Gport Weekly, No.1


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1st Issue of Gport Weekly, which is a weekly report focused on global mobile internet trends especially on Asian market at the beginning.

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Gport Weekly, No.1

  1. 1. Gport Weekly Following us, following global mobile internet trends No.1 - GW1001 March 2, 2010 45 issues a year– 1,000 USD/Year – Free for GWC Members - Subscription/
  2. 2. To the First Readers of the Gport Weekly China 3 Dear Readers,  Knockoff Cell Phone Manufacturers to Set Up GWC experienced remarkable growth Factories in India last year, with membership increasing  Taobao Launched Its App Store from 8 to 70. By no means could this be  Annual Review-China Mobile vs. China possible without your support. It is our Unicom in Emerging 3G Market Japan 6 objective to set up a platform for effective  iPhone, Japan’s Best-selling Smartphone communication within the industry. In the  30min: Japan Local Navigator Adds Check-in last 6 months, we have organized trips to Feature 10 countries and regions, offering our  Mobile Payment System for iPhone Launched members the opportunity to see, learn and grow. This publication is our effort to South Korea 9 offer our readers a global perspective.  60% South Koreans Choose Nexus One Initially we will mostly cover China, South  Samsung Announced Its First Bada Phone, the Korea and Japan’s mobile internet Wave at MWC markets, with less content on western United States 11 markets . Later we will improve our  Square – Twitter Co-founder Launched New coverage . If you have any thoughts or Mobile Payment System ideas, write to us. Your support is always  10 Technologies That Will Rock 2010 appreciated. - Chief Editor, Bo Yiqun Europe 13  Layar –Mobile Augmented Reality Browser
  3. 3. Knockoff Cell Phone Manufacturers to Set Up Factories in India  Sina Tech, Feb 21st : Shenzhen’s Mobile Communications Association is planning a business trip to India to negotiate “Despite the fact that knockoff cell cooperation with local companies. Head of the association, Tang phones are hard to regulate and not to be Ruijin said that their goal is to establish production lines or encouraged, they do have advantages, assembly lines with production capacity at 10 million units. Tang especially in cost control.” said,"China's cell phones had 40% of India’s market share last year, but now we are losing our edge. We have to rely on Shenzhen’s manufacturing advantage to win back our share." GWC Comment Knockoff cell phones are known to be programmed with invalid IMEI codes. Last year, Pakistan and India cracked down on imported cell phones with invalid IMEI. 25 million knockoff cell phones were banned in India. It would be wrong to ignore the positive effects of knockoff cell phones such as their contribution to the popularity of cell phones and their advantage in cost control. According to BDA’s report, the number of knockoff cell phones produced in China last year reached 235 million units, which is about 20% of the world’s total cell phone production. India is the world’s second largest cell phone market with 430 million users. Wang Jianzhou Yet, the percentage of cell phone users in India is less than 40%, which is significantly lower than that of China. CEO of China Mobile The development of cell phones far outpaced that of landlines in China 2009 World Economic Forum and India. Both countries are seen as the world’s largest cellular phone markets. GWC predicts India, Russia and Brazil to be the world’s most important emerging cell phone markets. Stay tuned for GWC’s upcoming trip to India.
  4. 4. Taobao Launched Its App Store  On Jan 15, officially launched its app store ( and announced an annual award of 10 million Yuan to reward ISVs and outstanding app developers. Taobao also promised to share operating revenues with independent software vendors.  Software developers will be able to generate revenue from their applications through subscription fees, commissions or advertising, depending on the type of service offered and popularity of the product.  There are currently 54 applications available at Taobao app store, including seller tools, buyer tools, mobile applications and other useful applications.  Taobao launched its Open Platform (TOP) in June, 2009. In September, its application development contest "Win at Taobao" attracted more than 3,600 developers. As of December 31, 2009, more than 25,000 independent software developers have registered at TOP and more than 4,000 applications have been created using the application programming interface (API) provided on TOP. GWC Comment From selling real commodities to selling virtual goods and services, then to Taobao App Store applications, Taobao really has the knack for B2C success. Thanks to Apple and Facebook, app stores are now extremely popular worldwide. With a 150 million user base and tremendous advantages in communication, community service and online transactions, Taobao is going to make a difference. • Apple's app store works like an application supermarket. Though with so many applications to sift through, it has become difficult for developers to get traction. • Until recently Facebook did not have a built in payment platform. This situation changed on February 18th, when Facebook and Paypal announced a strategic relationship.
