TeslaCamp - for energy geeks and green community


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TeslaCamp - first open-air off-green solar-powered hackathon for social innovations, sustainable energy, climate-friendly solutions.

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TeslaCamp - for energy geeks and green community

  1. 1. TeslaCamp hacking for energy future !rst open-air o"-grid solar-powered hackathon Join the movement ! powered by supported by
  2. 2. What is TeslaCamp? open-air, solar-powered learning-intense co-creative hackathon for social innovationssmart energy &
  3. 3. 2009 2010 2011 2012 First EnergyCamp EnergyCamp Crimea EnergyCamp Dolyna Life after black oil EnergyCamp Severynivka EnergySmart Villages EnergyCamp Kyiv Green Business EnergyCamp Odessa Energy of Cities EnergyCamp @ Trypilske Kolo EnergyCamp Kyiv EnergySmart Biz EnergyCamp @ Jazz Koktebel EnergyCamp SPARK!Lab @ Art Arsenal Sustainability Summit powered by EnergyCamp Foundation: EnergyCamp 4 years of exploring smart energy and community building: open-air, o!-grid, renewables-powered Network of over 1200 green energy activists and over 100 volunteers
  4. 4. open-air o!-grid renewables-powered open dialogue on energy and sustainability
  6. 6. As seen from the sky... EnergyCamp 2011 was so cool event Google Maps captured it! :) Check it here bit.ly/EnergyCamp11 Kitchen and camp"re Presentation zone a true camp TeslaCamp: with camp"re bike-friendly solar-powered
  7. 7. Turning the page from energy forum to co-creation at TeslaCamp identifying issues pitching ideas designing solutions sustainable energy for sustainable communities green innovations forming teams
  8. 8. Why not another Instagram? The genuine progress in IT from the 1970s up to the 2000s masked the relative stagnation of energy, transportation, space, materials, agriculture and medicine. Our dangerous illusion of tech progress By Garry Kasparov and Peter Thiel / November 8, 2012 “ ”
  9. 9. So why Tesla? Because Nicola Tesla is humankind’s ultimate energy hacker! Could you live in the world without Tesla’s inventions? hydropower AC electricity radio even remotes Enjoying wireless charging for you smartphone? Tesla did it over a century ago! :)
  10. 10. Energy geeks wanted! TeslaCamp invites you to join energy innovations fun code for smart energy develop business-plan fuel positive changes Old-school energy era is over! Create solutions for collaborative and sustainable energy! design and build show your technology create energy apps rede!ne transportation plant social innovations be a maker!
  11. 11. For Society • Smart energy promotion • Climate-friendly initiatives • Local economy development • Sustainable prosperity • New energy culture creation For Hackers • Meeting new partners and matching needs • Fresh perspective on conservative multi- billion energy sector • Closing skills-gap • Exploring new technologies • Unexpected discoveries For Business • Promoting innovations • Talent scouting • Showcasing technologies • Finding new partners and developers • Educating engineers and consumers Why is it great for you? And it’s also unique event! Have you ever been to solar-powered hackathons?
  12. 12. Support TeslaCamp! Contribute to green tech creativity with: Join the awesome community of EnergyCamp supporters! expertise funds resources & equipment technologies    
  13. 13. 2013 2014 2015 TeslaCamp Sustainable Media School for journalists and bloggers Media School Study Tour Visit to renewable energy hubs EnergyCamp Kyiv We are building technology platform for future EnergyCamp-inspired events: o"-grid, easy to transport & deploy, Internet-connected, renewables-powered TeslaMobile. Support us to make it happen! Sustainability Summit powered by EnergyCamp EnergyCamp Communities Independently organized events TeslaCamp Media School o!-grid EnergyCamp Communities Independently organized events EnergyCamp Kyiv TeslaCamp & something new powered by great ideas from previous events What’s next? A platform for raising energy-awareness and creating independent events
  14. 14. Yep, we are brothers. Nope, we aren’t twins. We created Greencubator - non-pro!t, dedicated to energy-awareness and green innovations, organizer of EnergyCamp, TeslaCamp, EnergyE"cient Universities and some other energy-smart initiatives. Follow Greencubator on or Visit our site www.greencubator.info Slides are done, talk with people! Discuss cooperation, share you ideas and suggestions with humans behind this deck: Partnership, speaking, media inquires: Roman Zinchenko Call +380 67 4492876 roman@greencubator.info skype: zinchenko_roman Participation, project ideas, technologies: Andrij Zinchenko Call +380 67 7441580 andrez@greencubator.info skype: zinchenko.andrij See Andrij’s new cool project www.energytorrent.org