Nottingham student venture weekend - the 2nd day notes not for printing as 142 of them :)


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I did a workshop about marketing and MVP's at Nottingham Uni. These are the notes. Not to the whole workshop but bits I didn't have time to cover in depth and other bits that might interest people. And bits where I didn't think it was fair for them to have to write all the web addresses down. It would make sense to them but probably not much to those who didn't attend.

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Nottingham student venture weekend - the 2nd day notes not for printing as 142 of them :)

  1. 1. Huge thanks to: Our venue and sponsors for the day. Copyright 2014 ©
  2. 2. Mine and David’s published book. • Go grab a free copy on
  3. 3. What makes a great marketing idea? Things to consider: from Guy Kawasaki. • • • • Four attributes that indicate when a great marketing idea can go big: Demonstrable impact Cost effectiveness Sustainability Replicability (if this is a word.) • Write these down.
  4. 4. Marketing is import. • The mad men video. • Learn three things. Why is it so good…. •
  5. 5. Traditional Marketing vs. GM • What would traditional marketing use? • • • • • • • • Expensive Newspaper adverts Radio TV Billboards SEO Any thing that costs lots to impress Anything which is meant to teach people to buy. Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  6. 6. What would Guerrilla marketing use? • • • • • • • • Customer focused Targeted Flyers Shock tactics PPC / Adwords Direct response advertising Competitions Social networking Anything which creates a positive emotional response, not just cheap stuff! Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  7. 7. The Psychological Principles of Guerrilla Marketing: • • • • • • • • • • Commitment, Flexibility, Simplicity, Patience, Knowing your customer, Psychology, Clever language use, Rewards. We win the hearts before we win the minds! Which one are you going to use in your company? Pick one and discuss….
  8. 8. Target demographic – is NOT everyone • Remember the old 80 / 20 rule. • 80% of your money will come from 20% of your customers / products / services. • Don’t quote me on it – as gets down to about 30 / 70 with some web companies but its a good rule of thumb. • Ok think about that with your own business. • And then think about Guerrilla Marketing!
  9. 9. This is the special sauce – this is the three R’s • • • • • • • • • • • • In Marketing you have: A – Attention / Awareness. I – Interest D – Desire / decision A - Action. And the special sauce from great marketing works are the three R’s….. Rewards. Like getting a free book download. Recommendations. Like the ones you might give on Linkedin. Referrals. Like Nottingham University telling Bristol University “Dan was great”.
  10. 10. E-marketing. Can you do this for free? If only there was a way of getting more online things for free… • There is… • for landing pages. • for mobile pages • Appscend or for mobile apps. • And google analytics to work it all out. Because…
  11. 11. The Web is complex… SEO YouTube Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YOUR WEBSITE LANDING PAGE Teaser Promotion White papers Information Support Sales Data capture Online ordering Blogs Links Forums Directories email email email Source: Sales Remedy email email email
  12. 12. Simple stuff instead. What about the Tinterweb? Ask Google what people are searching for: • • • • • • • • What keywords are people searching for right now? Researching your keywords Google keywords analysis: SEO tool book You can also use things like: WordTracker and Keyword Discovery – amongst others. Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  13. 13. What about the Tinterweb? Ask Google what people used to search for: • What keywords are going up / going down? • Researching your keywords trends: • • Google trends / zeitgeist: interesting • • New is Google insights: even more fun Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  14. 14. Now…Search Engine Optimisation (SEO ) is… more… Off Page SEO Source: On Page SEO
  15. 15. Basic - On Page SEO Title Tags
  16. 16. H1 Headline Tag, meta and the rest Things you can do today to optimise your own site: Optimise your code – how do we look at it? Right click – view source…. There you go. Make sure your meta description is in there. Make sure your title is in there. There are many things you can do Today. 1. Change your title tags 2. Change your meta 3. Change your alt tags 4. Use the H1’s more 5. Get your keyword reps right Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  17. 17. On Page SEO • H1 tags (coding tags) • Keyword Density
  18. 18. Keyword Density Tool -density Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  19. 19. On Page SEO • Keyword Placement • Description Meta Description
  20. 20. And this is why you should blog.
