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April Forum: The Hit List - The Top Tips to Green NYC Buildings Part 1 of 3 Energy Efficency

Are you a homeowner, commercial property owner or property manager concerned with increasing energy costs?

Are you a contractor, architect, interior designer or real estate broker whose clients have asked about green buildings?

Do you plan to renovate, buy or develop a building?

Come hear The Top 10 Tips to make NYC Buildings Greener! Learn ways you could improve your building investments, prevent the loss of energy and money, and be environmentally conscious by constructing, renovating and maintaining green buildings!

Our panel discusses their top 10 tips to:

» reduce energy and water use;
» improve occupant health, safety and comfort with non-toxic, reusable and recycled building materials;
» prevent waste and pollution.

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April Forum: The Hit List - The Top Tips to Green NYC Buildings Part 1 of 3 Energy Efficency

  1. 1. The Hit List: The Top Tips to Green NYC Buildings GreenHomeNYC April Forum Part 1 of 3 Energy Efficiency
  2. 2. Green Homes NYC 4/18/12Dan’s Top Ten Energy Efficient things to do in your building. WEATHERIZATION WORKS
  3. 3. The Top Ten• 1. Air seal, common areas & apts.• 2. Tune up, upgrade or replace your Heating Plant.• 3. Modify or change how you make and deliver Domestic Hot Water.• 4. Fine tune or upgrade your Heating distribution system.• 5. Insulate your Heating and Domestic Hot Water pipes.• 6. Upgrade your lighting in the common areas and inside apts.• 7. Insulate your roof deck, roof cavity or wall cavity.• 8. Paint your roof white.• 9. Fine tune your mechanical ventilation system.• 10. Repair or replace windows.
  4. 4. Interior AC Sleeve Cover
  5. 5. Roof Door infiltration
  6. 6. Common area doors & windows
  7. 7. Old Firebox Boiler
  8. 8. Steel Tube Boiler
  9. 9. High Efficiency Condensing Boilers
  10. 10. Electronic DHW Mixing Valve
  11. 11. DHW Storage/Makers
  12. 12. TRV’S on a Two Pipe Steam sysytem
  13. 13. TRV Remote operators
  14. 14. Air venting and Pipe insulation
  15. 15. Incandescent to CFL’s to save On Lighting costs
  16. 16. Energy Star Ceiling fixture
  17. 17. Saturn Fixture installed in a kitchen54Watts replacing two 40 watt lamps
  18. 18. Insulate the roof cavity with Cellulose
  19. 19. Or if you have an attic over aconditioned space insulate it!
  20. 20. Clean and seal mechanical ventilation system.
  21. 21. Roof fan, register and shaft branch
  22. 22. Constant Air Regulators can be useful for mechanical ventilation systems.
  23. 23. New windows can improve comfort and reduce infiltration.