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VerdeStrategy Swanified


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Attempting to describe VerdeStrategy\'s value proposition in six slides using the Andy Swan outline.

Published in: Technology, Business
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VerdeStrategy Swanified

  1. 1. Imagine a world where…… Patent-pending technology ROI Innovative ingenuity 10X Game-changing Exit Entrepreneurs and Investors Speak the Same Language Or, at least, can understand each other…
  2. 2. Here's how we get there... Articulate Clarify, clarify Simplify Communicate Meet in the middle, where clarity resides
  3. 3. Known obstacles to overcome You need to get here Are you standing in your own way? Or just not seeing a clear path?
  4. 4. The pot of gold Clarity + Common Language + Consensus* *A Yup’ik Eskimo taught me that consensus means mutual understanding, not necessarily mutual agreement. But it was an Inupiaq who taught me about the Ten-legged Polar Bear.
  5. 5. Why our team is awesome It’s all about Calvin… (Well, and our virtual team of seasoned veterans.)…
  6. 6. Contact 215-384-6884