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Green Mapmakers around the world celebrated the launch of the Open Green Map on June 5, 2009. Events were held in 13 cities in 10 countries! Enjoy the highlights here!

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Open Green Map Launch Report

  1. 1. Celebrating the Launch: Think Global, Map Local! Open Green Map June 5, 2009
  2. 2. Open Green Map – Participatory Mapping Platform With the first 50 Open Green Maps and 4,000 sites Green Map System and Green Mapmakers were ready to present!
  3. 3. 13 Celebrations in 10 Countries and 5 Continents! … we launched Around the Clock! Pereira Colombia Cape Town South Africa Stockholm Sweden Borobudur Indonesia Baltimore USA Clackmannanshire UK
  4. 4. In Asia, Tokyo Japan was the first to celebrate Green Map Japan and Aichi Green Map celebrated with Green Map System's senior outreach specialist, Bob Zuber from New York
  5. 5. In Borobudur Indonesia, all ages took part Involving local residents in cherishing and The next generation of Borobudur preserving this World Heritage Site celebrates with giant Green Map Icons
  6. 6. Borobudur Indonesia Residents of Ngaran hamlet and Both the surrounding Village and Green Map Indonesia’s active Temple of Borobudur are charted on national ‘hub’ exchanged insights newly published Green Maps
  7. 7. Jakarta Indonesia created an educator’s workshop 50 teachers from several high schools in Elisa explained the Green Map exhibition to Jakarta participated. Marco Kusumajiwaya the educators. Many have been published in and Elanto Wijoyono presented Indonesia’s diverse communities
  8. 8. Jakarta Indonesia Bob Zuber presented our education resources, modules and Green Teens Open Green Map Great press coverage, including 3 articles in the Jakarta Post* * All are linked to
  9. 9. In Africa, Cape Town S. Africa’s launch was virtual The virtual launch was a huge success Hits to the website spiked by 2000% continues to receive increasing web traffic Suggest a Site emails streamed in. The number of mapped sites grew from 85 to 108 Press coverage included 40 minutes of local and national radio airtime and 5 different interviews the first day
  10. 10. Cape Town, South Africa “The City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Management team initiated the Cape Town Green Map as part of the Green Goal 2010 programme - a programme that aims to make the 2010 FIFA World Cup the greenest world cup yet.” - Arne Purves, City of Cape Town In October 2009, the first printed Cape Town Green Map will debut.
  11. 11. In Europe, Clackmannanshire Scotland had a big event At Alva Parklands, the Clackmannanshire Green Map Initiative joined with the Ochils Landscape Partnership to celebrate.
  12. 12. Clackmannanshire Scotland BBC's Aggie McKenzie and "Do One Thing for Nature" show covered the event’s hands-on activities
  13. 13. Clackmannanshire Scotland Square Foot Gardeners, honorees and dignitaries shared the spotlight. Their Members of Parliament, Scottish Parliament and European Parliament all took part!
  14. 14. Geneva Switzerland highlighted spirituality Asian Green Maps were exhibited at the Geneva Conference Center of Buddhism, which also hosted a debate on sustainability and spiritualism
  15. 15. Geneva Switzerland A great opportunity was created to introduce the Suisse Romande Green Map projects and the Open Green Map to many students, local associations and firms
  16. 16. Stockholm Sweden celebrated on wheels! At Candyland art gallery, the Green A “pimp-your-bike” workshop turned Map exhibit had bike-powered LED into a bike parade through Södermalm, lighting! passing a farmers market, park, library and waterfront
  17. 17. Stockholm Sweden Green Map Icons were added to several sites on the Open Green Map Sweden
  18. 18. Stockholm, Sweden In Stockholmeden The party continued to Hammarby Art Port, where a huge globe projected videos and skype chats with people from Amsterdam, Kosovo and New York
  19. 19. Blekinge Sweden celebrated with music In Blekinge, Green Mapmakers braved the rain with exhibits and a concert
  20. 20. Swansea, UK celebrated printed and digital maps! Phil McDonnell, head of the Swansea Environmental Forum launched Open Green Map at the same time as their latest folding Green Map – Castle Community Map – which was launched by Councillor Erika Kirchner.
  21. 21. Swansea, UK This launch was part of a larger event It was a very successful and enjoyable that carried on through the Saturday couple of days, despite the rain! with the launch of the Hard Rain Exhibition and the Ecozone festival. Photos: Environment Agency
  22. 22. Paris France linked cycling to the Green Map The ‘Wecycle’ exhibition at the Colette Everybody could add green spots shop exhibited works of art based on to a huge wall map of Paris! recycling and love of bike.
  23. 23. In Latin America, Pereira Colombia had a party! . With an exhibit of global Green Maps, Fundacion GeoVida and Espacio y Ciudad in Pereira celebrated the launch of the Mapa Verde Abierto!
  24. 24. Sao Paola Brazil celebrated in Portuguese! Natura Cosmeticos supported the Portuguese and Spanish translation of the Open Green Map and celebrated along with Green Mapmakers worldwide!
  25. 25. In North America, Baltimore USA declared: June 5 is Baltimore Green Map Day At the Conservatory in Druid Hill Park, representatives from the Mayor's Office, City Council President's Office, and a State Senator shared the reading of the official Mayoral Proclamation!
  26. 26. Baltimore USA 85 people attended the event, ranging from preschoolers to senior citizens. Twittermap connected them to parties around the world!
  27. 27. New York USA involved 200 people at the launch Sara Tucker, President of Green Map System’s Board of Directors and staff demonstrated the platform and showcased the first 50 Open Green Maps
  28. 28. In New York City, US Videos and multilingual demos were offered all night. People asked, what’s next? What does the future hold for Open Green Map? Click In Progress online to find out!
  29. 29. Green Map System’s staff, board and friends Some of the people behind the Open Green Map include (back) Alice Hartley· board, Wendy Brawer· founding director, Eric Goldhagen· tech, Mark Libkuman· tech, Te Baybute· design, Andrew Sass· design, Sara Tucker· board, Stan Wiecher· board, (front) Carlos Martinez· programs director, Ray Sage· support, Brock Adler· advice, Andrew Fenster· education, Nicole Mau· tech, Akiko Rukube · design, Myriam Noucier· marketing. Not shown, Thomas Turnbull· former lead tech, now board and many more…click About online for complete Credits
  30. 30. Green Map System +1 212 674 1631