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Green Is Better Brochure ENG last


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The Green Is Better saladbar franchise 2018 brochure

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Green Is Better Brochure ENG last

  1. 1. with the 1st worldwide network of salad bars Open your own restaurant 100% HEALTHY green is... REALLY better!
  2. 2. M M M M M M M GREEN AROUND THE WORLD HEALTHY restaurants are BOOMING! Broad CUSTOMER BASE! SMALL CAPITAL INVESTMENT and EASY START-UP process Healthy restaurant businesses will be the BEST BET for years to come So, DON’T BE LEFT BEHIND: Join a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE worldwide franchising model We have become one of the FASTEST GROWING restaurant chains With a website dedicated to delivering customers: MARKET AND OPPORTUNITIES
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF ADMISSION • Counseling • Legal Advice • Brand licensing TRAINING AND MONITORING • One month at the Green Academy • On-site (opening) support • One year of monitoring • Operating manual • Legal processing • Marketing program • Exclusive recipes LAYOUT, DESIGN AND EQUIPMENT • Heating and cooling equipment • Laboratory • Green restaurant software • Professional furnishings • Signs and branding • Marketing package (GreenPass) • Legal and licensing/permits package • Build-out coordination • 3 to 5-month disposable package ALL-INCLUSIVE GREEN INVESTMENT
  4. 4. "I worked for years at a famous on-line dating service! Today, I work for myself without being a slave to my business and with work hours that let me lead a ‘Green’ life." SOPHIE NUBLAT • Green is better franchisee since 2009 in Paris (France) "I knew absolutely nothing about the restaurant business before discovering the Green concept. Today, my business is making more than €430k per year and the restaurant is only open Monday thru Friday from 11:30 to 3:00… Now that’s the Green Life! I’m planning a second opening in 2018." GRÉGORY CHATAIGNIER • Green is better franchisee since 2010 in Nice (France) "I started up in 2009 with the first salad bar in Rabat… Today, we have 10 restaurants in Morocco! We’re delighted with our decision and we are happy to come to work in our restaurant every day." SARAH RAHMOUNI • Green is better franchisee since 2009 in Rabat (Morocco) TALKING ABOUT THEIR GREENLIFE ...
  5. 5. AN INCREDIBLE TOOL TO OPTIMIZE YOUR CASH FLOW! 3. Promotional tool: Special bonuses for GreenPass customers… 4. And beyond that... Your imagination using GreenPass to make it a customized tool to promote your Green. 1. GreenPass may be refilled with: Cash, bank cards, restaurant tickets and online. 2. Advantages: Customer loyalty, reduced cash register time fast-green option (no change to hand out, no passwords to enter), establishment of a client database…. THE GREENPASS® PROGRAM 1. CHOICE OF A FRESH BASE organic arugula, kale, baby spinach, mixed greens, romaine, mesclun, iceberg… 2. CHOICE OF VEGETABLES grilled eggplant, broccoli, avocados, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, sunflowers, red onions, corn, yellow peppers… (and 50 more) 3. CHOICE OF PROTEINS organic salmon snack bar, chick peas, red beans, hardboiled egg slices, blue cheese, sliced roast chicken, Albacore tuna, crab… (and 12 more) 4. CHOICE OF DRESSING (AND EXTRAS) creamy blue cheese, creamy Cesar, honey-mustard, classic vinaigrette, light vinaigrette, miso sauce, ranch or just some drizzled balsamic? … (and 4 more) CUSTOMERS FINALLY TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR MEALS!
  6. 6. PLANNING YOUR RESTAURANT’S OPENING application and submission of pre-contractual documents draft reservation of your exclusive territory location search approval of location review of financial statements signleaseonpremises equipment order build-out work to specifications interior design plan Green Academy training on-site support from a Green manager support & upgrading phase YOU ARE GREEN ! OPENING 21 days (minimum) (legal) 60 days (approximately) 3 weeks5 days 5 days60 to 90 days 12 to 24 months15 days BUILD-OUT OPTIONS from 500 sq. ft. to 50,000 sq. ft. Layout and decor proposal among many possibilities:
  10. 10. THANK YOU The saladbar concept is a registered design file by green is better™ and is under copyrights® . Any resemblance to existing concepts IS NOT purely coincidental. BECOME GREEN EQUITABLE* NOW * may contain hints of happiness!