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10 slides that changes your life - all about healthy food and management.

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Healthy Foods

  1. 1. 10 slides that changes your life<br />HEALTHY FOOD<br />Management<br /><br />
  2. 2. Why healthy food is important<br />Food is a nutritive substance obtained from organism for growth, work, repair and maintaining life processes.<br />Healthy food provides energy to do work and to maintain body heat.<br />Healthy food provides materials for the growth of the body.<br />Healthy food provides materials for the repair of damaged cells and tissues of our body.<br />Healthy food makes materials necessary for reproduction.<br />Healthy food regulates body processes to maintain healthy life.<br />
  3. 3. Eating Right Every Day<br />Eat a balanced diet / healthy food containing required amount of essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals.<br />Breathe clean air, drink pure water, and eat freshly prepared and hygienic food<br />Maintain personal hygiene<br />Maintain good habits, timely sleep, avoid these things-smoking, eating tobaccos, consuming alcohol and taking drugs.<br />Regularly do exercise, go for walk/jogging, stretch your body, and perform prayers/meditation/yoga.<br />
  4. 4. What should I eat<br />2005 Dietary Guidelines<br /><ul><li>Balance calories in with calories out.
  5. 5. Eat balanced diet with variety of nutrient-dense foods & beverages.
  6. 6. Consume 2 cups fruit, 2 ½ cups vegetables per day (2,000 calories intake)
  7. 7. Choose whole grains for at least half of daily grain consumption.
  8. 8. Consume 3 cups full fat or low fat milk or equivalent
  9. 9. Keep fat consumption 20-35% of daily calories, (mono & polyunsaturates)
  10. 10. Choose foods with little added sugar or caloric</li></ul> sweeteners.<br /><ul><li>Practice food safety handling and preparing rules.
  11. 11. Consume less than 2300 mg sodium/day.</li></ul><br />
  12. 12. The Food PyramidSteps to a healthier you<br />GRAINS<br />VEGETABLES<br />FRUITS<br />OILS<br />MILK<br />MEAT & BEANS<br />CARBOHYDRATES<br />FATS<br />PROTEINS<br />
  13. 13. Top Rated Featured Articles<br />Healthy Cooking Tips <br />Healthy-food-preparation-cooking-tips<br />How to maintain the Vitamins in making Healthy Foods<br />Frying made easy, Tips for frying healthy food<br />Keeping good health & choosing healthy food how ?<br />Healthy Diet<br /><ul><li>Cholesterol and Fats in our Foods
  14. 14. Vitamins in Healthy Foods
  15. 15. Mineral Nutrition
  16. 16. Functional Foods – EFAs
  17. 17. Improve your Diet – know GI & GL
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  19. 19. Select your healthy food<br />or<br />Click here to know your healthy food & All about GI & GL<br />
  20. 20. Eat Well and Stay Healthy!<br />Share this presentation & lets the whole world gets benefits!<br />Coming soon<br />Healthy Foods e-BOOK on<br /><br />
  21. 21. About the facilitator<br />• Abdul Quddus has been writing and presenting healthy articles since late 1998, mostly on subjects related to biotechnology, lipid sciences (fats & oils), healthy fruits & vegetables and value added products, <br />• Having experience of 11+ years in Research and Development of food products, and Operations of Quality Assurance and Management. <br />• International work experience in Multinational food groups. <br />• Known as Specialist in Fats and Oils and its allied products. <br />• Expert in Dry Food Mixes, Bakery / Dairy Ingredients and Nutraceuticals (Functional Foods). <br />• Proficient in making Fruits & Vegetables value added products. <br />• Good Sensory Evaluation and Tasting of food products (Trained/Expert workshop from 3 reputed organizations). <br />• Strong academic background – M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry; B.Sc. Biotechnology, Microbiology and Chemistry; Few Diplomas in Management Systems; and Attended more than 20 Training Courses related to food formulation, processing, quality, safety, testing & analysis<br />• Active and Senior member of few groups and associations.<br />