  21. 21. Or get someone else too… 
  22. 22. Or create content…. Remember this?
  23. 23. Really BIG NEWS – only just come in…. True stats wise
  24. 24. The future is Semantic Search (Social and Search) Social Search Because social search is real search / real knowledge. The rest…. Is just SEO. 24
  25. 25. Where are you going to get content from? • • • • • • • • • • Some insider top tips to save you time. Recycle your ideas – always. Your offline PR is online PR. So think your online press releases are a few blog ideas Your blogs are 100’s of potential tweets. Your tweets can be automated with clever tools. Your linkedin page doesn’t need you there all the time. You don’t have to be a creator be an editor. Information is everywhere – knowledge is no longer king. So do something else – be cool by association. Give people what they want. Could your customer service be content? • People are time starved and information / gossip / top tips hungry. Copyright Great Marketing Works (c) 2012 if you would like more help then contact for more info.
  26. 26. Adwords (PPC) Copyright Great Marketing Works 2009 (c)
  27. 27. PPC adverts: where are they?
  28. 28. Again it’s about keywords.
  29. 29. And about the differences in copy.
  30. 30. But…if you are not digital today…
  31. 31. Maybe not – but at very least.
  32. 32. And if you’re not social – you are.
  33. 33. Where are we right now – the numbers? • • • • • • • • • GLOBAL Total users: Facebook - 1.15 Billion Twitter - 500M Google Plus - 500M LinkedIn - 238M Instagram - 130M Pinterest - 70M Who here is planning to only sell to the UK? If so what you care more about is the UK.
  34. 34. The problem is: Copyright 2011 ©
  35. 35. Facebook
  36. 36. Certain content works better than others.
  37. 37. Even on day and time…but…
  38. 38. A great SME example.
  39. 39. Steal their ideas…and best practises.
  40. 40. A classic we all know… is …
  41. 41. 7 biggest mistakes for Twitter. Surveys say the main reason for following is a compelling bio (67%) and good tweets (30%). Basic do not do’s: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. NO PHOTO! (Geez) - Pictures – should stand out – from experience should be of you. Uninteresting tweets – we will about how to get them interesting later on. Generic bio - WIIFM. What benefit do I get if I follow you? What kind of tweets are you promising them? Boring background – jazz it up a little – use a professional or a free one – just use one. 317 name - Make sure your name – means something Snobbery – follow those who follow you! Unbalanced ratio – Twitter is ANTI – SPAMMING. 41
  42. 42. From Twitter…
  43. 43. Give people what they want…
  44. 44. One of the holy grails is the RT. • But some types of Tweets get ReTweeted more often than others: – Calls to action (as in: “please ReTweet”), while they might sound cheesy, work very well to get ReTweets – Timely content such as latest news gets ReTweeted a lot – Self-reference (Tweeting about Twitter) works – Lists are very popular – People also like to ReTweet blog posts • Much like success is said to breed success ReTweets will breed ReTweets
  45. 45. So… Get adding images…
  46. 46. If we are talking #content then #
  47. 47. What could you do?
  48. 48. But… the BIG THING is Am I ANTI
  49. 49. If not planned! • • • • • • • If we don’t have structure We have anarchy And if we have anarchy Where are we? 16th century France? No modern day England Online!
  50. 50. It’s all about planning ahead.
  51. 51. And changing when they do…
  52. 52. Even if it means being cheesy…
  53. 53. Or talking about Man Utd…
  54. 54. Only three things in life. And write them down Again if you want to.. 56
  55. 55. Money
  56. 56. Time
  57. 57. Love / Energy.
  58. 58. What does Social Media take?
