Real people who makes real money online


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Reference guide for those people who make real success on internet marketing. This is a system document for all affiliates and future affiliates to know more how these people started and now become the guru in internet world. Download it now.

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Real people who makes real money online

  1. 1. Real People Who Makes Real Money Online<br /><ul><li>Carlo Ocab (</li></ul>Who is Carlo Ocab?<br />Carlo Ocab is a sixteen year old who lives in the Philippines with his family. One day after playing video games online with his friend for hours his father asked him if he realized how much money and time he was spending just having fun. He claims that this question got him to think about how he could make money on the web by blogging. With the help of his father he started up a few blogs, but copied and pasted most of the content. This lead to some of them being banned from Google and he didn’t receive much payment or visitors.<br />He then came upon the idea of starting a blog about his expertise with video games; which lead to him to setting up his own domain and website. He appears to have then learned how to make money blogging.<br />What is Carlo Ocab Offering?<br />On his website,, he has a product called Direct Response Templates. This product claims to increase traffic on your blogs and help you to start to make money from blogging. You must give your name and email address to download the information about cost and acquisition of the product. His website gives you many tips and information for free. As far as how much his product costs, Direct Response Templates, you must give your contact information to find out. There are no claims as to the amount of money you can make, but there are testimonials from people who claim that he has shown them how to increase traffic and revenue on their blogs.<br /><ul><li>Abraham “Abe” Olandres (</li></ul>Abraham “Abe” Olandres, has been blogging since 2000, just a few months after graduating from the Ateneo de Manila University with a BS in Chemistry and Computer Engineering.<br />He is more commonly know in the blogosphere and IT circles as “Yuga” and has been professionally blogging at YugaTech since 2005, the same year he went full time making a living from his blogs. He’s also a guest blogger at and included in T3 Magazine‘s list of influential people in the Philippine techbiz.<br />A serial technopreneur, Yuga started getting into internet ventures back in 2003 after founding a local web hosting business. He has now expanded into consulting, internet marketing, advertising and organizing conferences (Search Engine Marketing Conference). He’s been to several countries (Germany, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan) moderating seminars/workshops on blogging and new media (complete list of talks/workshops here). Yuga is also regularly tapped as resource person on TV and print. A partial list of media mentions and appearances can be found here.<br />Ian Del Carmen (<br />Who is Ian del Carmen?<br />Ian del Carmen is the President and CEO of Fireball Group of Companies. He started doing business online in April 2006 and after less than a year established a name for himself and an established empire in the Internet marketing industry.<br />Del Carmen is one of the most sought after Internet marketing consultants in the world right now, having a regular client base of 70,000+ businesses worldwide from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Australia to as far as Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.<br />At the age of 15, Ian worked at McDonald’s to augment the family income. But after two months, he quit. “I realized as early as then that I couldn’t work for a boss.”<br />In second year college, he decided to sell T-shirts which he designed himself. <br />Dropping out from college, Ian then became a TV scriptwriter, first for Channel 4, and then for ABS-CBN, writing and producing shows such as the reality show “Pinoy Big Brother.”<br />It was during this time that his interest in Internet marketing was sparked.<br />At that time, Ian used the net primarily for checking emails, but then he saw the opportunity to sell and resell licenses of digital products.<br />“I saw that there was an opportunity in what is known as “resell rights and private label business model” where you can get generic products online and re-label with my own brand. I also started to learn how to develop websites…”<br />“I realized that the local market was not yet ready for such a thing,” he says.<br />Just like most successful entrepreneurs, Ian saw the opportunity for success in a moment of failure – he then had the idea to copy the American model for selling e-books, which were simply digital downloads and did not require any form of storage or inventory.<br /> “I sold a package of e-books for US$ 27 to an American client online. I was so happy, I sent her many other e-books for free.”<br />It was then that Ian decided to leave his TV writing job and go full-time into Internet marketing, working out of his bedroom at home. His decision came after realizing that he could make money on his own time, without a boss.