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Powerful Women at Great Lakes


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A Great Lakes' tribute to the women who inspire others to be not just good, but great.

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A compilation of excerpts from eminent women leaders’ speeches made at
Great Lakes Institute of Management

"Equality starts with yourself, don’t act special it hinders your own growth, Pursue your passion, Work hard – women should be ready to roll up their sleeves, self-control, striking a balance, prove yourself and be real."

Nisaba Godrej
Executive Director, Godrej Consumer Products
at SWIM 2012
“Women is a go giver, it is in her DNA”; “Failure is the fertilizer for success”; “Failure is postponed success”; “Do what you like, like what you do.”

Ruzan Khambatta
Founder, Wajra O'​ Force Empowerment Foundation
at SWIM 2012
"Bring about a paradigm shift in your lives by challenging the archaic and pre-conceived notions of the society and look beyond the inevitable cycle of family-responsibilities-marriage-kids. Practice ‘Aatmamanthan’ to decide what you really want in life. Define success for yourself rather than following anyone else’s definition. Spend your life doing exactly what what you've always wanted to in order to be satisfied."

Mallika Sarabhai
Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam dancer
at SWIM 2012
"My entrepreneurial journey has taught me that anything is possible. You need the right team, you need a shared vision, you need a sense of passion with compassion, you need a principled way and there are no short cuts. "

Kiran Mazumdar Shah
Founder & Chairperson, Biocon
at SWIM 2009
“It is time to move beyond gender and talk about competence. There is no men or women, results matter.”

Vinita Bali
Managing Director, Britannia Industries Limited
at SWIM 2016
“The biggest strength of women is Humanity. Humanity means compassion; compassion means love; love means equality. Wherever women are in leadership, they possess these qualities in them.”

Kiran Bedi
Politician, social activist, retired police officer
at SWIM 2007
“I have a suggestion for all of you. Please do go after intellectual development, attend management courses, add value to your knowledge and sharpen your skills. But at the same time, be aware that you have a physical, emotional and spiritual side that also needs nurturing. Before cluttering minds with all the sciences and technologies, please learn the art of living.”

Anu Aga
Ex-Chairperson, Thermax Ltd.,
at SWIM 2008
"Every one of you has the advantage and opportunity of the much more liberal, modern India with many more professional female role models. I think the future is especially bright for women. Don’t let anything hold you back. "

Indra Nooyi
Chairperson & CEO, PepsiCo
at Yale – Great Lakes First International Conference 2006

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Powerful Women at Great Lakes

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