ALC Health - an overview for international medical insurance from an award winning company


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Global Health insurance for expatraites and international citizens

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  • It’s not just me saying that the future could lie with the international side of our industry . . . . Here’s what COVER magazine has to say . . .
  • Pick up the paper and you’ll see yet another article about moving abroad . . . . Turn on the television and there will be a channel following the exploits of a someone moving overseasThey nearly all need medical insurance, so what’s stopping you ?
  • Just look a these examples provided by AXA PPP International and how there can be a vast difference in the cost of medical treatment from one country to another.A simple hernia operation in the UK might cost around £2,000 but if you choose to be treated in Hong Kong the cost goes through the roof to over £10,000. Logic doesn’t come into it, so your clients need cover and you’re the ones to arrange it . . .
  • ALC Health - an overview for international medical insurance from an award winning company

    1. 1. opportunities in international PMI
    2. 2. Global Market and iPMI “ The demand for iPMI, as opposed to domestic policies is being driven largely by the globalisation of business, as both large multinationals and small-to-medium sized -companies continue to take advantage of opportunities overseas. ” COVER Magazine March 2012
    3. 3. Global Market and iPMI there are estimated to be more than 300,000,000 expatriates living and working worldwide the IPMI market is estimated to be worth over €3.2 billion 1 in 5 companies fail to provide international cover for those of their employees sent abroad for 6 or more months
    4. 4. iPMI Growth Markets Caribbean Eastern Europe Middle East Gulf Canada OB Scandinavia South East Asia Central & South America FSU Countries Hong Kong & China
    5. 5. Private Medical Treatment costs can vary enormously from one country to another UK Hong Kong Singapore UAE USASeptoplasty of the Nose £2,300 £9,700 £9,000 £5,600 £6,300Caesarean Delivery £6,100 £12,200 £7,400 £4,000 £7,200Primary Hernia Inguinal Repair £2,000 £10,300 £7,100 £2,700 £8,800Cataract Removal £2,000 £2,800 £2,500 £3,000 £2,000Diagnostic Colonoscopy £1,500 £2,400 £1,700 £1,000 £3,800Removal of an Impacted Tooth £800 £500 £1,000 £300 £1,700 source : AXA PPP International
    6. 6. different because we care
    7. 7. For more than a decade ALC Health hasbeen looking after the internationalmedical insurance needs of our membersby bringing together a range of highquality, value added solutions thatcombine the highest level of service on avery personal level . . . EXPERIENCE
    8. 8. . . . we have the experience and industryknowledge that enables us to offer youand your clients the level of support thatfew other international insurers can onlymatch . . . KNOWLEDGE
    9. 9. . . . and with an enviable reputation for acaring, responsive approach tocustomer care and service delivery, webelieve we offer the iPMI propositionthat’s right for your clients. SERVICE
    10. 10. security in an uncertain worldUnderwritten by one of the largest, most experienced private medicalinsurance providers in the UK, the company has been helping people to accessmedical care for over 70 years with a history stretching back to the 18thCentury. 95 million clients worldwide 214, 391 employees € 91 billion euros annual revenue AA- Standard & Poors rating
    11. 11. flexible benefits, tailored cover  individual and corporate plans that may be tailored to match the needs of each client . .  by person  by area  by currency  choose different benefits for each family member  extensive choice of excess options starting at ‘nil’  simple, straight forward and easy to follow application process  choice of electronic or hardcopy documentation  payment cycles to suit your clients  group leaver options
    12. 12. … 10 benefits that make a difference Simplified pre-authorisation and online claims service Online quotation in under 60 seconds Flexible core products Optional Benefits • Routine Dental Treatment • Routine Pregnancy & Childbirth • Evacuation & Repatriation No co-insurance applied to any benefits New joiners accepted up to age 74 Dependant children accepted up to 25 years Guaranteed Group leaver options Blood Care Foundation membership included FREE with all ALC Prima plans ALC World, the online global medical resource service
    13. 13. ALC Prima plans 4 core plans 24 benefit variations 8 excess choices 3 currency options 4 routine maternity optionsPrima Premier - Prima Classic - Prima Ibérica - Prima Europa