<br />After a few months, he was earning around US$1,000-2,000 a month, not bad considering he had very little capital outlay.<br />He then made his first investment, which aptly enough was a PC, a Ferrari laptop which costs more than a hundred thousand pesos.<br />Early last year, he fulfilled his dream to become a millionaire at the age of 28 and earned the equivalent of one million pesos in just a week’s time after selling what is known as “membership wholesaler sites.”.<br /> “I realized back then that I may be one of the pioneers of the Internet marketing industry in the Philippines. It struck me that you could earn dollars not just by leaving the country, but also by selling digital products on the net.”<br />He says today a big challenge for him is the weak dollar, which affects his profit margin. He has started to offer his clients the option to pay in Euros.<br />Bo Sanchez (<br />Bo Sanchez is a bestselling author of 18 books.  He has spoken in 14 countries, including 36 cities in North America.  He leads 9 non-profit organizations and many small private businesses.  Six years ago, he went on the internet.  He started, an online community that meets the spiritual needs of its members through digital products and also raises P1.8M in donations every month for his various ministries and charitable organizations.  His weekly blog, The Bo Sanchez Soulfood Letter at, reaches more than a hundred thousand subscribers worldwide.<br />Learn Bo’s business model! Discover how Bo uses the Internet to bring in Php1.8 million monthly  for Kerygma Family and Anawim. Bo Sanchez has proven to himself that online marketing definitely works. That's why he's been doing it for so many years now.<br />Jomar Hilario (<br />Filipino/Philippine-based internet marketer, workshop speaker who's known to be the Tim Ferriss (of 4 hour workweek fame) of the Philippines for his early work with internet marketing technologies and virtual assistants.He is also powerful advocate of helping others gain semi-passive income on the Internet online or offline.He's also a writer for Fish Magazine (Christian Music and Technology) and Didache/Gabay Catholic Devotionals.Jomar is closely involved in the planning and launch of Bo Sanchez's internet properties like, and other SVP projects.Trivia: Though he's a staunch Roman Catholic, he's closely connected to the underground Philippine Christian (rock) Music movement made up of mostly Born Again Christians.<br />Applied internet marketing (self-taught) to promote Jars of Clay, live in Manila at the Araneta ColiseumUsed Virtual Assistants for the first time<br />Pioneering the "100% approach" to internet entrepreneurism by spilling a lot of the needed ingredients to a succesful online business (both attitude, mindset and sites) in his three mini-workshops done in Taguig.<br />Launched first Online Membership site: Online Internet Marketing Workshop Club<br />Floor Director/Member of the Philippine Blog Awards Team 2007<br />Jay Castillo (<br />- Owner and Founder of Foreclosure Investing Philippines <br />Jay Castillo, made his dreams happen – to become financially free. A few years ago, he was a busy IT manager working his way up to the corporate ladder. At one point in his life, he was really frustrated spending hours and hours working at the office and going through the frustrations faced by employees. He realized that the stress from his job was literally killing him.  That’s when he decided to do something about it for the sake of his loved ones. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, he was inspired to learn how to do real-estate investing.<br />He attended seminars, seek out mentors and built his now very popular blog Foreclosure Investing Philippines at After only a few years, he is already financially free. He was able to quit his job and work full-time on his real-estate business, that is investing in foreclosed properties. Without further ado, here’s my interview with Foreclosure Investing Expert — Jay Castillo.<br />Which is better, real-estate investing or internet marketing? And why?<br />Personally, I am becoming more biased towards internet marketing because the passive income potential is so much more because of the global reach, physical boundaries are virtually non-existent. In contrast, with real estate investing, I prefer to invest in properties that are nearby, and that somewhat puts a limit on where I can invest. Of course there are ways for me to expand my real estate investing like partnering with other real estate investors, but this is turning out to be more complicated as compared to internet marketing. Furthermore, even if one invests in rental properties, I believe hiring a property manager at a certain point is needed for it to remain as truly passive income, I guess I’ll cross the bridge when I get there, so to speak. Nevertheless, I truly believe that internet marketing and real estate investing can have synergy. In fact that’s exactly what I am doing right now.<br />Joel Christopher (<br />Joel Christopher is known to be one of the fastest rising stars in the Internet marketing world. Though he has been active from 1999, he achieved his success quite early in the day, which makes him quite a name in this world. He began with a business known as Success Access. He made this business a happening business on the Internet in no time. He was one of the pioneers in using the list building methods to build online businesses. He had to meet with a lot of criticism and negative comments for using this method, which Internet marketing experts at that time though would not work, but Joel Christopher showed by precept that it did work.