Kings Place - What\'s On (Autumn Season 2010)


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The second major print project from the marketing team at Kings Place Music Foundation.

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Kings Place - What\'s On (Autumn Season 2010)

  1. 1. music+art+restaurants WHAT’S ON SEPTEMBER–DECEMBER 2010 SCHUMANN BICENTENARY NATALIE CLEIN AND FRIENDS CELEBRATE A TROUBLED GENIUS Classical Stravinsky Remix Dufay Collective Claire Booth Terry Riley Jazz Mike Figgis Django Bates John Taylor Folk Peggy Seeger June Tabor Kevin Burke Art David Bailey Albert Irvin YOUR FREE COPY WWW.KINGSPLACE.CO.UK TICKETS FROM £9.50 ONLINE
  2. 2. Private Dining Room for up to 24 people • Waterside Terrace • Make Rotunda your local for Great British Food – we have our own farm in Northumberland • Cocktail Classes family and friends’ gatherings. COVER PHOTO RAY BURMISTON to with their Heads! in the back section. Kings Place! curated by a wide range of in store this autumn, we’ve the London Chamber Music Kings Place is unique in in the front section, read our on Friday nights, presenting a publication to help guide you contemporary music concerts We also have regular classical holding weekly ‘mini-festivals’ Society, on Mondays Out Hear in-depth features or follow the imaginative performing artists. whole range of musicians from music on Sunday evenings from jazz, folk, contemporary, spoken events (Words on Monday), with word, comedy and art highlights day-by-day listings and calendar created this fuller, more detailed and a rich range of Spoken Word lively Thursday night comedy, Off through. You can locate classical, As we have a packed new season two new regular series: Folk Union Welcome This season we are introducing at just £4.50. Add to this our Art and July), led by some of the top After the summer break a new jazz strand, The Base, traditional folk legends to the lights of the global jazz scene. we launch the season with our organisations in children’s arts events, which will include face- in four days, with tickets priced Before our autumn season on Sea Family weekend (24–25 Following our own Festival, exciting new wave that is now in Sculpture galleries, and our high heating up Hall Two with leading full flow, and, on Saturday nights, it’s no surprise that Kings Place is kicks off, we have our Kings Place workshop and contemporary dance. September) featuring 100 concerts annual Kings Place Festival, (9–12 quality restaurants and cafés, and painting, boat trips, puppet shows, this up-and-coming area of London. becoming a dynamic arts venue for street ping-pong, a ‘Be a Young DJ’ (18 October). CL BLUA SS SIC E S IC AL A R CO S P O W O F O T F NTE K EN RLD C A LK OOD MP O WO MUS SP L W COME & DR R AR RD IC C TE OK ENORLD DY INK Y JA ART ONTE DR MP OR WO MU BLUE CL A SZ Z F F OOD MP O ED INK AR RD SIC S S SIC OLK & R A M Y B CL A Y JA ART CON P OK AL COMDRIN RY JA AR USIC LUE S SSIC Z Z F O TEM EN WWOR ED K CL Z Z F O T F CON SP AL F OLK OD & P OR OR LD MY BLU A SS F OLK C A LK OOD TEM OK E WOR CO DRINARY D AR USIC E S IC AL CO SP L W COME & DR P OR N WO LD M MED K C JA Z T F CO SP O WO MED TE OK ENORLD DY INK ARY RD USICY BLU L A S Z F OOOD NTE K EN RLD Y B DR MP OR WO MU BLUE CL A S JA Z ZART CON E S SIC AL LK C & DR MP OR WOR MUS LUE S ED INK AR RD SIC S INK AR D IC S SIC F F OO TE SP O W OM A SP O M Y B CL A Y JA ART CON P OK AL OLK D & MP O K EN ORLDEDY CL A Y JA RT CONTE K E AR USIC LUE S SSIC Z Z F O TEM EN WWOR COM DRINR AR WO MU BLU SSIC Z Z F OO MP N W F O T F CON SP AL F OLK OD & P OR OR LD M EDY K C Y JA RD SIC E S S AL F OLK