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Research & Development


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Food Expert

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Research & Development

  1. 1. About me My Vision & Mission Abdul Qudoos has a BSc (Hons) degree  Develop innovative & trusted products (Biotechnology, Microbiology & in line with health and wellness needs. Chemistry), and MSc degree (Industrial  To mix in any Organization culture and Chemistry) with over 13 years of achieve organization excellence through experience on R&D/NPD in food fosters commitment, achievement, products formulation & Operations of teamwork & entrepreneurship. Quality Management.  Committed to enhance food products by Known globally as an emerging food improving shelf-life, quality, yield & expert. Currently conducts R&D of reduce production & product costs with food products, writes, reviews, no compromise on nutrition & taste. consults, teaches & lectures on food  Hard-work & dedication towards 4 development, quality assurance & food primary principles & activities: health & safety. wellness, taste & nutrition, food safety & On an international level he has solved food security, and people. more than 400 food, quality & safety  You can find out more about his work on problems/issues & have a strong network
  2. 2. How can I benefit New Product Development from concept  Work on a variety of food products. to full scale production, conducts detailed  Sets RM standards for sourcing quality studies on raw materials and impact on RM & ensuring recipe meets target costs. human consumption. Also conduct studies  Establishing product shelf-life through on shelf-life evaluation. microbiology, oxidative stability, sensory Process - Interface with the production performance and routine quality department for NPD trials to ensure that analysis. the production can be viable in terms of  Identify new ingredients, new products, cost & production times. new technology and processes through Lead & execute NPD projects (product publications, journals, & networks. design, RM Quality, Process Control, etc.)  Provide technical support and assist Believe in collaborative & team-work with with trouble shooting to all company cross-functional project team. groups. Interface with purchase, packaging, sales,  Make strong connections & & marketing to create & develop a healthy communicate with all areas of business solution for customer’s requirements. and other professionals. Organizing lab & establishing analytical  Raising the skill levels of employees techniques as well as performing pilot from and team-building to increase plant & full scale factory trials. production efficiency.
  3. 3. My expertise in NPD Fruits value added products:Enhancement of existing products • Bakery fillings, jams, jellies, sauces, desserts,& Cost reduction: marmalade, pies, preserves, spreads, glazes,Providing extra features (USP) , yogurt fruit preparation. • Variegating ripples, topping sauces for ice-improving its performance, health creams, squash/cordial, etc.benefits, changing its appearance, ormaking it cheaper to produce: Vegetables value added products:• Modified starch in yogurt, tomato, • Tomato paste, ketch-up, mashed potato fruits & other products; Gluten in flakes, soups pre-mixes, pre-cooked, french flour, ketchup, Oat ingredients in fries, pesto, chutney, salsa etc. healthy preparations, Prebiotic Dairy value added products: ingredients/ organic dietary fibers in health, etc. • Flavored milk & yogurt, fruit yogurt,• Cocoa powder replacer in choco- milk, milkshakes, energy drinks, desserts, caramel, toppings, cakes, shakes, etc. caramels, muhallabia, custard, cold coffee assortment, iced tea, whipping creams,• Sugar replacers & addition of fiber, cheese milk, creams for culinary, etc. bulking agents and sweeteners.• Dairy replacers, blends, milk protein, Waste management: fat, whey, lactose, permeate, etc. •Assist feed mills - evaluate production waste• B-grade RM for specific application and make recommendations on developing• Increase production capacity by animal feed/pet foods from bio-products of improving process & reduced time sugar, gluten flour and vegetable oil.