<br />He was one of the early people who succeeded with list building and then set a trend for others to follow.<br />Detailed Overview<br />He showed, through his own example, that if a proper list building method is used, then an existing list could be more than tripled. And he did this in a very impressive time frame of merely 74 days. At that time, he has a list of more than 160,000 names, which is nothing short of enviable. That earned him the sobriquet of Master List Builder, which he actually used as the name of one of his products later on.<br />Apart from his bestselling Master List Builder, he is also known for another product named Super Secrets of Internet Marketers. All his products are geared at teaching newbie’s a thing or two about Internet marketing, and that is the reason he has deservedly earned the title of Internet marketing guru. Among other things, Joel Christopher is credited with the fact that he introduced the Internet in a big way in San Antonio, where it was relatively unused until his arrival on the Internet marketing scene.<br />Reputation<br />Joel Christopher has a great reputation online and today. He is one of the most experienced internet marketers and earns the respect of other internet marketing gurus. With the wealth of experience that he has, no one would dare call this guy a scammer! He definitely knows what he is talking about, and he can help you reach your goals online.<br />Anton Diaz (<br />*Publisher and Internet Marketer at Our Awesome Planet <br />*Founder at OUR AWESOME PLANET<br />Anton Diaz is one of the Philippine's leading internet marketing gurus and entrepreneurs. He was named one of the top young entrepreneurs by PLDT and Go Negosyo in 2010. Anton is the founder of and one of the top bloggers in the country. He is a sought after speaker and founder of the Internet Marketing Maven's Secrets course at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).<br /> Anton worked for the biggest multinational company in the Philippines for almost 13 years, straight out of college, before becoming a full time Online Entrepreneur. He was the Chief Information Officer of Procter & Gamble Philippines when he finally quit his day job and decided to take his blog, Our Awesome Planet, to the next level.<br />Our Awesome Planet, which he started in 2005, is a respected food and travel blog in the Philippines with over 12,000 hits per day and 5,500 readers, and is still growing.<br />His advocacy is to promote Philippine tourism by sharing his "Food and Travel Secrets in the Philippines" to inspire Filipinos and foreigners alike to realize that living in the Philippines is truly awesome!  <br />At present, he also teaches Professional Blogging and Internet Marketing at the Asian Institute of Management and conducts a 90-day coaching program called Maven Secrets.<br /><ul><li>Ronal John “RJ” David (</li></ul>Everything started with the launch of on September 11, 2006 as a free online classified ads website. This wasn't a coincidence; the founders intentionally chose this date to launch so that it would give a great recall for the website.<br />Founded by RJ as the web developer-slash-architect and Arianne as the web designer and test engineer, was supposed to be launched on August 2006. However, during this time, two other websites with huge marketing budgets and targeting the same market kicked off: (1) auction site which launched with a P30 Million promo; and (2) classified site entered the Philippines with full media coverage (TV and print).<br />RJ David is young at 27 years old of age. He was a former Mechanical Engineer who left his field to become a web developer. He entered the IT industry in 2003 as a Software Test Engineer then moved on to be a PHP Architect / Senior Developer in 2005. By the end of 2005 he decided to go full time with freelancing. He said that the decision to leave the security of employment was brought about by the influence of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” (by Robert Kiyosaki) on him.<br />The Story of<br />By August 2007, came out of RJ's bedroom and a small 2-man office was constructed in front of RJ's residence. Arianne resigned from her job as a development project-lead in a bank in Makati to help RJ run<br />The website continued to grow until the founders decided to incorporate under a corporation. The company was incorporated in January 25, 2008 under the name Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises, Inc. but it was still a home-based business.<br />After incorporating the business, the founders knew it was time to expand and get more people who would help them operate the business. Thus, another office that can house more team members was constructed at the 2nd floor of RJ's residence. By March 2008, the founders hired the 3rd team member. By May 2008, two more team members joined the company, bringing the workforce to five.<br />By 2008, started to be noticed by large companies and received a number of investment, partnership, and buyout offers.<br /> <br />