D & D OR A ORD C A LK OOD TEM OK E WOR CO DRINARY D AR USIC BLU L A S Z Z F ART CON P OK WOR CO RIN RY ART SP OL W COME & DR P OR N WO LD M MED K C JA Z T F CO E S S SIC AL OLK F OO TEM EN WLD MMED K CL JA Z Z F OO TEM K ENORLD DY B INK ARY RD A USICY BLU L A SSZ F OOOD &NTEMP OK E WO COMD & D P OR A ORD USICY BLU A SSIC F OLKD & DR P O WO MU LU CL A JA Z RT CO E S IC A LK C DR P O N W RLD EDY RIN RY AR CO E S AL CO DRIN events from Poet in the City LIFEM: London International EDYINK R ARY RD SIC E S SPSSIC AZ F O F OO NTEM SP OKL WO OME INK R ARY ORD MUS BLUK CL JA Z Z T F O NTEM SP OK WOR MED K CL M B CL A JA ART CON OK E L LK C D & P O EN RLD DY CL A JA A IC E S SA SS F O OD P O EN LD Y BLUA S spheres. Sky Arts are making have long dreamed of doing, AR USIC LUE S SSIC AZ Z F F OO TEMP N WWORLDOME DRINR ARY WOR MU BLUE SSIC AZ Z FRT F OCONTE P OKIC AL LK C & DR R ARY WOR MUSIC E SSIC AL T F CO SP L OLK D & OR OR D K S S O OM IN D Aldeburgh Festival Highlights, OO NTE OK WO C DR AR D A MUS Y BLUCL A JA Z ZD ARTIC CO SP OL WO LK C OD & MP OEN WWORLD ED K CLJA Z Z ART CON SP OK WOR R IC F N K R Y A F TE E LD Stars, one of the most popular E S R OM D OR Festival of Indian Music, which D & MP EN RLD OM IN Y Place to put on the events they DR OR A WO M EDY K C JA Z Z T F O CON S S SIC AL OLK F OOD TEMPEN WLD M EDYRINK ARY JAD A MUS BLUE SSIC OLK F OOD MP ON WO MUS O U R IC A C the Northern Lights Early Music here this autumn, including the INK RY RD USIC B L A S F OD TE P O array of other fabulous festivals and about the Spoken Word All so it’s rewarding to see projects AR CL A JA Z T CO S LUE SIC OLK & MP K ENWORCOME & DR OR AR RD SIC BLUECL A S Z Z T F O CO S SP OL WOOME & DR R ARYRD A IC CO D A C S F IN R we’re delighted to be hosting an SSIC Z F F O NTE SP AL W COM RINKOR AR WORLD M DY B INK C Y JA Z RT F ONTES SP IC AL OLK OD &NTEM K EN RLD DY BLUK C JA Z Z T F ONTEM documentaries about the Darbar was successfully presented here, London Jazz Festival, the London Festival of Exploratory Music and Festival from York. New to the list AL OLK OD & MP O OK EN ORLDEDY CL Y JA D A USIC LUE S L A S Z F OOD MP OOK EN WO COM DRIN P OR WOR MUS E S L A SS F O OD P OR entertaining debate (12 October). Festival of South Asian Literature, It has always been my aim to B AS Z R C IC LK & A give curators a free hand at Kings S SIC OLK & R RLD ED K AR D IC Guitar Festival in the Fall, the DSC W O CO D R R A W pioneered here taking off in other is the London Restaurant Festival, RLD MED INK RY ORD MUS LUE S SIC A Z F OT F OOONTE P OK E AL W CO DRINARY WORD MU Y BLUCL A Y JA ART CONSP OK E AL W COMDRIN RY JA IC O M which has chosen Kings Place for an MU Y B CL A JA Z Z AR C SP L W LK D MP N K JA Z A SIC SSIC Z Z F O TEM N O ED K C L Z SIC LUE SS F O T F ONTEOK E ORLDCOM & DR OR A WOR RLD EDY B CL A S Z F ORT F COE S SP AL F OLK OD & P ORWOR RLD MY BLU A S Z F OLK CON S S IC AL LK OOD MP N W M EDY INK RY D A MUS LUE SIC LK OOD NTEM OK E WOR CO DR ARY D A US E S SIC A TEMP OK WO COM & D OR A ORD USIC BLU CL A JA Z Z RT F IC C S S AL W COM & D P O N W LD MED INK JA Z RT F IC C SP L WCOME P OREN W RLD EDY RIN RY AR CO E S SSIC F O OOD ONTEP OK OR EDY RINK R AR ORD MUS Y B CL A Z F OOD ONTEOK EN ORLD DY AR ORD MU BLUK CL JA Z T F O NTEM SP O AL LK C & D MP EN W LD M BLU CL Y JA AR IC C LUE SSIC OLK & D MP WO MU Y JA A SIC E S A S Z F OD P K E WO OM RIN OR OR US E S A S Z Z T F ON S S AL CO RIN OR RD - ZZ RT CO SP SIC OLK & OR A N W RLD EDY K ARY D IC C SP SIC A F O OOD TEM P OK WO ME K ARY F OLKF OO NTE OK E AL W CO DRIN RY ORD MU BLUCL A S JA Z ART ONTEOK E L W LK C & D P OR EN RLD DY B