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July2013 ghnyc -alternatives to leed-7-17-13


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July2013 ghnyc -alternatives to leed-7-17-13

  1. 1. Alternatives to LEED: Passive House An International Building Energy Standard Presented By: New York Passive House A local non-profit affiliated with the Passive House Institute.
  2. 2. It’s about refocusing sustainability… …to dramatically address building operational energy use
  3. 3. Passive House is about broad objectives Health: Indoor air quality, most healthy Comfort: Thermal control, most comfortable. Energy: Up to 90% reduction heating and cooling. Affordability: Modest upcharge / dramatic utility savings. Predictability: Data driven energy design, based on real world results. Resiliency: Safely shelter in place without heat.
  4. 4. Passive House has very clear targets An absolute energy target and air-tightness requirements. Representing a 95% reduction in heating energy demand from current NYC building stock. PHPP verification page snap shot The clear & limited targets counter-intuitively ensure success of broad objectives
  5. 5. It’s a methodology to hit the targets 1. Optimized thermal enclosure 1a Continuous insulation 1b No thermal bridging 1c Air tightness 1d Windows 2. Optimized passive heat gains Passive solar Occupants Appliances 3. Optimized ventilation High efficiency ERV 4. Supplemental heating / cooling Careful not to oversize 5. Energy efficient systems Lighting DHW Appliances + + + SecondaryelementsPrimaryelements EnterallintoPHPP
  6. 6. 1990: First Passive House
  7. 7. Quality Assured Certified Passive House Energy Model Methodology Certified Components Trained Professionals
  8. 8. 2000: Verification of Methodology
  9. 9. Brussels 2007-2011: From 0 to 3.5 mill sq feet • In 2015 all buildings must meet Passive House standards private, public, new and retrofitted. Exemplary Buildings In 5 rounds Stimulate demand Share know-how Measure results Make Passive Typical
  10. 10. Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) • energy model • optimized from real world data collection • complete data results provide better understanding of building dynamics • highly predictive • without the PHPP you can not design a Passive House
  11. 11. Optimized Thermal Enclosure: “Thermos” • Continuous insulation • No thermal bridges • Airtight (very) • Integration of windows • Summer shading Building section diagramWindow Section Blower Door Test Eliminate Thermal Bridges
  12. 12. Continuous Ventilation • low volume • filtered • with heat recovery • less dust • less pollen • less allergies • more oxygen • less sleepy • cleaner air inside than outside Counter-Flow Heat Exchange
  13. 13. with Reduced Mechanical Systems 75% sizing reduction Simplified operation
  14. 14. Other Energy Efficient Systems Domestic Hot Water: efficient fixtures high efficiency water heater solar thermal option Lighting: efficient fixtures simple controls Appliances: efficient appliances simplify, simplify, simplify…
  15. 15. Healthy, Comfortable, Affordable, Predictable Brooklyn HeightsLower East Side The possibilities are endless Bushwick Park Slope Borough Park
  16. 16. Watch the Documentary: 20 minute introductory film featuring NY practitioners Hosted at: Thank you.
