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NC-Puerto Rico Workforce Pipeline


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Presentation to NC Head Start and Early Head Start Directors delineating the need for highly qualified bilingual staff and an alternative plan to attract and recruit needed staff.

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NC-Puerto Rico Workforce Pipeline

  1. 1. .North Carolina Head Start Association Directors’ Caucus June 14, 2012 Courtyard Marriott, Wilmington, N.C. Welcome!
  2. 2. A New Day and Time in NC HS/EHS Programs Company Meeting the growing demand of serving LOGO Latino/Hispanic Children and Families Presented by the 2012 Special Projects Interns for the NC Head Start State Collaboration Office
  3. 3. Today’s PresentersMiranda R. Dalton Shanina Doe Jason MayRockingham County HS Family Service HS Family, Infant, and Preschool Program Early Head Start
  4. 4. A New Day and Time in NC HS/EHS Programs Company Meeting the growing demand of serving LOGO Latino/Hispanic Children and Families Presented by the 2012 Special Projects Interns for the NC Head Start State Collaboration Office
  5. 5. Trending Data – National PerspectiveThe Hispanic population is growing more rapidly than the non- Hispanic white population.
  6. 6. Trending Data – State Perspective
  7. 7. Trending Data – North Carolina Perspective 2000 • Total Hispanics – 378,963 – 5% of population • Total Hispanics – 800,120 – 8% of population 2010 • Increase of 421,157 %CHANGE • 111% change
  8. 8. Trending Data – NC Head Start Perspective
  9. 9. NC HS/EHS Programs 2010/2011 PIR Hispanic Enrollment at 25% or Higher Cluster A Cluster B Cluster C Cluster E Cluster EDuplin Co. Schools Operation Breakthrough Bethlehem Center Intermountain Children MACFC ServicesPender Co. Schools Sampson Co. Gov. Rockingham Co. Mountain Projects Polk Co. Schools Govt. Person Co. Schools Regional Consolidated Community Action Catawba Co. Schools Services Opportunities Johnston-Lee-Harnett Cabarrus Co. Schools McDowell Co. Schools WCCA CH-Carrboro City Schools Kannapolis City Alexander Co. Schools Schools Telamon Corp. YVEDDI BROC CH-TOP Family Services Inc. BRCA Durham Partnership for Macon Program for Children Progress Sampson Co. Partnership Asheville City Schools for Children
  10. 10. Barriers or Challenges1. The pool of highly qualified multilingual/multicultural staff is in short supply.2. Barriers to recruiting, training and retaining well-credentialed HS/EHS staff who are bilingual.3. A need for additional training and PD opportunities for Head Start staff.
  11. 11. Office of Head Start (OHS) In the winter of 2005-2006, conducted a review of program needs with respect toserving young dual language learners, ages birth to five years.
  12. 12. The Findings: HS PROGRAMS REPORTED…. having great difficulty finding, attracting, and retaining qualified bilingual staff in early childhood education. That serving young children and their families from various languages cannot happen successfully without a program-North Carolina- wide comprehensive plan. Puerto Rico Struggling with how best to support young English learners as they transition into or out of the Head Start Workforce program. Pipeline Struggling with knowing how best to promote children’s language acquisition.
  13. 13. Fact or Fiction?Head Start programs must demonstrate thatchildren who are dual language learnersmake progress in both acquiring theknowledge and skills described in the HeadStart Child Development and EarlyLanguage Framework and the acquisition ofEnglish.FACT – 642(f)(10)
  14. 14. Fact or Fiction?Head Start programs must hireteachers/home visitors who have the requiredqualifications, training and experience. FACT 648A(a)(3)(B)(i) 648A(a)(3)(B)(ii) 648A(a)(3)(B)(iii) 645A(h)(1) 1304.52(f)
  15. 15. Fact or Fiction?Head Start programs must have at least oneclassroom staff member or home visitor whospeaks the same language as the majority ofchildren in the classroom and interacting on aregular basis.FACT – 1304.52(g)(2)
  16. 16. More More Hispanic Hispanic Families Students Limited Bilingual Staff There is a definite need in our Head Start programs to employ highly qualified BILINGUAL STAFF in the areas ofteaching, family service workers/advocates and administrators
  17. 17. Food For ThoughtHow many of us are currently meeting those standards?Is it a challenge from a Human Resource perspective tomeet those standards?Is it a challenge from a financial perspective to meet thosestandards?
  19. 19. The North Carolina – Puerto Rico Head Start “Workforce Pipeline”
  20. 20. The North Carolina-Puerto Rico “Workforce Pipeline” THE PLANA proactive approach that offers year-round opportunities to attract highly qualifiedbilingual Spanish Teachers/Family Service Workers/Managers by accessing Puerto Rico’s supply talent.
  21. 21. Accessing Puerto Rico’s Supply Talent
  22. 22. Cultural Challenges in Early Childhood Children of Cultural preferencesImmigrants are less are cited as one of likely to enroll in the main reasons for early childhood lower enrollment programs
  23. 23. Why Puerto Rico?• People born in Puerto Rico are also considered native born- U.S. citizens by birth.• 60% of Puerto Ricans speak English proficiently.• As a U.S. territory, Puerto Rico operates HS/EHS programs. Potential candidates will have knowledge and/or experience with Head Start.• Puerto Ricans have higher levels of education than the Hispanic population overall.• Vast number of Puerto Ricans are graduating with bachelor and/or graduate degrees in Early Childhood Education, but no employment opportunities available in PR.
  24. 24. The Benefits of Participation NC-PR Well BetterHead Start Better Compliance Qualified ServiceWorkforce Outcomes with HSPS Staff Delivery Pipeline
  25. 25. Cost - Benefit Analysis Costs BenefitsShort Term Investment Will Lead to Long Lasting Results
  26. 26. Think Differently – It’s What We Do! Lyndon B. Johnson: “War on Poverty”/ Project Head Start Richard Nixon: Head Start mandated to serve children with disabilitiesIt will require NC Head Richard Nixon: First Performance Standards were published and the review process was Start programs to begun THINK George Bush: Head Start/State Collaboration DIFFERENTLY Projects begun NC Head Start programs with multiple funding streams. NC Head Start: North Carolina/Puerto Rico Workforce Pipeline
  27. 27. The North Carolina-Puerto Rico Workforce PipelineGET OUT OF THE BOXNew Challenges require NEW THINKING!!
  28. 28. A New Day and Time in NC HS/HS Programs Company Meeting the growing demand of serving LOGO Latino/Hispanic Children and Families Presented by the 2012 Special Projects Interns for the NC Head Start State Collaboration Office