CL A S JA Z D M N M JA S FO N O W LU COM & D P OR WO ORLD EDY K CL A Z Z FART IC COE S SSIC ALZ F OLK OD MP O WO ORLD MED RINK ARY JAORD MUSIC E S SI- Z EDYRINK ARY RD A MU BLU SSIC OLK F OO NTE P OK WO C & DR R AR RD A MUS Y BLUCL A Z Z ART CO BLU CL A JA Z Z RT FSIC C E S S AL W COMD & D MP O EN W RLD OMED INK Y JA RT F IC C E S SSIC A F OLK F OO N- E S SSIC F O OOD ONTEP OK OR EDY RIN R AR ORD MUS Y B CL A Z Z F OOD ONTE SP O L W CO D & SP O AL LK & M EN LD B K Y A IC LU SS O & M K O M K EN WO COM DRIN P OR WOR MUS LUE SCL A S JA Z Z RT F CON E S S IC AL LK CO DRINP OREN WORLD - WO RLD EDY K ARY D A IC C SP OSIC A F OLKOOD TEMP P OK E WOR MED K C ARY RD RD MU BLU JA Z RT ONTE K E L W C & D OR N W LD Y B L A S JA Z AR SIC E S Z F F OO M N W OR OME RIN ARY OR MU LUE SI- Z T F CO S P OLK D & P OR OR LD M DY K C JA D SIC S OO NTE OK COM DRINARY D AR USIC BLU L A SS Z Z F ART CON D & M P EN EDY K C JA Z T F O CO E S S IC A OLK F OO - D R O R A WO INK RY RD L BLU L A SSZ F O OD &NTEMP OK E WO COMD & CL A JA Z ART E S IC A LK C DR P O N W RLD - SSIC Z F F O SP O L W OM INK R AR OR AL OLK OD & K EN ORLDEDY CL Y JA D W O CO D R WO M BLUA SSI- Z Z RLD MED INK RD USIC E S MU Y B CL A A R CO SIC LUE SS T F N- Enjoy! CON S S IC AL OO TEMP OK WO D& P OREN W RLD A R ORD Y JA ZZ Peter Millican (14–16 October). which launches a year-long 2011 with a Mozart concert, rooms available • Event management • Bespoke wedding planning • of the Age of Enlightenment celebration of Mozart’s music. Looking ahead, we have a broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, the Royal Philharmonic Society Check out the website for more details ( music events to suit every taste resident ensembles, for winning (see p48) and we’ll be heralding Ensemble of the Year. Don’t miss Remix, their unique collaboration We also want to congratulate stunning programme of Christmas the London Sinfonietta, one of our with fellow residents the Orchestra 90 York Way London N1 9AG event bookings: 020 7014 2838 Conferences for up to 420 people • Dinners for up to 220 guests • Small meeting Birthdays and family parties • Intimate dinners • Barbeques and outdoor events 03
  3. 3. PHOTO DAvID bAILEy PHOTO SvEN ARNSTEIN PHOTO JAzzSIGN/LEbREcHT MuSIc & ARTS PHOTO MAGNuS SKREDE PHOTO bob THoMAS/PoPPERfoTo/GETTy IMAGES CLASSICAL JAZZ FOLK CONTEMPORARY SPOKEN WORD COMEDY ART FOOD & DRINK HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS 08 Stravinsky Remix 12 West Side Story Jessie 14 Welcome to The Wild Crowd 10 Dai Fujikura’s 16 Poet in the City 15 The Wisdom of 18 Ruth Borchard’s 20 Solution to 09 Thomas Arne’s Alfred Buckley, new voice in jazz Alistair Anderson on Super-Collider 17 Twin Dynasties Peacock & Gamble Self-Portrait Collection the Sunday roast 24 COVER FEATURE 13 Piano Man John Taylor, a bumper folk season 11 ELISION’s Mission Fatima Bhutto & Two MCs have a 19 The art of defying gravity 21 Grape Expectations Soul to Soul a pianist and a gentleman 40 FEATURE Impossible Nayantara Sahgal chat about audiences Ann Christopher Meet the man behind Schumann’s bicentenary 32 FEATURE Unbroken Chain 43 FEATURE 47 COlUmn 28 FEATURE the wine list at the Rotunda with Lucy Parham (above) Don’t Stop Me Now! Colin Irwin traces the rise of Mikhail Karikis’s (above) Mihir Bose on Cricket, The Skull Beneath the Skin Restaurant and Natalie Clein Django Bates (above) hits 50 the folk movement. exploded opera Xenon Commonwealth and Country. Rachel Campbell-Johnston 38 FEATURE by John Fordham Sigrid Moldestad (above). 