  5. 5. Annual Review- China Mobile vs. China Unicom in Emerging 3G Market  China’s three major telecom operators have announced their subscriber totals for January 2010.  China Telecom has the smallest market share, with about 59.1 million subscribers. The table below only includes China Mobile and China Unicom since China Telecom’s 3G subscriber total was not available. Subscribers (Millions) China Mobile China Unicom Total Subscribers 527.4 149.2 Market Share (%) 72% 20% 3G Subscribers 3.9 3.6 3G Subscriber Monthly Increase 0.5 0.85 Source: China Mobile ,China Unicom, January 2010 GWC Comment It has been one year since the government issued 3G licenses in January 2009. China Mobile has the largest mobile user base, but China Unicom is more competitive in the 3G market. • Starting from 2008, China Mobile began to build 3G networks and develop 3G subscribers in many cities. However, it seems that TD-SCDMA still has a long way to go. There is speculation that China Mobile does not intend to throw its full weight behind TD-SCDMA. • China Unicom was allowed to build 3G networks based on WCDMA, the most mature 3G standard. It also clinched a deal with Apple. Moreover, China Unicom offers competitive rate plans.
  6. 6. iPhone, Japan’s Best-selling Smartphone  A report issued by Impress R&D said that iPhone 3G and 3GS have combined to take 46% of the smartphone market in Japan.  iPhone 3G - 24.6%  iPhone 3GS - 21.5%  3 million iPhones are sold in Japan.  Willcom phones held No 3- 5 positions. GWC Comment HTC’s HT-03A(Japan’s first Android Japan’s cell phone market used to de phone) ranked No.10 (2.3%), Docomo’s dominated by local mobile device makers. Blackberry Bold ranked 11(1.2%). What iPhone has achieved in Japan is nothing short of amazing. According to Techcrunch, the success of  32 coolest iPhone apps according to iPhone in Japan can be attributed to Techcrunch,(Link) Softbank’s aggressive marketing strategy which included a massive ad campaign and extremely competitive rate plans.
  7. 7. 30min: Japan Local Navigator Adds Check-in Feature  Japan-base 30min Inc. is a local navigator that offers restaurant listings, reviews, and photographs, as well as local services and businesses, attractions and events. Unlike other social recommendation systems, 30min offers information that is within 30 minutes of your current location, hence the name.  30min Inc. has just updated their local GWC Comment navigation app with foursquare check-in features and twitter integration. This new 30min tells you what you can do within 30 minutes of update adds a check-in function similar your current location, making it Japan’s best-known LBS app. to foursquare and twitter interaction so Particularly in dense cities like Tokyo, these social your followers can track your mealtime based recommendation systems are gaining check-ins. You will be able to look back at popularity as real-time information can outpace more your previous activities log and track traditional forms of advertisement. check-ins of other users by location. Check-in, first released by Foursquare, is a social real- time service. Foursquare is an innovative mobile SNS  30min now provides services to more platform that combines Twitter-like features, LBS and than 20 Japanese cities. social recommendation system, etc. Many predict this popular location-based social networking service to be the next Twitter.
  8. 8. Mobile Payment System for iPhone Launched  Mobile payment systems are catching on in Japan, with Docomo’s Osaifu Keitai being the most successful.  At the beginning of 2010, Mophie, in collaboration with Focal Point Computer Inc, launched FeliCa card payment system for iPhones in Japan, allowing users to instantly read and write electronic money card information using only the iPhone device and marketplace FeliCa App. GWC Comment FeliCa is a contactless IC card technology developed by Sony Corporation that is prevalent in Asian countries, used in approximately 100 million mobile phones and more than 120 million transportation and electronic money cards in Japan alone. Mophie’s marketplace FeliCa capitalizes on the widespread use of FeliCa technology and delivers solutions for consumers, general business and retail business users who want to process any type of electronic payment in a mobile environment. Osaifu Keitai, literally meaning "Wallet Mobile", is developed by Docomo in 2004. In Japan, more and more RFID chips are integrated into cell phones, making FeliCa a hit.