  59. 59. So with social media we have to think • About timing. • When is the best time to tweet and not tweet? • When will you fit it all in? • There are best times for each brand. • And you can do some more detailed analysis into when it is best to tweet for your brand. • This is to follow – but in the mean time…
  60. 60. Copyright 20103©
  61. 61. Super advanced…Twittering Copyright 2013© Find me on @ukmarketinghelp
  62. 62. Some amazing stuff… but just the tip. • • • • • Rank how you are doing See a “hashtags” reach Sees what you mean. A lovely free unfollow tool Shows who unfollowed you • Ones I can show you today… • • • Copyright 2013©
  63. 63. THIS IS the future of social marketing. • Everything today is dependent on your demographic i.e. your customers. • We don’t channel them to things and ideas. • The power to find brands is in their hands. • Now the future is even brighter as we move from words, to pictures, to videos, to ????. • The idea is speed, the platform is mobile, the point is connection and connectivity.
  64. 64. Which picture do you like most? SLR £400 Instagram FREE
  65. 65. They are socially small at the moment. But…. They are growing…
  66. 66. Instagram • Instagram’s success and growth: 100 million users in just 26 months (It took Facebook over 3 years to reach the 100 million user mark). • They also boast 45 million photos per day, 8,500 likes per second and 1,000 comments per second. • Instagram is clearly the face of the new visual, mobile web. • It has some amazing stories already. • And it has it’s own mini app ecosystem.
  67. 67. Instagram case study. • Nikki Sharp – The Stay Sharp Stay Strong • Diet and detox juice book. • Did lots of selfies and pics of food. • Went from 1000 to 160,000 fans • Book sales now around £100,000 a year. • In Jan – earned £400, in March £4000, and £20,000+ a month today.
  68. 68. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pin all your pictures to a board… ;)
  69. 69. Pinterest…
  70. 70. The UK is strange…as lots of men pinning… in the US it’s 90% women.
  71. 71. Pinterest
  72. 72. Pinterest
  73. 73. Not great for all businesses… But GREAT for some…
  74. 74. Moving pictures are next…
  75. 75. Vine… moving six second montages or collections of pictures…
  76. 76. What could you do with Vine? • Think before you Vine. – Before you begin filming, define the video’s purpose. You only have six seconds to get your point across – figure out what users should understand. • Simplicity is key. – Since the video is only six seconds long, keep it simple. This application is not ideal for communicating complex ideas. • Social Media is public. – The videos you create on Vine are visible to everyone. Keeping this in mind, make sure that the content is relatable to all viewers. • Give a sneak peek! – Are you releasing something new? If so, use Vine to give a sneak peek. Vine will provide visual content to increase the anticipation of its arrival. • Have fun with it. – Vine allows your company to introduce itself to viewers in a personable way. Give a tour of the office, show your employees at work, or maybe even show your employees having fun.
  77. 77. Just remember the context / content. Copyright 2011 ©
  78. 78. And how to measure effect. • Social can be searched: • As Facebook is no longer a walled garden free from Google’s search. • What’s commented in Facebook – goes on Google from November 2011. • Social is measured: • Not just with ‘likes’ and comments. • Nor just numbers of followers and fans. • But with real time data crunchers. • Klout. (Boo Hiss but perhaps now hurrah) • Peerindex. (Hurrah) Copyright 2011 ©
  79. 79. MARKET RESEARCH • Nicely enough Klout can help you with market research. • You can see which customers you really want to listen to and get on side. • For everyone this is different. • For every product or service. • BUT for all start ups this is important.