82 FEATURE The Nawab of Pataudi meets David Bailey. Eternity in an Hour 44 FEATURE Q&A: Terry Riley, still (above). Shoe Tongue by David Transition_projects featuring The Secrets of Musical exploring at 75 Bailey (above). Claire Booth Manipulation 34 FEATURE 48 CHRISTMAS AT Mike Figgis in conversation The Indefatigable Albert Irvin KINGS PLACE by William Varley with the Dufay Collective and many more REGULARS 03 WELCOME 06 TICKET INFORMATION 51 LISTINGS 52 PLAN YOUR WEEK 79 CALENDAR 82 Q&A 08 HIGHLIGHTS AT KINGS PLACE 24 FEATURES 53 SEPTEMBER 48 CHRISTMAS EVENTS 56 OCTOBER 65 NOVEMBER 72 DECEMBER WHAT’S ON CONTRIBUTORS AND EDITORIAL TEAM SEPTEMBER– Contributors Rachel Campbell- Tel Editor-in-Chief Designer © Kings Place 2010 DECEMBER 2010 mihir Bose is an award-winning sports Johnston is the art critic and poetry +44 (0) 20 7520 1440 Email Helen Wallace Editorial Team Ana Acosta Art Direction All material is strictly copyright and all rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of Kings Place is strictly broadcaster and critic for the Times Michael Green Deep forbidden. The greatest care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information in this magazine author. He writes on John Fordham is jazz Web Janie Nicholas at the time of going to press, but we accept no sport for the London critic for the Guardian Emrah Tokalaç Print responsibility for omissions or errors. The views Evening Standard Lowri Williams expressed in this magazine are not necessarily Colin Irvin is editor St Ives Web Ltd those of Kings Place. of FRoots
  4. 4. Book tickets now: 06 TICKETS September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 TICKET INFORMATION Box Office 020 7520 1490 BOOKING yOuR jOuRNEy Tickets for all performances from £9.50 online We are located 300 metres from The online ticket prices are shown in the listings. Please add £2 King’s Cross and St Pancras Stations. to the online ticket price if booking by other methods. Our main entrance is on York Way. Photo: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment – ONLINE PREMIuM SEATS Eric Richmond, Harrison & Co. PuBLIC TRANSPORT Premium seats are the best Visit to help plan your Journey, Secure online booking seats in the house. They are or call London Travel Information 24 hours a day. available at an additional cost and 020 7222 1234. include one glass of house wine, beer or soft drink. HALL ONE PARKING Pick your own seat NCP Car Park – Pancras Road. pick your seat: BOOK NOW GROuPS Visit or call or choose the SAVER SEAT option Buy 10 or more tickets and save 0845 050 7080 for further details. saver seat: BOOK NOW 20%. Group discounts are only available directly through the Box Office and exclude Saver and ACCESS HALL TwO Premium Seats. Kings Place aims to be accessible to all All seating is unreserved, some and both auditoria offer suitable seating events may be standing only. for wheelchair users. Please inform us of any By PHONE & IN PERSON access requirements when booking. There is 020 7520 1490 an induction loop at the Box Office to assist SAVER SEATS Mon–Sat: 12–8pm, Sun 12–7pm those with hearing aids. An infrared system exclusively available online (Closed Bank Holidays) is installed in Halls One and Two, with hearing You are guaranteed a seat but advancement headsets for audience members its location will be allocated by who do not use a hearing aid. Neck loops are the Box Office. Saver seat tickets By POST available to use with hearing aids switched are available for collection one Kings Place Box Office to the ‘T’ position. All areas of Kings Place hour before the performance. 90 York Way, London N1 9AG are accessible to those with Guide (Limited availability) and Hearing Dogs .
