, Montana, Alabama, and Massachusetts. Team Credentials
  15. 18. Sarah Eder – Sarah Eder serves as a VP of Communications at EcoAlign focused on public relations and strategic communications. She counsels a broad range of companies and crafts brand-building, integrated communications solutions that combine research, strategy and provocative ideas to align with and maximize a client's business objectives. Recognized as a superior tactician, skilled writer and trusted advisor, her clients consistently seek her expertise for day-to-day business public relations as well as major events management. Prior to EcoAlign, Eder was previously director of Corporate Communications at Comcast Cable. In this position, she was responsible for leading media relations strategy on corporate, telephone and high-speed Internet issues for the nation’s leading cable company, which at the time served more than 22 million customers. Prior to joining Comcast, Eder served as director of External Communications for AT&T Broadband. In this position, Eder was responsible for directing media relations efforts with national, business, trade, local and consumer press, as well as media relations strategy on corporate, public policy, telephone and high-speed Internet issues. She also was director and regional spokesperson for AT&T Corp. In this position she directed media relations activities as spokesperson for 14 western states and more than 3,000 media outlets. Eder received her Bachelor of Science in journalism and graduated cum laude from Ohio University, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She has served as a member of Association of Cable Communicators, Public Relations Society of America and Women in Cable and Telecommunications Rocky Mountain where she is currently a board member. In addition, she was chosen for the Arthur W. Page Society class of 1999, an elite executive public relations group. Andy Hunter - Currently serves as VP Customer Activation. Mr. Hunter has worked for the worlds leading advertising agencies and fortune 500 brands. With a background in traditional media, account planning, and interactive, his career passion is bringing &quot;new marketing&quot; to life for clients struggling in a disruptive media environment. He is former founder and director of gsd&m’s connections planning and digital strategy practices. Having worked across marketing communication disciplines, Mr. Hunter brings a unique perspective to the art and science of branding and consumer insight. Focused on merging the strategic tools of brand planning, media targeting, and digital relationship marketing, he crafts engagement strategy that builds “conversational” brand campaigns. His goal is to bridge the gap between traditional brand planning and the complex strategic needs of digital marketing to create new strategy methods and marketing processes. Past category work includes assignments for BMW, American Express, Wal-Mart, PwC Consulting, Dreamworks, and United Healthcare at many of the worlds leading agencies: Ogilivy, Wunderman/Y&R, Hill Holliday, and GSD&M. Team Credentials
  16. 19. Drew Letendre - Drew is a Senior Brand Strategist and a Verbal Identity Specialist. Drew’s career in branding and design spans a 15 years period. His client list ranges broadly across industry categories, including: financial services (Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley), telecommunications (Time Warner, CNET), industrial manufacturing (Avery Dennison) construction engineering (Exelon Infrastructure Services) and energy (Progress Energy), among others. In addition to agency experience, Drew has worked as an independent consultant in the field of naming, message systems and verbal identity. His projects again span categories and include Dolby, World Kitchen, Brita, GE Aviation and Mallinkrodt. Examples of names that Drew has created are “Experient” for merger of three category players in the event planning category; the Insite™ and Digitography™ product brands for Covance; the name of HealthWell Foundation; and the taglines “ROI | Return on Ideas” (iStar Financial) and “Working to the Perfect the Flow of Energy” (PJM). In the energy sector Drew has done brand strategy and identity engagements with Progress Energy (corporate identity system) PJM Interconnections (corporate identity upgrade), North West Natural Energy (brand strategy consulting), Sequent and Atlanta Gas Light Resources (corporate identity make-over). Drew holds a Master of Arts Degree in philosophy from the Claremont Graduate Center and graduated with honors in psychology from Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts.. John Marshall Roberts - John serves as a Chief Social Scientist for EcoAlign. A former psychology professor and award-winning speaker, John's unique insight into the psychology of the communication design process has made him a prominent contributor to several pioneering entertainment projects over the past decade, including two $200 million dollar plus theme park designs. Recent clients and partners have included the Oscar-winning BRC Imagination Arts, the Joseph Campbell Foundation, Knock Knock, Inc. His new book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries” is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for a new generation of socially conscious marketers, business leaders. In the book, John exposes the hidden dynamics of inspiration and unveils a bold new paradigm for creating inspirational media and messaging called Transformational Design™. A seamless blend of systems theory, developmental psychology, and common sense, this new framework allows socially conscious people—marketers, business leaders, and activists—to design messages that systematically overcome cynicism and inspire others to act. Team Credentials
  17. 20. Joanna Paul - Joanna Paul is Creative Director for EcoAlign with more than 15 years of experience in designing winning campaigns. Prior to joining EcoAlign, Joanna was employed with Landor Associates, a renowned New York-based branding and design consultancy, where she managed complex design projects for consumer goods, financial services and business-to-business companies. Previously, she was employed by companies such as FutureBrand, Tattoo Marketing and Maddocks & Company in a range of design management positions. Joanna studied marketing at San Diego State University, and was trained in graphic design in New York at the School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design. Sandra Hill - Sandra has spent over 15 years in both Europe and the USA creating, managing and implementing branding programs for a full range of international companies. Her strong creative vision, strategic approach and collaborative nature have allowed her to build and guide diverse creative teams, manage client relationships and inspire new ways of problem solving. Past clients included Tishman Construction Company, the largest privately-owned construction company in the world, the City of Asheville in North Carolina, CPower, Bowlmor, Roche Diagnostics, Mitsui Fudosan America and Tripfilms. Sandra was Creative Director at Interbrand, where she worked on clients such as Bell Canada, eBay, Microsoft and was also a key member of the team involved in the creation of the new AT&T. While in London working for the Scottish design consultancy, 999 Design, she helped to establish key client relationships for the London office, which included Sony PS2, BBC and BT. Team Credentials
  18. 27. for more information Andrea Fabbri COO and Chief Marketing Officer [email_address] +1 202 445 0061 Jamie Wimberly CEO [email_address] +1 202 483 4443