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Firework Poems


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Firework Poems

  1. 1. Our Firework Poems By Y2
  2. 2. The fireworks whizz! CRASH! ZAPP! BOOM! Gold, red, whizzing boom Go yellow, go blue! By Luke
  3. 3. T w i r l i n g , t w i r l i n g Whizz, bang, boom Red, blue, gold In the dark There is raining colours WHISTLE! WHIZZ! WHOOOO! By Abbie & Abbie Spinning, spinning Blue, red, green Spinning, spinning Gold, yellow , orange, brown By Jemma
  4. 4. Twirling, shooting , spinning Blue, pink, orange and yellow Exploding, crashing and popping Twirling, Shooting and spinning fireworks ! By Ciaran Twirling, shooting, spinning Blue, pink, orange and yellow Exploding, crashing and popping Crash, bang, clang By Jake
  5. 5. Spinning, whizzing Pink,, purple , yellow Whizzing, spinning Blue, white, red By Layla Whizzing, bang ing ! Red, yellow, green Sparkling sparklers The best you've ever seen! By Tilita and David R
  6. 6. Whizzing, spinning Gold, blue, green When you think the fireworks are finished They come and give you a big C R A S H B A N G ! By Jennie L Fireworks in the sky Rockets shooting Green, red, purple and gold Zooming in the sky! By Ben R & Tom R
  7. 7. Whizzing, whizzing The firework blasted off Blue, green, pink and red The firework dances in the night Whistle, whistle the firework broke By Bethany F & Molly
  8. 8. Crash, bang, wallop! Gold, green, yellow Whizzy, twizzy, bang! Whizz, bang, pop Blue, silver, pink Bang, ting, tong! By Elliot and David C
  9. 9. Fantastic flying fireworks Rockets shooting through the sky Fireworks booming past the moon Red , orange, indigo and pink Fantastic flashing fireworks! By Reece and Ryan Crash, green, red, yellow Whistl e, whistle Gold, blue and silver Whizzing, whizzing Crash, exploding, BANG! By Tom P & Red
  10. 10. Spinning, spinning Blue, green, gold Spinning, spinning Yellow, orange, red Whizz, boom Bang, crash Pop, crackle! By Ben W
  11. 11. Spinning, spinning Like a bee shining in the sky Orange, green, red and purple Aren't they a pretty sight! Crash! Bang! Off they go Bye bye, see you again On the 5 th November! By Georgia & Hollie
  12. 12. Whizzing, twizzing Blue, purple, gold Whizz, sizzle! Red, yellow, pink CRASH! BANG! Brown, green, indigo Boom, bang, black! By Brogan & Laura
  13. 13. Pink, red, green, silver m u l t i c o l o u r e d , orange, blue and yellow too Whoosh, crack, bang, crash, flash! Spinning, splashing, whizzing, cracking Sparkling, crackling, rocket BOOM! BOOM! By Jasmine & Jennifer
  14. 14. Fireworks, fireflies Crash, zoom, bang! Fireworks they are gold, yellow, red, green and blue BANG! BANG! Blue, gold, orange Zoom, zoom Indigo, silver, red Crash, zapp, boom! By John
  15. 15. Boom, crash! Fireworks zoom and explode I want to see you again I hope I will see blue, yellow, pink and silver I love the colours! By Beth G
  16. 16. Green is in a bonfire night Big bangs give me a fright! Red is in a bonfire night Silver shines in the sky By Jessica & Leah
  17. 17. We hope you have enjoyed reading our fantastic firework poems!