  5. 5. Book tickets now: Book tickets now: hIGhLIGhtS 08 HIGHLIGHTS September—December 2010 020 7520 1490 September—December 2010 CLASSICAL 09 SIX ALFREdS IN SEARCH CLASSICAL It was Stravinsky who unforgettably said, ‘A good composer does Fast-forward to the 21st century, and not imitate, he steals’, and that’s the inspiration behind Remix (14– 16 October). The London Sinfonietta (LS) and the Orchestra of the the practice of recycling is alive and well, as Friday’s LS concert Cover Versions will CLASSICAL HIGHLIGHTS Age of Enlightenment (OAE) do not make obvious bedfellows: one is the UK’s foremost contemporary music group, the other a peerless period instrument ensemble. In fact, it’s not the first time they have prove, with an array of works in which the composers have used source material, often from the distant past: Tom Adès 27 September– 2 OctOber Schumann 11–13 NOvember Aldeburgh Highlights OF A pERFORMANCE… worked together (composer Heiner Goebbels created Songs of on Couperin, Birtwistle using Ockeghem, Bicentenary Britten and Beyond, the Classical opera Company present a unique Wars I have Seen for them in 2007), but it is the first time they’ve Sciarrino inspired by Machaut, Bussotti Featuring Lucy Parham, incl. Hebrides Ensemble shared a stage at Kings Place. Says Andrew Burke, Chief Executive by Puccini, and the young composer Anna Natalie Clein, Ann performance of thomas Arne’s masque Alfred. of the London Sinfonietta, ‘The earliest music we tend to play is Clyne with a new arrangement of Britten’s Murray, Jennifer Pike. 14 NOvember early 20th century, while the latest the OAE play is usually late 19th Hymn to the Virgin. It’s telling that living lcms 3 OctOber Turner Ensemble century, so there’s a potential cross-over period there’ – into which composers are attracted to the more Thomas Arne, whose 300th formal.’ they will be sung by a fine lcms Stravinsky (almost) fits. distant, pre-Classical period when seeking anniversary will be marked in cast of young British singers including Wihan Quartet 21 NOvember The final concert will offer a rare opportunity to hear the inspiration. The title ‘Remix’ might suggest lcms November by the Classical opera thomas hobbs as King Alfred and actual source material for Stravinsky’s delightful burlesque on the electronics, DJs and decks, but in fact the 4 OctOber Chilingirian Quartet Company, has become something Mary Bevan as Queen Eltruda. Baroque, Pulcinella. For too long it has been wrongly attributed to orchestras are challenging that perception out hear of a historical footnote, known Sadly, many of Arne’s works Pergolesi alone, when in fact Stravinsky was also borrowing ideas and showing that music has eaten itself Scarlatti:Cage:Sonatas 25–27 NOvember solely for his rousing, innocently were lost, several destroyed by a David Greilsammer from Gallo, Monza and Wassanaer. For the climax of the evening, since time immemorial. Innocence & jingoistic ‘Rule! Britannia’. this theatre fire. one that survived in the OAE will switch to modern instruments and join forces with the Experience does a very gifted dramatic part was his hugely popular opera LS for the full ballet suite. 