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Open Green Map Introduction


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Introducing the Open Green Map, updated September 2009

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Open Green Map Introduction

  1. 1. Introducing the Think Global, MapMap Open Green Local!
  2. 2. ® Green Map System: Promoting inclusive participation in sustainable community development since 1995 Engaging nearly 600 communities in 55 countries, 400 locally published, uniquely designed Green Maps are already being used by millions of people
  3. 3. We partner with students, community groups, NGOs, tourism and city agencies, social entrepreneurs and others Each Green Map project has its own locally determined goals
  4. 4. All use Green Map Icons and our adaptable tools to create compelling local maps of all scales and formats Icons Use as a font with any computer application or on stickers Mapmaking Guides Adaptable for print or web maps, community involvement, etc. Multimedia Resources Multilingual books, guides, workshops, exhibits, websites Archives Green Maps, stories, videos, presentations and exchanges
  5. 5. Thousands of local green living, nature, social innovation and cultural sites have been charted in cities, towns and villages Green Map Icons identify, promote and link each site. The full set follows Barcelona’s Local Farmers Robeson US’s Sun Factory & Artisans kayak tours Market Yogyakarta ID’s Breda NL’s Hybrid Geologic Feature Eco Center Mass Transit
  6. 6. However, the complete process can be difficult for many, preventing important local findings from being shared Development Research Design Production Open Green Map was created to: • lower technological and financial barriers to online mapping • increase public participation, exchange and impacts • preserve valuable community organizing and dissemination • make content sharable
  7. 7. Developing ‘live’, Open Green Map’s audience is growing as new features, languages and resources are being added World View displays every green site, starting with 2 from each map. Jump to maps from sites.
  8. 8. Explore the map by clicking each icon. You can filter your view of the map by toggling the Legend’s icons. Hover over any icon for its definitions. You can see who contributed each site.
  9. 9. To locate the Mapmaker’s overview, open the info window. Click tabs for public viewpoints & site evolution Up to 8 icons for each site. Info Tab links to Profiles & locally designed map PDFs Social inclusion indicators
  10. 10. At the Multimedia tab, everyone is invited to share their own images, videos and PDFs about the green site Other types of expressive multimedia such as podcasts will be added soon
  11. 11. The Impacts tab indexes important data that describes how each site benefits individuals and communities Now, map-wide outcomes can also be viewed. Later, find more advanced survey tools, calculators.
  12. 12. Connections tab helps users quickly compare sites that use the same icons, expediting replication worldwide Soon, this tab will include related links, volunteering, and other kinds of useful connections At Maryland Zoo
  13. 13. Any language can be used in the info windows. We are translating key interfaces to invite broader participation Spanish, Portuguese, and German are the first completed. Static pages have a translate tool
  14. 14. Behind the scenes, map making and team management tools rely on simple design and conventions for ease of use Mapmakers can manage multiple teams charting different themes or districts in one city
  15. 15. Mapmakers or users can choose different Google Map views to make lines, areas and topography stand out Later, choose Open Street Map, Google Earth, other digital, historic or handmade base maps
  16. 16. Basic widgets let Mapmakers embed Open Green Maps in websites now. Facebook & social apps are planned Soon, filtered widgets, share a tour, static views and other sharing for residents & tourists
  17. 17. What’s Green Nearby?™ is our Smartphone website-in- development. Ideal for travel as well as everyday use Transform travel exploration, add or enhance sites by phone, use on GPS, etc.
  18. 18. Beta launch of our mobile website is planned in parallel with UN’s Climate Conference, December 2009
  19. 19. Each site includes what people are saying about it, their images and videos, etc. Add your comments, ratings, too
  20. 20. The legend will help people learn about the many facets of sustainability
  21. 21. Open Green Map has gained great recognition and every day, its maps are used and shared by more people “This online map program “It’s one of the more intriguing is fabulous and I'm Google Maps interface efforts … inspired. What a cool way in line with their exquisite map to get connected and see design efforts to date … I look what's green around the forward to contributing what I country.” know about my locale.” Planet Pink n' Green Spatial Sustain "...since it is interactive, “The Stockholm Green Map is now the locals who really know fully digital…you are encouraged to their home can give the list information or provide inside scoop – it’ll be like comments, thanks to an innovative being with the green in- Open Green platform used crowd wherever you by Green Mapmakers worldwide.” Finalist: Index Awards are… even my own town Delta Airlines magazine – will suddenly have a 3rd: Cause/Affect whole slew of new secrets 3rd: Tele Atlas Maps in Apps revealed.” Featured: NetSquared Finalist: We Media Pitch It Top 10: America’s Giving Challenge Open Green Map team, summer 2008
  22. 22. Join with Green Map System to help people everywhere take part in creating and promoting sustainable communities! Skill-building and Leadership through Green Mapmaking: • Tech, Communications & Ecological Literacy • Promotion for the Social & Green Economy • Cross-culture Collaboration & Exchange • Create a Lasting Record of Change • Experiential & Service Learning • Place-based Planning & Visioning • Voice Assessment of Current Issues & Innovations • Orientation to Community Assets & Challenges © Green Map System, Inc. 2009
  23. 23. Think Global, Map Social! Explore and get involved! Contact Green Map System: +1 212 674 1631