  17. 17. 2012 ICC-700 National Green Building Standard® GREENHOMENYC FORUM: ALTERNATIVES TO LEED JULY 17, 2013
  18. 18. 2 • Six Green Categories • Flexible but rigorous • ANSI Approved Standard 2012 ICC 700 National Green Building Standard
  19. 19. 3 41 Industry Professionals • Policymakers • Code Officials • Builders & Remodelers • Developers • DOE • EPA • U.S. Army • Manufacturers • Energy Experts • Trades 2012 ICC 700 National Green Building Standard
  20. 20. Presentation Title 4 single family multi-family renovations subdivisions
  21. 21. 5 2012 ICC 700 National Green Building Standard
  22. 22. 6 Applications • An alternative for policy makers seeking to encourage the greening of their communities • Basis for builders seeking Home Innovation NGBS Green Certification • IgCC 2012 ICC 700 National Green Building Standard
  23. 23. Home Innovation NGBS Green Certification Program 7 • Provided by the Home Innovation Research Labs • Based on a recognized National Standard • Designed to minimize administrative time and costs without compromising rigor
  24. 24. Case Studies Presentation Title 8
  25. 25. Case Studies Continued Presentation Title 9
  26. 26. Influence • ANSI Approval • Flexibility/Rigor • Written in Code Language • Cost Effective • Holistic • Timely Turn-Around for Certification Presentation Title 10
  27. 27. ADEQ Headquarters, North Little Rock, ArkansasADEQ Headquarters, North Little Rock, Arkansas Introducing a major update for New Construction Sharene Rekow VP of Business Development Gary Keclik AIA, CSI, GGA, LEED AP Principal Architect Keclik Associates Ltd. Presented by Paul Shafer, RA, GGA, LEED AP 17 July, 2013
  28. 28. The Green Building Initiative  Nonprofit corporation – HQ in Portland, OregonNonprofit corporation HQ in Portland, Oregon  Mission: Accelerate the adoption of building practices that result in energy efficient, healthier & environmentally sustainable buildingssustainable buildings  Founded in 2004  Exclusive U S provider of the Green Globes® and Exclusive U.S. provider of the Green Globes® and Guiding Principles Compliance assessment & certification programs (federal govt.) ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  29. 29. Green Globes® is… North America’s first interactive design guidance, environmental assessment and rating programassessment and rating program No incl des the abilit to assessNow includes the ability to assess & certify new construction for compliance with the Guiding Principles ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  30. 30. Great Lineage – Widely Used BREEAM UK 200,000 buildings certified since 1990 BREEAM Canada BREEAM GreenLeaf Green Globes® US/Canada 3,700 building certifications ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  31. 31. Assessment Tools  Green Globes® NC Guides the integrated design process at each stage of the project  Green Globes® CIEB Establishes a baseline, provides a current1 p performance report, guides improvement Green Globes® CIEB for Healthcare Green Globes® CIEB for Healthcare ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  32. 32. Used Across Government & Industry ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  33. 33. Green Globes® Attributes  Transparent, interactive processp , p  Web-based survey  Site visit by third party assessor for certification Site visit by third-party assessor for certification  Provides recommendations for improvement  More affordable than the full cost of LEED  ANSI Standards Developers ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  34. 34. Environmental Assessment Areas 1 Management % 5 2 Site 3 Energy 11.5 39 3 Energy 4 Water 39 11 5 Materials & Resources 6 Emissions 12.5 5 7 Indoor Environment16 ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  35. 35. New Release – Green Globes NC New Construction module introduces major updates including:  New criteria developed by an ANSI-approved consensus body  Increased focus on Energy… 4 paths for energy performance  Increased focus on Materials & Resources  Emphasis on life cycle assessment  A new approach assessing building assemblies, furnishings, finishes and fit-outs by utilizing multi-attribute certifications, and/or third-party assessments by approved standards development organizations  Complete coverage of the federal government’s Guiding Principles for New Construction with a report detailing level of compliance ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  36. 36. Flexible Assessment Protocols  1000 point scale allows for accurate weighting of individual criteria’s relational to environmental impact/benefitcriteria s relational to environmental impact/benefit  No prerequisites  Third-party assessor professional judgment  Non-applicable provision for most technical criteria, and possible partial credit  Process allows dialogue with the assessor ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  37. 37. Rating & Certification Process Project Initiation Design Construction Commissioning Occupancy Stage 1: 3rd P t Finalize Online Stage 2: 3rd P t Post Certification &Online 3rd Party Assessment Questionnaire 3rd Party Assessment Post Assessment Certification & RecognitionQuestionnaire ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  38. 38. Green Globes® Ratingsg Once an assessment is verified by a third party, buildings achieving a score of 35% or greater receive a Green Globes rating based on the percentage of total points achieved. ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  39. 39. Certification Plaqueq ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  40. 40. Summary Green Globes® for New Construction is a major advance i th t d tifi ti f i lin the assessment and certification of commercial buildings  Streamlined & transparent process web based survey Streamlined & transparent process, web-based survey  Accurate  Performance oriented  Broadest coverage of building types  Customer support  Cost-effective ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved.