7–9 OctOber composer a grave disservice, since Artaxerxes, premiered at Covent Transition_projects On 14 October, the OAE present their own 18th-century version Remix 14–16 October. London Sinfonietta Classical Opera this ‘grand ode’ is but one number Garden in 1762, which received a of daylight robbery in Baroque Reinventions. As programmer/ & Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Company from the entertaining Alfred, which staggering total of 111 performances 1–4 December violinist Roy Mowatt explains, Handel used 18 of Gottlieb Muffat’s See Listings p59 for details. Focus on Arne will be given two unique before 1790. the Classical opera Italians in Paris works in 30 of his own: ‘Handel clearly had a lot of respect for performances at Kings Place Company’s 2009 production at the 14–16 OctOber Quatuor Mosaïques, Muffat. There’s everything from orchestrations of his keyboard Felicity Lott, (7, 9 october). Unique, explains Royal opera’s Linbury theatre pieces to using Muffat as an initial stimulus with the finished work Remix Carolyn Sampson conductor Ian Page, because he received rave reviews, and they bearing only a hint of the original.’ Also in this concert there will be some beautiful reworkings of Pergolesi by JS Bach. ‘Bach would HIGHLIGHTS London Sinfonietta & Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment 5 December will be creating a performing edition specifically for hall one: will be launching the cast recording at Kings Place in an have seen nothing odd in transforming a Catholic Italian work into a lcms ‘there are six versions of Alfred in insight evening, with special guest Protestant German piece,’ explains Mowatt. Quartet for Peace existence, as Arne didn’t quite soprano Elizabeth Watts and 17 OctOber He is keen to point out that this practice has only been viewed lcms settle on whether it was a masque musicologist Roderick Swanston. with suspicion relatively recently: ‘The concept of a composition as Sitkovetsky Trio 12 December or an opera – it’s a minefield!’ lcms a definitive art work only arrived in the 19th century. The way 18th- Aquinas Piano Trio – but one he will enjoy picking his century composers reworked and arranged their own and others’ 25 OctOber way through to create a libretto (to Classical Opera Company compositions shows a different ethic, more akin to jazz: the work out hear be read by an actor) to link the 7–9 October. Arne’s Alfred; 15–18 December is still recognisable even though it may be vastly transformed and Counterpoise northern lights: early choruses and arias. ‘the great Artaxerxes; Pergolesi’s Stabat subject to improvisation in performance.’ Actaeon music festival thing about Arne was his melodic Mater. See Listings p58. by David Matthews Joglaresa, Ensemble gift,’ enthuses Page, ‘he wrote in a Meridiana, Dufay Scene from really fluent, charming way, made Collective, The Clerks Artaxerxes at 28,29 OctOber accessible by the fact it’s in the Linbury london guitar festival Theatre earlier in the fall 20–23 December English.’ Written in 1740, Alfred this year. belongs to the world of handel but David Russell Ivor Setterfield’s ‘has a simplicity and folksiness Nigel North Christmas that’s very appealing. the arias Concerts REMIX: A CASE 31 OctOber tend to be shorter than handel’s, Barts Chamber Choir, lcms swifter dramatically and less New London Singers, Rosamunde Trio OF MUSICAL Orchestra of St John’s 3–6 NOvember 31 December, lifem RECYCLING London 1 JaNUarY International New Year Mozart Festival of Orchestra of the Age of ARNE IS ONLY Photo BPK, BERLIn / PHOTO SCALA, FLOREnCE Stravinsky’s Pulcinella forms Enlightenment Exploratory Music with Sophie Bevan kNOwN FOR Photo ERIC RICHMOnD, HARRISOn & CO. the centrepiece of a unique Terry Riley, George Brooks; wRITING ‘RULE! collaboration between Kings Pulcinella by Talvin Singh; bRITANNIA’ bUT Photo STEPHEn PAGE Maurice Sand. Gavin Bryars; Place’s two resident orchestras, Coloured engraving by A Manceau, 1859. Wim Mertens; HE wAS A GIFTEd Pascal Comelade as Helen Wallace discovers. Lisa Beznosiuk OpERA COMpOSER