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Common Greenhouse Designs


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Common Greenhouse Designs

  1. 1. Common Greenhouse DesignsPlanning to build your own greenhouse? Have you decided which greenhouse design to use yet? If not, let us help you find which kind of greenhousedesigns might interest you. This article will give you an idea of some of the most common greenhouse designs that you can begin with.Common Greenhouse Designs:1-Conventional Freestanding:This is the most common design. It has a simple gable roof and vertical walls.2-Solar Style Freestanding:This is like Conventional Freestanding, except one wall is shorter than the one across it. One side of the roof is longer than the other.3-Gambrel Roof Freestanding:Imagine a gable roof with two slated walls supporting it on each side that is how it looks.4-A-Frame:This design looks like a simple tent, as what the letter A suggests. Sometimes, for more headspace, people choose to add a short vertical wall around atthe bottom.5-Quonset:This looks like a tunnel.6-Gothic:Looks like Quonset but the frame meets in a pointed manner in the middle.7-Lean-To:Lean-to greenhouses are those small greenhouses that are attached to the exterior of the wall of your house. Lean-to greenhouse designs may vary.There are the conventional lean-to greenhouse designs, solar slope, double slope and single slope. Conventional is like half of the conventionalfreestanding, solar slope is like half the gambrel roof, except the top slop is longer, double slope is like half the gambrel roof plus a short vertical wall,and single slope is like half of the A-frame.Please note that all of the above greenhouse designs are described in a lengthwise orientation.When making greenhouse plans do not just include the greenhouse design or style. You should keep in mind other factors that should be put intoconsideration when building your sun-space. For example, where your greenhouse should be located. Your growing plants should be exposed to thesunlight for at least a good 6 hours per day in winter and summer. This is very important for your plants growth. Another example, specific and amplespace for your accessories, ventilation systems and water outlets should be included in your plan. Also, some greenhouse designs can work well withone kind of material. For example, the Quonset greenhouse design can be followed better by using metal instead of wood. You can also consider whichcovering materials you can use, glass and plastic is the most common materials.Designing your greenhouse is not that hard, but is not that easy either. Fortunately, there are many available tutorials and guides that you can purchaseonline and you can ask for some free tips from experts on greenhouse designs on forums. Even your local gardening center assistants can help you withyour questions about greenhouse designs and construction.For more information on Build Your Own Greenhouse, including other interesting and informative articles and photos, please click on thislink: Common Greenhouse Designs