Workplace charging works!


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Electric Vehicles can charge at work on Level 1. Over 80% of EV's leave the home fully charged for their average 20 mile commute. Over 60% of Leaf owners never buy a level 2 charger. No need to charge at public charging stations to commute to work. This is a majority of EV Travel. Our level 1 chargers put back in 5-8 miles of charge per hour. They are 1/3 the cost of other networking chargers. Easier on your electrical panel and "grid friendly"! View this and learn how simple EV charging can be.
.....oh and only $1495 ea. We make a lower power Level 2 for only $1795.

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Workplace charging works!

  1. 1. DENVER GREEN TRANSPORTATIONDENVER GREEN TRANSPORTATION SUMMIT AND EXPO 2015SUMMIT AND EXPO 2015 Come Learn From Industry Leaders Workplace Charging Workshop Green Transportation Summit & Expo. CROWNE PLAZA DENVER (DEN) AIRPORT Wednesday August 19th 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM Session Sponsored by Telefonix, Inc. PowerPost EV Chargers Contact Brian Trice for your Complimentary Pass! or 503.688.0989 Visit for more information (Includes Free Wi-Fi and free parking too) Workplace Charging Is Becoming A Reality Plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging access at work has nearly doubled in the last two years! With the many benefits of workplace charging, it’s easy to see why. Workplace charging enables both large and small organizations to attract and retain talented employees, reduce petroleum use and greenhouse gas emissions, and demonstrate innovation, leadership, and environmental stewardship.
  2. 2. DENVER GREEN TRANSPORTATIONDENVER GREEN TRANSPORTATION SUMMIT AND EXPO 2015SUMMIT AND EXPO 2015 ORSMOKING? NON SMOKING? Where do you want your employees to park? Employer Benefits of Workplace Charging U.S. employers understand that PEVs can offer consumers significant advantag- es over gasoline-powered vehicles, including potentially reduced maintenance costs and fuel savings. Employers who offer PEV charging at work can reap the following benefits: Corporate Leadership Installing workplace charging can be a sign of corporate leadership and innovation, demonstrating a willingness to adopt advanced technology. Sustainability Providing PEV charging can enhance corporate sustainability efforts, contribute to a building’s LEED Certification, and reduce an employer’s indirect emissions from employee commutes. Employee Incentive Workplace charging can serve as a valuable employee benefit by helping employees to extend the electric driving range of their plug-in vehicles and thereby reduce their commuting costs.