    14. 14. Prima PremierOur most comprehensive plan offering in-patient and day-patient treatmentwith optional out-patient cover, pregnancy and childbirth, dental andevacuation and repatriationPrima ClassicA more traditional healthcare plan covering the essential cost of privatemedical treatment with in-patient, day-patient and out-patient benefit asstandard including optical coverPrima IbéricaDesigned for individuals living in Gibraltar, Portugal or Spain offering thesame benefits as Prima Classic but reflecting the lower cost of treatmentwithin the regionPrima EuropaA simple, low cost plan for anyone living and working within the EU coveringthe basic necessities of medical insurance and designed to complement yourlocal healthcare system
    15. 15. making a differencehazardous activities (non professional)innocent bystander coverAIDS &HIVcomplications of pregnancychildren included up to 25 yearsage at entry up to 74 yearsblood care foundation membershipALC World online supportgroups discounts from 4 employeesthree currency optionsoptional routine maternity & dentalevacuation includes repatriation
    16. 16. Underwriting options Moratorium • Pre-existing conditions known up to five years prior to cover inception excluded • Continuous two year treatment free period as an insured policyholder required • Certain medical conditions may be excluded permanently Continued Personal Medical Exclusions • Offered to those transferring from a ‘similar’ competitor programme where current underwriting terms are followed but subject to ALC Health general terms and conditions Medical Histories Disregarded • Pre-existing medical conditions covered subject to the approval of a group health declaration
    17. 17. Excess optionsAny excess chosen is applied per person per policy period and not per medical condition. Anyexcess option chosen applies only to in-patient and out-patient treatment and does not applyto routine pregnancy, routine dental and/or evacuation/repatriation covers £ GBP Euro USD Load/Discount Nil Nil Nil +14% £50 €60 $75 +7% £150 €180 $225 STANDARD £300 €360 $450 -10% £500 €600 $750 -20% £1,000 €1,200 $1,500 -30% £5,000 €6,000 $7,500 -40%
    18. 18. ALC Health Group leaver guarantee Where an existing ALC group plan member wishes to continue their cove, we offer a guarantee of cover. Transfers are assumed to be within the same plan. Where a higher level of cover is sought, referral to underwriters may be required and where some restrictions may be applied
    19. 19. Claims & ManagingExpectations
    20. 20. Online Claims Serviceenables your clients to o find out whether their policy covers the treatment they need o find out where they can receive the best treatment closest to them o pre-authorise their treatment and arrange for settlement of their medical bills directly to their medical provider o arrange for a wire transfer into their bank account for those claims that they may have already settled o find answers to those frequently asked questions
    21. 21. Online Claims and Support Ask a Question Claim Enquiry Pre-authorise treatment 24/7 Upload and send claims FAQ’s Wire Transfer ALC World
    22. 22. ALC Health Online
    23. 23. Your Own Sales PageWe will create for your business a separate dedicated sales web landing pages providinga central source from which to downloadable documents, obtain individualquotations, access to our buy now service , Blood Care Foundation, ALC World andmore . . .
    24. 24. F R E E dedicated website for your corporateclients (+10) Tailored to your clients design Direct access to online claims services Tips and hints on making a claim Group plan benefit and policy wording ALC World access Global medical facilities directory Contact information Emergency information
    25. 25. on-line advice & information Doctor Search and Medical Facility CityHealth® Security Profiles Health and Security News Drug Translation Medical Term and Phrase Translation Travel Healthy Global Medical Blog Password
    26. 26. Helping you to protect yourclients against infectiousdiseasesHow do you know that when one of yourclients requires an emergency bloodtransfusion that the blood being sourced hasbeen thoroughly screened ?With ALC Health, your clients are automaticallyprotected by the Blood Care Foundation ensuringsufficient blood supplies, screened againsttransmissible infections, including HIV and otherinfectious agents are sourced and delivered no matterwhere in the world it may be needed.
    27. 27. we’re differentbecause we care
    28. 28. Andrew AppsDirector+44 7740