  80. 80. So question for you. Is your business really just a good idea? As I say in Make Your Passion a Success. “Many good ideas are bad businesses, and many bad ideas turn into great businesses.” 85 Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  81. 81. So question for you. Have you market researched it? Have you tested it out? How can you test it? 86 Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  82. 82. Macro research • • • • • • How to do the big stuff? Use your University – seriously. Get access to Mintel / Keynotes. As normally cost £1000’s to do so. Other things start following All desk top research can be outsourced – and if you want to more quickly on something. • I suggest get some one else to do it – Copyright (c) 2012
  83. 83. Other ways of doing Macro • Google searches? • Not only for your competition but also on keywords and whether people are searching for your service / product / download etc. • insights. • about web • http:/// about sites • Very precise as but for apps only and position app. Copyright (c) 2012
  84. 84. How Big do you think your market is? Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  85. 85. Top tip…. From those that know • Be part of your target market and don't speculate what others need (yet) • Think: Which social industry and professional groups you belong to or have you belong to do you understand? • Associate yourself with these people and ask what they really need which of the groups you identify with have their own magazines? Copyright (c) 2012
  86. 86. So which groups? • It is not important these groups have lots of money rather that they spend money. • You will want to find a group / someone who is reachable through 1 or two small magazines if you are creating a product. • If an app or something online you want to have a larger fan base potential. Copyright (c) 2012
  87. 87. Baby app Example: • So how many young mums are there in the UK / world to aim at? • Silly question… • More how many magazines cater for them? • How many websites? • How many forums? • Are they social? • And how many can we reach? • Easily and quickly…. Copyright (c) 2012
  88. 88. We go digital to work it out. • • • • • • • • Google keywords analysis tool. But doesn’t tell me the demographic reach. What about Facebook? It does give me demographic precisely. What do they look at? What about Youtube? What about Twitter? No not for macro but good for micro which is what we will discuss next. Copyright (c) 2012
  89. 89. Maybe listen through Youtube • • • • • • • • • How many videos are there about it? How many people are searching for it? Can you simple post a video asking people if they like an idea? What about number of blogs – technorati. What about people digging it? What if someone steals it? 1% inspiration – the rest is perspiration. Back to the future shoes – a classic example. Copyright (c) 2012
  90. 90. Here’s the keywords search tool.
  91. 91. You can check out demographics....
  92. 92. Facebook • • • • • • You can find out in five minutes… your demographic. Who live in the United Kingdom (UK) age 18+ who are female, who are in the category Parents (child: 0-3yrs) = 81,220 people UK, 18+, interest in #BabyCenter, baby centre, or parents magazine • =10,880 people • UK, US, Australia, Germany, France and Italy, 18+, interest in #BabyCenter, baby centre, baby play • = 942,300 people Copyright (c) 2012
  93. 93. Copyright (c) 2012
  94. 94. Micro research – just as important. Copyright (c) 2012
  95. 95. The world will tell you – just listen Copyright (c) 2012
  96. 96. How else can you do it? • You can use a whole host of bits of kit out there. • You can ask people in ebay - • You could start a whole facebook community page and see if people joined for nothing. • You could search through twitter and start talking. • You could do the same off line and down the pub. • The most important things is that the market research is not….. To …. • Make assumptions… Copyright (c) 2012
  97. 97. The assumption problem. • Assumptions make an ass out of u and me. • If we assume things in business we normally loose money. • There is nothing wrong with this as long as we learn something from it. • So what could we do differently – instead of starting a website, launching PPC, doing SEO or buying 10,000 compact mirrors. Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  98. 98. Use your minds And the rest will follow…
  99. 99. Thinking about minds… • Who else is going for the share of mind? • Who are your competitors and why is it important? • Guerrilla warfare is about having the better intelligence. • The Military Intelligence. • Let’s work out who our competitors really are….
  100. 100. Let’s use JusTaxi again as someone here needs to do this research as well. Kabbee • Kabbee has raised a £3.8m Series A funding round led by Octopus Investments and Simon Nixon, the founder of According to CrunchBase, this brings total funding to around $9 million (circa £5.6m). • What it’s on? • Kabbee has apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry 10, and lets users instantly compare quotes from 60 leading London fleets and then book and pay by cash, card or pre-paid account. • It launched in June 2011 and claims over 250,000 app downloads to date. • USP FEATURES: • None.