  41. 41. Supporting Materials  White Papers  Green Globes Overview [Morrison Hershfield]  Energy Section [Ravi Srinivasan, Ph.D. – U of FL]  Materials & Resources Section [Jane Rohde – JSR Associates]  Technical Manual Explains GG NC criteria & process Technical Manual – Explains GG NC criteria & process  Paper – Switching from LEED to Green Globes [Charles Kibert, Ph.D. – U of FL], ]  GG NC/LEED v4 Criteria Comparison  GG NC/Guiding Principles NC Crosswalk [mid-June, 2013] Li k t i d GG NC P i f ti Link to revised GG NC Program information: construction-program.shtml ©2013 Green Building Initiative. All Right Reserved. construction program.shtml
  42. 42. Thank you Alberici Headquarters, St. Louis, MO Thank you Paul Shafer Viridian Energy and Environmental For Additional Information about Green Globes Please Contact Sharene Rekow 503-706-4005
  43. 43. Enterprise Community Partners Building and sustaining communities for 30 years GreenHomeNYC Forum | July 17, 2013
  44. 44. Improved quality of life Affordability Stronger communities Greater safety Investment opportunity Local prosperity Better health Improved comfort Reduced utilities costs Improved air & water quality Protection of environmentally sensitive areas
  45. 45. Our focus: find new, holistic solutions for healthy, sustainable homes in diverse communities
  46. 46. James W. Rouse Our founder + inspiration
  47. 47. 65 million live in overcrowded or substandard housing There are 25 million households with annual incomes of $25,000 or less They pay 4 times as much of their monthly household income on utility bills Households in the United States
  48. 48. High-energy costs contribute to financial insecurity and deprivation 42% went without medical or dental care 20% went without food for a day
  49. 49. We support: Investors Developers Property Managers Residents Policymakers
  50. 50. We have the resources to help you build green, efficiently and cost effectively Criteria Certification Toolkits Advocacy
  51. 51. Location + neighborhood fabric Site improvements Operations + maintenance Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Integrative design Healthy living environment Energy efficiency Water conservationMaterials beneficial to the environment A holistic approach to building the green community
  52. 52. Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Certification Criteria Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Overview Enterprise Green Communities Checklist
  53. 53. Applies to new construction and rehab projects Applies to projects across the country, urban & rural Emphasizes mandatory items Streamlined two-step certification system Aligned with LEED for Homes Certification We make it easy!
  54. 54. Enterprise Green Communities CertificationEnterprise Green Communities Certification During the process we offer you support every step of the way Integrative design (Pre-construction) Operations + Maintenance (Post-construction) Construction Evaluating Impact
  55. 55. Charrette Toolkit Integrative design Resources Charrette Report Universal Design Specifications
  56. 56. Single-Family Rehabilitation Specifications Construction Resources Multifamily Rehabilitation Specifications Single & Multifamily Universal Design Specifications
  57. 57. Construction Resources Project Management Toolkit Retrofit Toolkit
  58. 58. Operations + Maintenance Resident Engagement Operations + Maintenance Resources
  59. 59. Green Leader Toolkit Operations + Maintenance Resources Resident Engagement Cards
  60. 60. • Housing only – single- and multi-family • For new construction and rehab
  61. 61. Location + neighborhood fabric Site improvements Operations + maintenance Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Integrative design Healthy living environment Energy efficiency Water conservationMaterials beneficial to the environment A holistic approach to building the green community
  62. 62. LEED for Homes
  63. 63. • Certification • Third-party performance standard
  64. 64. Post-Certification Performance Tracking • EGCC: optional benchmarking • Exception: NYC HPD projects • LEED: no required benchmarking • Exception: LEED EBOM
  65. 65. Resulted in reduced energy costs of 50-75% Geothermal system made possible by aquifer Miraflores Portland, Ore.
  66. 66. Uses 50% less energy Outreach: what would make your life better? Tapiz at Mariposa Denver
  67. 67. Spring Terrace Austin, Texas Eliminates cost of water for irrigation Transformation of a former motel
  68. 68. Residents reduced energy and waste by 30% Over 400 youth participate in green education Eden Housing Hayward, Calif.
  69. 69. Results show overall health improvement Watts to Well Being New York City
  71. 71. Green Policy
  72. 72. States and municipalities that have integrated Enterprise Green Communities Criteria into policy and programs Green Policy
  73. 73. States that have adopted Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Green Policy
  74. 74. States that have adopted Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, along with other third-party green building programs Green Policy
  75. 75. Green Affordable Housing Policy Toolkit Green Policy Resources
  76. 76. To date we’ve invested $11 billion to build or preserve over 300,000 green affordable homes nationwide
  77. 77. CONTACT US Mary Tchamkina @GreenCommunities