  9. 9. 60% South Koreans Choose Nexus One  According to South Amount (million) Korea’s SmartphoneNow, the most anticipated smartphone of 2010 is Nexus One. 60% of South Koreans chose Nexus One over 13 other Android phones.  South Korean Carrier Strategy for 2010  KT, which is iPhone’s exclusive carrier in GWC Comment Smartphone Anticipation Ranking South Korea, plans to The South Korean market and the sell the Nexus One in Japanese market are similar in that Nexus One 66% 2010. both are dominated by carrier- Motorola 12%  SK Telecom plans to branded cell phones. LG 10% release 13 Android IPhones and Android phones are Samsung 4% gaining popularity in South Korea. phones in 2010. ROA Group predicts the sale of smartphones in South Korea to reach 1.8 million in 2010. Source:SmartphoneNow, January, 2010
  10. 10. Samsung Announced Its First Bada Phone, the Wave at MWC  Samsung unveiled Wave, its first Bada-based smartphone at MWC.  Bada OS supports sensor-based, context-aware applications, and provides things like motion sensing, web control, flash control, fine-tuned vibration control and face detection. It is an open platform that enables developers to create interesting applications.  Samsung Bada will support lots of features, including: location-based services, social networking, content management, commerce services and device synchronization. Several companies have announced their support for Samsung Bada, including Twitter, Blockbuster, EA Mobile, CAPCOM and Gameloft. Samsung will have a Bada app store, which would allow even non-registered users to buy Bada applications.  Samsung will officially release Wave in late March. Its 2010 cell phone sales is expected to reach 270 million, which will be a 19% increase over last year. GWC Comment Phone manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia, Samsung and LG are diverting their attention from hardware to software and services. Smartphones’ popularity is still increasing, with all manufacturers and carriers unveiling new platforms. But, will developers be enthusiastic about all of them?
  11. 11. Square: Twitter Co-Founder Launches New Mobile Payment System  Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey starts new venture in mobile payment  Company Name:Square  Idea: To let people quickly and easily accept physical credit card payments from their mobile phone.  Product & Service:A payment dongle that attaches to the phone + a Payment dongle mobile payment app.  Features  Transactions are made online, making payment an enjoyable experience.  Card holders can sign screen receipts  Receipts and map marked with transaction location are automatically sent via email to users.  CRM keeps track of repeat customers. iPhone interface  User ID such as photo bundled with bank info.  Business Model: 2.9% transaction fee+$1 for merchant app+ Free $11.5 for two dongles cappuccinos  Roadmap:Unveiled in December 2009, in to be available April, 2010.  Demo: View GWC Comment Square’s mobile payment system turns phones into credit card machines. It is Location of transaction extremely helpful for small businesses. Square is backed by Khosla Ventures and a team of angel investors. Square's team of advisors includes Google Vice President, Marissa Mayer; Foursquare co- A track of recent founder Dennis Crowley; Digg founder Kevin Rose; Twitter creative director Biz transactions Stone; Delicious creator Joshua Schachter; Napster developer Shawn Fanning and Signature venture capitalist Ron Conway, etc.