  101. 101. Let’s use JusTaxi again as someone here needs to do this research as well. Minicabster • Minicabster, which currently operates in London, Manchester and Birmingham, has raised £2 million in funding from a number of angel investors. • What it’s on? • Minicabster has apps for iOS and Android, and claims 200,000 “users”. • USP FEATURES: • Uses the weather API to good effect. • Founded two years ago, both start-ups are applying the Just-Eat model to the minicab space, while issues over trust and safety are also shared. The below has a different take on the market place (and I would imagine is a website…)
  102. 102. It goes on… • UbiCabs • Ubicabs compares taxi fares instantly just in a few clicks, fixed price fares, operating in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, leeds, Birmingham however they are mainly operating in the airport areas. • Statistics show they have 10k-50k downloads. • USP FEATURES • Instantly compares 100 taxi firms provides fixed fare to customers • Also provides a service for taxi firms to have their own personalised app • Compare taxi firms on service levels via a taxi rating
  103. 103. You can then create something like this.
  104. 104. Use something like this. At Dojit.
  105. 105. And then use something like this.
  106. 106. But what really proves you have a good idea? It becomes… Something someone will back!
  107. 107. What someone will sign up to…
  108. 108. Kick starter / Crowd cube etc…
  109. 109. What someone will “like” on Facebook.
  110. 110. What someone will talk about on Linkedin.
  111. 111. So question for you. What’s the MVP for my wife’s idea for a business? And then what’s the MVP for you? It might be smaller than you think. 116 Copyright GMW 2013 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  112. 112. Read these books… They are worth the investment…
  113. 113. Read them all … And this one too. It may answer…
  114. 114. How much do you really need? Can you test some assumptions 1st? The more you test – the more money you can ask for. Based on the market knowledge you have gained!
  115. 115. Example: I want to help start ups.
  116. 116. Should I build my app? Or an HTML5 website?
  117. 117. So another question for you. What’s the potential LTV of online customers? And therefore for this example - how many visitors and customers might I need in the first year? 122 Copyright GMW 2011 © for more marketing ideas come find @ukmarketinghelp on twitter
  118. 118. What do you do if you don’t sell anything but space / connections. • • • • • • • • What I mean by that is you don’t sell anything. You don’t have a product or a service. What you are creating is the product / service. It is the platform or the portal. Often the way with new companies. One word of warning for ALL start up’s. Try to productise if you are a service so you can scale. And if you are a product – try to offer a service to extend LTV. Copyright (c) 2012
  119. 119. What kind of numbers do you need to make money? • A website my friend started in 2001. • 365,315 visits per month 2.2million page views per month • Blog Popularity 8,056 visitors per month • 11,734 page views per month Key Site Stats 30573 17580 948 257 185 22 57 358 46 358 2935 171433 members reviews club events club venues property developments property developers estate agents hotels serviced apartments bars photo galleries photos added in the last 30 days. Copyright (c) 2012
  120. 120. How does Alan make his money? • • • • • • • The website is called: He sells advertising for £100 a month. His web portal has 43317 tickets on it. 171 videos with 87 DJ mixes 217 restaurants with 7 offers BUT… he mainly makes his money in in…. The property and hotels section. • Around 70% of his money comes from that. Copyright (c) 2012
  121. 121. National example: • Mumsnet is Britain's busiest website for parents. • In 2011 the site received 570k site visits and 32m page views each month, and 1.5m monthly unique users make approximately 25,000 posts each day. • Mumsnet Talk: Small Business Ads on the forum - ads can be placed on the Small Business ads forum for 90 days for a £50 fee • Local Advertising on Mumsnet: For the rate of £50 for three months for a square 145 x 145 pixel button with click-through to your website you can advertise your business to our members by location. Copyright (c) 2012
