GMIC 2012 - Alohar, Presentation by Mr Sam Liang


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GMIC 2012 - Alohar, Presentation by Mr Sam Liang

  1. 1. Mobile Behavior Analytics using Persistent Ambient Sensing Sam Liang, Ph.D, CEO Alohar Mobile Inc. Confidential
  2. 2. Apps Ported from PC/Web •Email •Browser •Games •Music •Video We are using cell phone as a miniature PC
  3. 3. Limitations of Current Mobile Apps• Manual apps o No automatic proactive intelligence o Cant help user without users manual query o Manual Check-in fatigue• No Understanding of User Behavior• Poor identification of Place names o GPS is fuzzy, always drifting o Foursquare, Facebook use scrolling pick lists• No insight into user preferences o Check-in data is not comprehensive• Poor Battery Management Alohar Mobile Inc. Confidential
  4. 4. Phone has More Senses Than Human•Eyes•Ears•Touch•Talk•Location, Altitude•Motion•Wifi•Bluetooth•Proximity•Temperature
  5. 5. Alohar Platform CreatesPersistent Ambient Sensing • Location • Time • Motion • Context • User Patterns Alohar Mobile Inc. Confidential
  6. 6. Some Use Cases with Alohar Platform•Automatically checks traffic before you drive to a meeting•Reminds you to exercise if coding for 5 hours•Automatically detects a car crash and calls 911 even if the driver is unconscious•Tells you about a cheap gas station when it detects you have just 1/2 gallon of gas left•Helps Alzheimer patients•Enterprise traveling salesmen/servicemen management•Highly targeted mobile ads/coupons Help Me Before I Ask! Alohar Mobile Inc. Confidential
  7. 7. Alohar Enables SMARTER Mobile Apps•It can hear you•It can feel you•It can understand you•It can HELP you before you ask A Predictive Siri
  8. 8. Check-In
  9. 9. Alohars Innovations• Persistent Ambient Service o Always-on service 24x7 (with optional config) o Power Efficient Ambient Sensing• Automatic Business Determination o Patent pending on POI disambiguation• Intelligent User behavior Learning o Real-time user behavior analysis:  E.g shopping in Macys now; having lunch in Olive Garden o Historical user behavior analysis:  E.g Usually goes to school in the morning• Automatic user profile generation o Based on visit-signature and other activities Alohar Mobile Inc. Confidential
  10. 10. Smarter Apps with Persistent Ambient Sensing Alohar PlatformMobile Behavior Analytics Alohar Mobile Inc. Confidential
  11. 11. Build Apps Smarter than Siri with Mobile Behavior Analytics Sam Liang, Ph.D, CEO Alohar Mobile Inc. Confidential