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Earn More Revenue With Firebase and AdMob


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In these slides we will see how to take advantage of firebase and AdMob in order to increase your revenue stream. We will explore the major ways to monetize your apps with AdMob.

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Earn More Revenue With Firebase and AdMob

  1. 1. Earn More Revenue With
  2. 2. Ido Green@greenido
  3. 3. Introducing With x-platform mobile SDKs to help developers build better apps, and more successful businesses for iOS, Android and Web Google’s unified platform
  4. 4. Firebase at a glance
  5. 5. Advertising Pay per download Consumable and non-consumable app purchases e-Commerce (physical and digital goods) Subscriptions 0 % of developers 10 20 30 Revenue models among developers targeting consumers and interested in revenues 40 50 Source: Developer Economics research by VisionMobile, April 2015≈
  6. 6. Value of in-app advertising market by 2017 Source: VisionMobile, App Economy Forecasts 2014–17, December 2014
  7. 7. Richer brand experiences Seamless app integration User-driven brand experiences AdMob ads provide engaging experiences
  8. 8. The largest developers use AdMob ads Trivia Crack has over 150M users globally Google Confidential and Proprietary Maximo Cavazzani CEO Etermax
  9. 9. AdMob is used by publishers of all kinds apps use AdMob to monetize each month Worldwide, thousands of developers across all app categories are building businesses with AdMob 1M +
  10. 10. Smart platform: for major types of monetization Direct deals In-app purchases Mediation Network ads AdMob helps you with the major ways to monetize your apps
  11. 11. AdMob is cross platform, with plugins for specialized app development tools
  12. 12. Banner Ad Interstitial Ads
  13. 13. Integrating with AdMob
  14. 14. The App Request Ads
  15. 15. The Implementation Xcode Project CocoaPods Storyboard ViewController.swift
  16. 16. The Resources Example apps on GitHub AdMob with Firebase developer guides API reference docs that provide full documentation of the Mobile Ads SDK
  17. 17. Interstitial Ads
  18. 18. Interstitial Implementation Preload the interstitial Show interstitial at natural stopping point
  19. 19. Ad Events Did my ad load?
  20. 20. Ad Events Ad received Ad failed to load
  21. 21. Ad Events Ad received Ad presented an overlay Ad dismissed an overlay Ad will leave application Ad failed to load
  22. 22. Ad Events Implementation Conform to GADInterstitialDelegate Set interstitial.delegate Implement ad event methods
  23. 23. App Install Interstitial Ads
  24. 24. Interactive Interstitial Ads
  25. 25. Create a great user experience with native and rewarded ads
  26. 26. Thank You! @greenido
  27. 27. Resources AdMob iOS Developer Site AdMob Android Developer Site Google Mobile Ads iOS GitHub Repo Google Mobile Ads Android GitHub Repo Google Ads Developer Blog
  28. 28. Ad Formats