Green needham nsl weatherization colonials and ranches


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Green Needham / Next Step Living Weatherization Seminar for owners of Colonials and Ranches

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Green needham nsl weatherization colonials and ranches

  1. 1. WeatherizingRanch andColonial StyleHomes1. Identifying Weatherization Opportunities and Challenges in a Ranch or Colonial2. Using Mass Save to make these homes more energy efficient!
  2. 2. Green NeedhamCollaborativeIn 2012, Green Needham and Next StepLiving have: Signed up 850 residents for home energy assessments 524 completed Energy Assessments in 2012 These assessments resulted in 155 weatherization jobs, which saved homeowners on average $500/year
  3. 3. Mass Save
  4. 4. WEATHERIZATION A comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient home requires Continuous thermal boundaries and air barriers that are in contact with one another. (US.DOE)
  5. 5. Ranch Style Homes• Many Built from 1940’s to Today• Easy To Install cost effective Insulation and Air Sealing• Good Solar PV Potential!
  6. 6. Wall Insulation in a Ranch Pre 1950: Possible that only a 1” sheet of aluminum foil like insulation present This can be improved through blown in cellulose Post 1950, most likely have a 3” Fiberglass batt, which can’t be improved on through Mass Save and blown in cellulose
  7. 7. Dense pack Cellulose: Air andThermal Barrier Source: preparation-3-400x300.jpg
  8. 8. Interior Dense Pack Insulation
  9. 9. Split Level Ranch Features 2 Attic Spaces 2 Attic Hatches or Doors Changes in Ceiling Height
  10. 10. Changes in Ceiling HeightIDENTIFYING & AIR SEALING THE BUILDING ENVELOPE Attic Not only is the top of the wall uninsulated...Conditioned ConditionedSpace Space Graphic courtesy of Anthony Cox
  11. 11. Changes in CeilingHeightIDENTIFYING & AIR SEALING THE BUILDING ENVELOPE The interior wall cavities act as a chimney that robs the house of heat and conditioned air. Graphics courtesy of Anthony Cox
  12. 12. Attic or Wall Hatches An uninsulated attic hatch is a gap in the attic’s thermal boundary. Air Barrier Thermal Boundary
  13. 13. Insulating Wall Hatches andAttic Hatches www.oldhouseweb. com
  14. 14. Thermadome free with Air Pull Down Stairs Sealing (Value $200) Yearly Savings $60 and Up!Thin plywood only barrier to coldattic. Big area of heat loss!!
  15. 15. Whole Home Fan Boxes• Good for cooling in summer• Can be Health and Safety In the winter, even with Concern (Combustion Safety vents closed, area of and BackDrafting) great heat loss! Treat with Fan Box (Thermadome)
  16. 16. Colonial Weatherization Areas to Focus on:  Wall Insulation  Unfinished Attic Insulation + Air Sealing  Treating walk up stairs to Attic
  17. 17. Walk-Up AtticsIDENTIFYING & AIR SEALING THE BUILDING ENVELOPEIf the homeowneruses theattic fairly often:• The air and thermal boundaries must be established at the stairs, stairwell walls, and door to the attic stairs.• This approach leaves the stairwell open to the attic and outside the conditioned space. Graphic developed for the US DOE WAP Standardized Curricula
  18. 18. Walk Up Stairs to Attic D o o r
  19. 19. Photo courtesy of the US Department of Energy
  20. 20. Photo courtesy of the US Department of Energy
  21. 21. The door is insulatedand weather-stripped. Photo courtesy of the US Department of Energy
  22. 22. Attic Spaces in a Colonial Un-floored Floored Dense Pack CelluloseOpen Blown cellulose 6” R 18 + Air sealing atOBC up to 11” R 30 same time
  23. 23. Air Sealing An Attic
  24. 24. Attic Insulation: Open BlownCellulose Source: preview.jpg
  25. 25. Air BarrierIDENTIFYING & AIR SEALING THE BUILDING ENVELOPE A mechanical chase containing ducts can break the attic’s air barrier. Air Barrier Thermal Boundary Graphic developed for the US DOE WAP Standardized Curricula
  26. 26. Air sealing Chimney Chases Before After1-2” Gap All Around Chimney: Add metal flashing and fireAllowing energy to escape caulking to seal up the gapfrom inside home
  27. 27. Ventilation Types Mushroom Vent  Ridge vent Roof Vent  Soffit vents
  28. 28. Ventilation Bath fans Improperly vented will cause moisture problems in attic Will also recommend adding an insulated ventilation pipe cover. Why? 1sf of ventilation for every 300sf of attic space Propavents
  29. 29. Heat Loan Helps Support HighEfficiency Heating Systems: Oil Customers can save 40% in heating costs by switching Single Pane to Double Pane Windows Conversion: Least Cost Effective but may be necessary with older homes
  30. 30. Heat Pumps NSL has partnered with Mitsubishi to offer their ductless mini-split heating and cooling systemWhy use a Total Climate Control:• CONTROL: Room-by-room heating and cooling in a single unit• AIR QUALITY: Filtered air circulation that improves indoor air quality• SAVINGS: Up to 40% less expensive to heat your home than oil and more efficient cooling than central air or window units• EASY INSTALL: No duct work or need to remove your current heating system
  31. 31. The Total Climate Control System Integrates Into Your Home’s Decor
  32. 32. Questions and Comments Michael Cucchiara Community Programs Manager Next Step Living 917-612-9190