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Growing food on the roofs ideas for panjim city


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Growing food on the roofs ideas for panjim city

  1. 1. Growing Organic Food in Panjim City Suggestions for a proof of concept in Panjim city from Green Essentials
  2. 2. There is a growing interest in organic food in Goa (and in cities across the country and world)
  3. 3. And there is a complete disinterest in composting (people feel that its not their job to deal with their waste)
  4. 4. Ever since we started promoting organic vegetable growing (our composters sell themselves)
  5. 5. INSIGHT People are motivated by good, healthy food. If they love to grow food, they will soon turn to composting
  6. 6. Why not solve 3 kinds of waste together (sort of hitting three birds with one stone)
  7. 7. [1] Utilise wasted terraces in the city (all locked and ignored now)
  8. 8. [2] Inspire a organic city farming movement (that regularly utilises biodegradable city waste and yields ultra fresh, local produce)
  9. 9. [3] Reduce wasted food miles and pesticide impact (for citizens of the city who want to participate)
  10. 10. And of course it makes for a great story for Panjim City too…
  11. 11. You can grow almost any vegetable (especially in the winter season, which is why we should start then)
  12. 12. Some basic requirements • Location: Smack in the middle of urban Panjim, but hopefully not in a zero-parking zone • Sunlight and space: An open sunny terrace of about 200 sq mts where residents aren't paranoid about load bearing (we will use coco soil) • Water: Source of water for the plants that's not too expensive even as we try to be water efficient • Optimism: A society management that's optimistic, not pessimistic • Fencing: Restricted access so that the plants aren't meddled with in the absence of our team • Sharing friendly: Ability to bring people to see the place, without ticking residents off or inconveniencing them • Flexibility: Freedom to set up a temporary greenhouse on a frame if needed
  13. 13. Step 1: The Crate Plastic multi-purpose crates as planters that can be move easily
  14. 14. Step 2: The Lining Coarse Jute sacking material to preserve soil and moisture
  15. 15. Step 3: The Medium Coco-soil is very light and retains moisture longer Can be sourced from Kundaim Coir Factory
  16. 16. Step 4: The Compost Perhaps available from Panjim municipality
  17. 17. Step 5: The Layout Greenhouse Design following organic principles for less pests Herbs Root veggies Fruiting veggies Leafy veggies
  18. 18. Step 6: The Nursery Raising a nursery of saplings from seed
  19. 19. Step 7: The Community Getting the community to participate in planting
  20. 20. Step 8: The Greenhouse Greenhouse in case weather warms excessively
  21. 21. Step 9: Monitoring and updates Monitoring progress with updates online
  22. 22. Step 10: Knowledge Sharing Workshops at key stages to inspire and teach
  23. 23. Step 11: The Harvest Harvest can be utilised in various ways
  24. 24. How we can do this… • Find a private/corporate sponsor o for covering the material and setup costs for the garden • Setup can be managed by us o including provision of labour and monitoring afterwards o Daily watering will require some thought to manage • Key inputs sourced from govt. agencies o Compost and coco soil are the key expenses • Outreach and workshops managed by us o To be conducted onsite if possible • Produce can be utilised creatively o Sell at NoMoZo? Weekly organic-only outlet in city/at terrace garden
  25. 25. If this catches on, we can… • Look at cityfarming-friendly policies to encourage use of terraces productively • Create a network to sell surplus organic produce in the cities • Recognise the best terrace gardens in the city with a competition/cash prize • Use this consumer awareness to get farms on the outskirts to turn organic too
  26. 26. For more details 99606-43250