  12. 12. 10 Technologies That Will Rock 2010  Techcrunch released a list of ten technologies that will rock 2010 (English/Chinese). Mobile devices and applications make up half the list. 1. The Tablet - Everyone seems to be working on a tablet computer, the most anticipated product of the year. Android tablets and Apple tablets are going to be very popular in 2010. 2. Geo -The combination of GPS chips in mobile phones, social networks, and increasingly innovative mobile apps means that geolocation is increasingly becoming a necessary feature for any killer app. Twitter just recently launched its own Geo API for Twitter apps and acquired Mixer Labs, which created the GeoAPI. 3. Real-time Search -After licensing real-time data streams from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and others, Google and Bing are quickly ramping up their real-time search. 4. Chrome OS - In November, Google gave the world a sneak peek at its Chrome operating system. Chrome OS was released later in 2009. 5. HTML5 -Already browsers such as Firefox and Google’s Chrome are HTML5-friendly. Once HTML5 becomes more widespread across the Web, it will reduce the need for Flash or Silverlight plug-ins to view videos, animations, or other rich applications. 6. Mobile Video -With video cameras integrated into most cell phones, live video streaming apps are becoming more commonplace—both streaming from phones and to them. 7. Augmented Reality -It is going to be one of the coolest ways to use the camera lens on a mobile phone . 8. Mobile Transactions -Any mobile phone can become a point of sale, and those mobile transactions can tie into back-end accounting, CRM, and other enterprise systems. 9. Android -There were already more than 10,000 apps on Android in 2009. The number of Android apps and phones are both expected to grow tremendously in 2010. 10. Social CRM (CRM) is set to launch Chatter, its real-time stream of enterprise data which interfaces with Twitter and Facebook and turn them into business tools.,
  13. 13. Layar, Augmented Reality Browser  Layar, a Dutch augmented reality browser, is the only winner of two prizes at the Mobile Premier Awards of MWC.  Layar shows how augmented reality applications can change the way we view the world.  By holding the phone in front of you like a camera, information is displayed on top of the camera display view. Via Layar, you can get information about bus stations, parks, historic events, new museums, real estate prices, etc.  Layar is officially opening for producers and publishers of AR content, which can offer their work for sale.  Layar’s edge:1 million users+2,000 developers +compatibility with Android, iPhone and Symbian + 3.4 million capital from 2 European investors.(Source: Abbey Road and Beatles in Layar 3.0 GWC Comment  Layar combines GPS, camera, and compass abilities to identify your surroundings and overlay Abbey Road in London has become information on your screen, in real time.  Techcrunch listed AR as No. 7 technology that will rock 2010 (English/Chinese) . famous for housing the studio where the  Japan always leads the world in mobile innovation. At 2009 Global Mobile Internet Conference, Beatles recorded most of their albums. Japanese company Tonchidot unveiled its AR-based Sekai Camera. In June, 2009,KDDI launched Now it is possible to see Beatles, simply several AR-based services. by pointing your phone at the zebra  Other AR-based Applications (Source: crossing. • Yelp Monocle takes Yelp information and overlays it into the real world. • iPhone ARider gives riders a real-time map that uses the iPhone's compass to adjust the map to your current orientation. • TwittARound uses cell phone’s compass and GPS to flash up nearby tweets as they’re sent. • Wikitude World Browser is another cool augmented iPhone application that helps you explore your surroundings effectively on your phone. • Acrossair Nearest Subway overlays nearest subway stops on the live image in front of you. • TAT Augmented ID (Coming Soon) utilizes facial recognition software (supplied by Polar Rose) to visualize the digital identities of those around you.
  14. 14. 2010 Global Mobile Internet Conference Mobile Internet Opportunities in Asia Beijing, May 27-28th, 2010 2010 GMIC calls for visionary speakers, partners and sponsors! Gold Sponsors GWC holds the annual Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), one of the industry’s most influential conferences. This year, approximately 1,000 mobile internet professionals will attend the conference. • Keynote speeches from the world’s industry leaders. • Country Forums: China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States • Mobile Internet Innovation Exhibition Silver Sponsors • East & West Dialogue • GWC Member Meeting
  15. 15. Contact Us If you have any thoughts or ideas about the weekly report please write to: +86 10 5167 2880  If you want to sponsor our conference, please write to Room709-711 Jing Liang Building,  If you would like to be our media partner, write to No.16 East 3rd Ring Middle Road ,  If you want to attend the conference, register online at Chaoyang District, Beijing  Be a member of GWC and get the weekly for free, contact Zip code:100022 Mobile Internet industry trade organization 15