The ice breaker


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The ice breaker

  1. 1. The ToastmastersIcebreaker Speech #01 Presentation by Abdul Qudoos On Oct 02 2012
  2. 2. • Call me Abdul Qudoos or just AQ which I think is more friendly.• I moved to UAE just 11 years ago, so far, I’m loving this country, its people and culture. The Summer & the hot summer, well that’s another topic ...• Bir thplace: Hyderabad, India• I am a Food Scientist, develop healthy & innovative food products at
  3. 3. Fruits value added productsVegetables value added products Dairy value added products Enhancement of existing products & Cost reduction: Continuous Improvement Waste management & 5s
  4. 4. My backgroundAQ has a BSc (Hons) degree (Biotechnology, Microbiology & Chemistry), and MSc degree (Industrial Chemistry) with over 14 years of experience on R&D/NPD in food products formulation & Operations of Quality Management.Known globally as an emerging food expert. On an international level he has developed hundreds of food products & solved more than 400 food, quality & safety problems/issues & have a strong network all over the world.
  5. 5. Have been to 10 countries,met new people, shared & gained the knowledge.
  6. 6. Even @ work
  7. 7. Fear in me• I thought it could be interesting to share with you what are my biggest fears when talking in public, and maybe that would help me exorcise them• Fear not to speak English very well, because is my second language.• Fear to speak too soft or too loud, too quick or too slow.
  8. 8. Why Toastmaster?
  9. 9. Toastmaster club is a place where we all learn by attempting sessions – Learn by doingI believe the more we participate the more we will benefit…Toastmasters can change the life of people
  10. 10. I believe• We can achieve anything we propose in this life.The only three tools we need are:1. FOCUS2. DISCIPLINE3. PATIENCESo, one of the goals I set for myself it is to be agood public speaker, and that’s exactly what I’m tryingin my first speech ‘The ICEBREAKER’.
  11. 11. • I also believe that The most valuable asset in life is TIME• The time you need to meet great people like you, experience new things and have a wonderful time in this life.
  12. 12. Join now!
  13. 13. To discover who I really am! Add Abdul Qudoos to your network
  14. 14.
  15. 15. I want changeAn Abdul Qudoos Presentation Visuals from gettyimages & flickr