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Inspiring words from Indra Nooyi - Lessons from Legends


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Lessons from Legends - Inspiring and Invaluable quotes taken from the excerpts of speeches made by various guests in Great Lakes Institute of Management. In this series, presenting Mrs. Indra Nooyi: inspiring words from his speech at Great Lakes Institute of Management.

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Inspiring words from Indra Nooyi - Lessons from Legends

  1. 1. Great Lakes Institute of Management Presents LESSONS FROM LEGENDS - Powerful quotes from visionaries - Mrs. Indra Nooyi Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo
  2. 2. LESSONS FROM LEGENDS “These are invaluable quotes taken from the excerpts of speeches made by various guests in Great Lakes Institute of Management.” These excerpts were taken from Mrs. Indra Nooyi’s talk at Great Lakes Institute of Management
  3. 3. Every one of you has the advantage and opportunity of the much more liberal, modern India with many more professional female role models. I think the future is especially bright for women. Don’t let anything hold you back. – Inspiring women to lead
  4. 4. To all of the students in the room, not only can you become Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, but of any company you choose. And who knows –an Indian multinational can be bigger than any other global multinational firm. Your time is now. – Encouraging the potential of young talent
  5. 5. A few words about why I am so impressed with the management education curriculum at Great Lakes. First of all, the mandatory Chinese education component is wonderful. China is always going to be a large and important market where an understanding of the language will facilitate your ability to do business there. – The importance of knowing the Chinese language
  6. 6. I used to manage one of the biggest IT projects in our company and I can tell you that most people in management do not know how to run business in IT. I commend you for making it a focus area at Great Lakes. – The importance of IT in today’s business-scape
  7. 7. You will enter business in a time of rapid change, and the success of corporations will hinge on attracting the kind of young talent that will question the status quo, look at problems in new ways, and come up with creative solutions. – On the future of businesses
  8. 8. We need you to grow in this hyper competitive market place. The global business community is counting on you. I think many more management schools like Great Lakes are really needed to educate and prepare young people to be global managers, not just deputy managers. – Encouraging young people to be leaders
  9. 9. THANK YOU