  122. 122. Mumsnet in Numbers Average pages per visit: 15 Over 37 million page views each month Average user session: 15 minutes 2.1 million unique visitors per month Over 20,000 25,000+ posts a day Source: Google Analytics February 2012 followers on Twitter 180,000 subscribers to our weekly parenting newsletter
  123. 123. Profile of a Mumsnetter High Income 48% have a household income of +£50k Employed 69% are in full or part time employment Core age: 87% aged between 25 – 45yrs Parents 20% have a child under 12 months 70% have a child under the age of 6 Holiday takers 37% have a child aged 6 to 12 Over half our members take 2 or more holidays/year 15% have a teen 60% have at least two children Online Shoppers 96% shop online 23% pregnant or trying to conceive Educated 72% have a degree and beyond Mumsnet Census July 2011 Parents to be Early adopters and opinion formers
  124. 124. How is Mumsnet used? • Mumsnet is the UK’s busiest online social network for parents 78%* Advice 68% Information 46% Recommendations and reviews 38% Debate 33% Support 28% Friendship/ Company • 79% of users have bought a product after recommendations on Mumsnet+ • 80% of users seek advice or read reviews on Mumsnet when they are planning to buy a child-related product+ • Over half users check Mumsnet website nearly everyday * Mumsnet Census July 2011 + Stats from independent study of online parenting forums for the Arts and Humanities Research Council
  125. 125. Mumsnetter Vital Stats 60% have smartphone 41% read women’s magazines 53% read any broadsheet ¼ buy clothing online at least monthly 28% read any tabloid 61% shop in Tesco 85% on Facebook 20% listen to Radio2 35% on Twitter; 22% Linkedin Spend 2.8 hrs on net each day Mumsnet Census July 2011 54% shop in Sainsbury’s 23% listen to Radio4 11% have own blog 40% say M&S main place for clothes for self 34% say Next main place for clothes for self Over 1/10 read red, Good Housekeeping, Grazia Spend over £45 per month on clothing
  126. 126. Mumsnet: How much Advertising Solutions do they charge? Advertising on the Home Page The home page receives 800,000 page impressions a month and has click thru on average of 0.1 to 0.5% MPUs Leaderboard Advertorial 300 x 250 728 x 90 £22cpm £17cpm £15cpm Advertorial: Max 45 words of text plus link. Max image size 100x100. Run of Site Advertising (ROS) MPUs Leaderboard Advertorial 300 x 250 728 x 90 Advertorial: Max 60 words of text plus link. Max image size 100x100. £15cpm £10cpm £10cpm
  127. 127. So it’s not easy • But also not impossible. • But you have to be realistic. • If you are creating a portal site i.e. a website without much of a difference then… • Mumsnet took 12 years. • What happened last night took 8 years. • You might take a lot less – but… • Think how does my idea / product / service ADD value? And how much do my customers need that? Copyright (c) 2012
  128. 128. Ways of generating income: • • • • • • • • Direct sales. Online sales. Telephone sales. Meetings and consultancy sales. Subscriptions both b2b and b2c. Advertising through 3rd parties. Selling other people’s products / services. In the end it’s all about the numbers 
  129. 129. So it’s not easy • But also not impossible. • But you have to be realistic. • If you are creating a portal site i.e. a website without much of a difference then… • Mumsnet took 12 years. • What happened last night took 8 years. • You might take a lot less. • Mobile it changing everything with apps etc.. • But…Think how does my idea / product / service ADD value? And how much do my customers need that? • And will someone fund me whilst I find out what works?
  130. 130. We talked about this guy. Joel. This idea he had was helped by our workshop – he then pivoted into Buffer.
  131. 131. This is how he made Buffer a success.
  132. 132. Which caused part of this… You should about his business on his blog - it’s great.
  133. 133. Talking about your business • 1 minute – Elevator pitch • 5 minute – Standard pitch • 15 minute – Investor / Large Sales presentation
  134. 134. Pitching Tips • • • • • • • Breath Cloths Death by PowerPoint Talk to them and not at them Show and Sell Be truthful Take your time and enjoy it
  135. 135. Pitching for Business Starts with Hook Problem Proposition People Proof Passion Request
  136. 136. And don’t forget... Starts with Hook Problem Proposition People Proof Passion Request Now go and win that start up money.
  137. 137. Huge thanks to: Our venue and sponsors for the day. And to David for yesterday. And to Dan Edge for organising this weekend. Q’s email me Copyright 2014 ©