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The Role of the Humanities Librarian in Digital Humanities


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Presentation given for the RUSA History Librarians Discussion Group on the Role of the Humanities Librarian in Digital Humanities.

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The Role of the Humanities Librarian in Digital Humanities

  1. 1. The Role of Humanities Librarian in Digital Humanities Harriett E. Green June 28, 2014 RUSA History Librarians Discussion Group ALA Annual 2014
  2. 2. “DH isn’t a service” "Digital humanities in libraries isn’t a service and libraries will be more successful at generating engagement with digital humanities if they focus on helping librarians lead their own DH initiatives and projects.“ Trevor Munoz /doing-dh-in-the-library.html 2 @greenharr
  3. 3. Not Serving DH Researchers… Scholar Programmer Innovative DH Project! 3 Librarian
  4. 4. Partnering in DH Work Scholar LibrarianTechnologist 4
  5. 5. How do I know DH when I see it? “Digital humanities as it is currently practiced isn’t just located in literary studies departments; the field is broadly humanities based and includes scholars in history, musicology, performance studies, media studies, and other fields that can benefit from bringing computing technologies to bear on traditional humanities materials.” Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Debates in Digital Humanities 5
  6. 6. What can we do? 6 Research Collaborations Engaged Outreach Teaching
  7. 7. Engaged Outreach 7 Build Connections Liaison Work Events Scholarly Commons
  8. 8. Scholarly Commons • Digital scholarship center in the UIUC Library • Consultants for data services, GIS, digital humanities, copyright, scholarly communications • Partner with campus technology and research centers: ATLAS, Survey Research Lab, I-CHASS • Institutional repository: IDEALS 8
  9. 9. DH in the Classroom 9 Digital Literacies English Media and Cinema Studies History Architecture Omeka Scalar WordpressArcGIS
  10. 10. DH Research @ Illinois That I Found Legacy Projects: Internal Projects: Grant Funded Projects:
  11. 11. Research Collaborations 11 Hathi Trust Research Center Emblematica Online Individual Research Projects My own research agenda
  12. 12. DH + the librarian ”One of the hallmarks of digital humanities practice has been the desire to experiment, to make things, to dig into our data – to see how humanities “things” are “made.” There is nothing contrary to the library spirit in that desire either: in fact, librarians – perhaps even more than other knowledge workers – have long distinguished themselves with the very gears and cogs of literary production and study…. What is all this traditional library work if not an engagement with how knowledge is “made”? And what are we, if not co-makers of that knowledge?” Glen Worthey,
  13. 13. Thank you! Harriett Green English and Digital Humanities Librarian @greenharr