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How To Attract Users To Your App?

Users acquisition is one of the biggest challenges.
Learn what are the best methods to do it.

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How To Attract Users To Your App?

  1. 1. +Ido Green @greenido How to get more users?
  2. 2. Access to lots of users
  3. 3. Google Confidential and Proprietary Where?
  4. 4. App discovery is broadening 75% of users do some research or comparison before downloading an app 27% use search to find apps 1BN viewers on YouTube 900M unique devices/month on mobile apps network Millions of Google Play users Google/Parks Associates, 2014 and Google/IPSOS, Consumer Mobile Apps Study, 2014
  5. 5. Google Search: reach users at the moment of intent Smart targeting automatically shows ads only on compatible devices App-specific keywords driven from Google Play data to enhance performance Enable deep linking to drive existing users back into your app
  6. 6. App installs on YouTube
  7. 7. Drive app installs across the mobile web in one click App install ad extended onto mobile web New 28% increase install volume at the same or better CPI App Mobile Web
  8. 8. Search ads on the Google Play Store New
  9. 9. Google Confidential and Proprietary How To Use data to reach the right users?
  10. 10. Actionable Data - Reach the right users Ads to people who don’t have your app Ads to people who like your type of app Ads to people who have spent time in apps
  11. 11. Acquire users predicted to be IAP spenders (beta) New App Install Ad Buyer ARPU helps you understand how much to spend on acquiring users Optimizes conversions for users predicted to buy in- app purchases Set a target CPI then AdWords manages bids and targeting A ‘spender’ is someone who makes a purchase within 4 weeks of app download Prediction model is unique to your app! Buyer Buyer Buyer
  12. 12. ARPU Reports New ARPU helps you understand how much to spend on acquiring users
  13. 13. Lifetime Value Reporting Analyze the long- term value of your users
  14. 14. GREE found AdWords success with paid-user targeting CASE STUDY Compared to GREE's internal benchmark data, IAP targeting performed at 5X ● 150% increase in app download rate ● 52% decrease in cost-per-download ● 49% improvement in CTR
  15. 15. Thank you! +Ido Green @greenido