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Green needham nsl weatherization capes


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Green Needham / Next Step Living Weatherization Seminar for owners of Capes

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Green needham nsl weatherization capes

  1. 1. WeatherizingCape StyleHomes1. Identifying Weatherization Opportunities and Challenges in a Cape.2. Using Mass Save to make these homes more energy efficient!
  2. 2. Green NeedhamCollaborativeSince 2012, Green Needham and Next StepLiving have: Signed up 1,089 residents for home energy assessments Almost 600 scheduled assessments, and 500 were completed in 2012 These assessments resulted in 162 weatherization jobs, which saved homeowners on average $500/year
  3. 3. Mass Save
  4. 4. Cape Style Home Weatherization Areas To Focus On  Attic Cap  Knee Wall Area  Slopes of the Upstairs rooms
  5. 5. WEATHERIZATION A comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient home requires Continuous thermal boundaries and air barriers that are in contact with one another. (US.DOE)
  6. 6. Typical Cape Attic 3 1
  7. 7. #1 Kneewall Typically Insulated with fiberglass or nothing at all Even though insulation is present, air movement around insulation and thermal breaks
  8. 8. Knee Wall Application Adding Foam Board (Polyiso) on top of existing insulation Sealed with spray foam Insulates and Air Seal
  9. 9. #2 KWL Floor and Transition Typically the KWL Floor is not insulated KWL transition extends 2 feet into living space
  10. 10. KWL Floor Application Dense Pack the Floor and Transition with Blown in Cellulose Holes are drilled in floor, hose delivers insulation, holes are sealed up KWL area treatment often improves more than one room: the adjacent bedroom and the living space below!
  11. 11. Attic Cap and Slopes(#3/4) Challenge: Attic Caps with Low head room, cant insulate properly Opportunity: Attic 5 spaces with 5 dimensioned "5 - 5 - 5". The slopes can be 5 treated from the KWL area and insulation can be added to the cap without access.
  12. 12. Attic or Wall Hatches An uninsulated attic hatch is a gap in the attic’s thermal boundary. Air Barrier Thermal Boundary
  13. 13. Insulating Wall Hatches andAttic Hatches www.oldhouseweb. com
  14. 14. Ventilation Types Mushroom Vent  Gable Vents Roof Vent  Soffit vents Ridge vent
  15. 15. Ventilation Bath fans Improperly vented will cause moisture problems in attic Will also recommend adding an insulated ventilation pipe cover. Why? 1sf of ventilation for every 300sf of attic space (not a big problem in capes) Propavents
  16. 16. Heat Loan Helps Support HighEfficiency Heating Systems: Oil Customers can save 40-50% in heating costs by switching SinglePane to Double Pane Windows Conversion: Least Cost Effective energy efficiency option, but may be necessary with older homes
  17. 17. Heat Pumps Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems are covered by the 0% interest heat loan!Why use a Total Climate Control:• CONTROL: Room-by-room heating and cooling in a single unit• AIR QUALITY: Filtered air circulation that improves indoor air quality• SAVINGS: Up to 40% less expensive to heat your home than oil and more efficient cooling than central air or window units• EASY INSTALL: No duct work or need to remove your current heating system
  18. 18. The Total Climate Control System Integrates Into Your Home’s Decor
  19. 19. ENERGY EFFICIENTWINDOWS Replacing single pane windows is covered under the 0% interest HEAT loan
  20. 20. Questions and Comments Michael Cucchiara Community Programs Manager Next Step Living 917-612-9190