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Great Debate 4 - Warner Brothers


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Mary Platt presents the Sherlock Holmes adaptation from Warner Brothers starring Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law. Detailed overview covering the first two films. Presenting online from California Mary is a Holmes expert who teaches at Chapman University.

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Great Debate 4 - Warner Brothers

  1. 1. PlattChapmanUniversity,Calif.The “Big Three”- Let’sCelebrate theDifferencesWarner Brothers
  2. 2.’s Great…..•The acting. The characters of Holmes and Watson and theHolmes-Watson relationship. The other carefully drawncharacters.•The beautiful Victorian setting and all-around extraordinarycraftsmanship of both movies.•Best-ever depiction in popular film of an England on the verge of the modern.•The lovingly respectful interweaving of canonical elements into new and compellingstories.•The action elements, which open up the story to a huge global audience that otherwisemight never be interested in Sherlock Holmes.•They’ve introduced Sherlock Holmes to, at last estimate, more than 300 million peopleworldwide through theatrical screenings, DVD, cable/TV, and (yes) illegal copies (whichstill count) – FAR more than any other Holmes adaptation in history.•They were the catalyst for the current Sherlock Holmes revival.
  3. 3. and Watson•Downey and Law’s onscreen chemistry has been remarkedon by almost every critic. Two of the most acclaimed actorsin the world.•Downey may not be the physical “type” of the canon Holmes,but he makes audiences believe in him.•Downey’s Holmes “sees everything” – and the actor makes it touchingly clear it’s bothHolmes’s blessing AND his curse.•Law’s Watson is the first to defy the “old and bumbling” stereotype – he’s badass,capable and a full partner to Holmes.•The reason we still watch Sherlock Holmes after 150 years is BECAUSE of the always-interesting friendship of Holmes and Watson – not really the cases. That friendship andits emotional resonance makes audiences care about both films.•And we can’t ignore: Could they be the first UN-ambiguously gay heroes in a globalblockbuster movie?
  4. 4. Craft
  5. 5. Canon• Irene Adler• James Moriarty• Sebastian Moran• Inspector Lestrade• Mrs. Hudson• Mycroft Holmes• 221B Baker Street• Disguises• The violin• Explosions and fisticuffs• Martial arts (baritsu/bartitsu)• Reichenbach Falls• Quotes from the canon anchor almost every important scene• Holmes’s devotion to justice (and Watson)
  6. 6. good contributionto the Holmesian legacy?FOR •AGAINST• Highly entertaining/ripping great action yarns• Compelling depiction of Holmes-Watsonfriendship• Charismatic/complex Holmes and first reallybadass Watson• Truly frightening Moriarty• At once respectful of canon and cheekilysubversive• Ditches deerstalker/outmoded visual clichés• Magisterial depiction of 19th-century Londonand Europe• Action-adventure format intros SherlockHolmes to new audiences• Most popular Holmes franchise in history• Launched current Holmes renaissance• Downey plays against canonical physical“type” of Holmes• Guy Ritchie lo-o-o-ves his giant guns• Too much brawling and stuff exploding• “Victorian action heroes”• Gay subtext (or…text) might offendtraditionalists• Not cerebral – too much action – not enoughdeducing• “Holmes-o-vision” somewhat overplayed• Silly comic interludes (Shetland pony, “urbancamouflage,” Holmes in drag)• They killed Irene (…or did they?)
  7. 7. sum up...• Most popular and influential SherlockHolmes adaptation worldwide• Catalyst for the current Holmes revival era• Outstanding cast• The emotional resonance and chemistry ofthe friendship is paramount• Lovingly crafted, respectfully canonicaladaptation – with many twists andoriginalities• Finest Sherlock Holmes ever in the action-adventure format