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Permaculture Open Green Map

  1. A Timeline: Promoting an Open Green Map with Social-Networking Tools • Featuring the Northeast Permaculture and Eco/Urban Agriculture Experimentation Network – An Open-Source, Skill-Sharing and Social-Networking Platform that Connects Permaculturists, Ecological Farmers and Urban Farmers in the Northeast US. – Goal: share information about Permaculture projects, experiments in Urban Farming, Ecological Farming, Mushroom Cultivation, etc. – Created by Andrew Fenster while interning at Green Map System in Summer 2009 Permaculture Logo
  2. Week 1 (6/22-6/28): Creating the Map and Getting Started • 1. Created a new Open Green Map at • 2. Uploaded 10 sites in my home area - Hudson River Valley. • 3. Made posts on a few Permaculture and Urban Agriculture Facebook groups describing inviting people to upload their Permaculture and Eco/Urban Ag Projects. – “I made sure to say it was a new map and gave my contact info for further questions…”
  3. Week 1: Listserv Promotion! • I e-mailed the NE Perma. and NYC Urban Ag. Listservs to invite people to share their Permaculture and Eco/Urban Ag sites and to explore what’s nearby in their communities. • I received some messages from interested people from FB and Listservs with info for me to upload. A few people suggested sites directly on the Open Green Map, using its suggest-a-site tab. • A few people replied that they were having technical difficulties - “make sure to make it clear how to upload sites!” An Urban Farm…
  4. Week 2 (6/29-7/5): Promoting In-person! • 1. Made a flier teaching people describing the purpose of the map. It explained what details to collect and how to upload sites on the map. OGM’s Share & Promot page has a model (along with other public engagement tools). • 2. Handed out 25 fliers at the NE Perma. Convergence and received feedback to make the map more like an “unofficial science research journal” • 3. After the Convergence, people added 6 sites to the map. I uploaded 10 more after getting some site suggestions from people at the Convergence. - “be open to suggestions from your intended audience” 2009 Permaculture Convergence Gooseberries Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation on Logs
  5. Week 3 (7/6-7/13): Encouraging participation by sharing progress • 1. I re-emailed the NE Perma. Listserv describing the updated map idea (based on convergence feedback) and listed the current number of sites - 32. • 2. Subsequently, 10 sites were uploaded in a single day, and I received more site suggestions. An Urban Farm….
  6. Week 3 Summary: What worked the best? • Now, the map has 46 sites and counting….. • Listservs and FB groups work well because they directly reach people who are interested in your map theme. • In person promotion at conferences and workshops also works well and allows people to give you feedback in person. – “Use a mixture of all 3 and experiment with other networking tools!”
  7. Future Plans… • I hope that the map will serve as a vehicle for sharing NE Perma. and Eco/Urban Ag Projects so that people can learn from each other and skill-share. • I plan to continue to email listservs every month with an update on the number of sites and to invite people to continue to upload more projects.
  8. Explore at: • • Enhance this map with your viewpoint and sites you work with. • Find out more about registering to create a Green Map at • Contact us at