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Webquest Review

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Webquest reviews

  1. 1. http://www.zunal.com/webquest.php?w=89629 by Nicole Amorin http://www.zunal.com/teacherspage.php?w=89629
  2. 2. I must admit it was the catchy title thatcaught my attention. Where in the World isCarmen Sandiego was one of my favoritePBS shows as a kid. Unfortunately, the titlefor the most part was the only thing thatlived up to the expectation of the quest.
  3. 3.  Ease of Use - This webquest was very easy to navigate, why because there were no external links or sites to access. 0/2 HOTS - The webquest goal was to answer questions but it did not require an application of information that was learned. Students were required to remember the information enough to answer the questions. 1/2
  4. 4.  Students required to answer questions, but not really required to conduct additional research above answering the questions and guessing at a diagnosis. The introduction and task were well formulated. There were not additional sites to access. Quest could have gone into more depth about influenza or another disease, anything else to ensure some students success. Students were supposed to convey new found knowledge in 1 paragraph. 1/2 TOTAL SCORE: 2/6
  5. 5. http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=141527 by Brian Lee http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=141527
  6. 6. This math webquest was designed by atutor to give a practical application to theconcepts of slopes and slope interceptformulas. The quest calls for the students toresearch two possible career choices, plotthe change of salary over time and thenfind the slope intercept for each of thecareers.
  7. 7.  Ease of Use - The navigation and examples provided in the quest were appropriate for the target audience. 1/2 HOTS - This quest allowed for students to remember the concept, check for understanding of the concept and use the formula to apply to plotting change in salary over time. It hints a little bit to analyze the data so as to make an informed decision about a career choice. 2/2
  8. 8.  Goals were appropriate to measure the understanding and correct application of the formulas for the students. Students could utilize the sources given by the tutor or could research on their own. There was a good example on conversions for the students to use and recommendations of useful sites. Areas for correction were grammatical errors and lack of access to other sources besides web tools, such as adults with jobs and aligning tasks. 1/2 TOTAL SCORE: 4/6
  9. 9. http://questgarden.com/145/93/3/120625190453/index.htm by Kaveh Shakeri http://www.energy.ca.gov/nuclear/california.html
  10. 10.  This webquest gives students the tasks of researching nuclear power plants, developing an argument either for or against power plants, then end with a culminating project of a persuasive video that tells voters about the upcoming proposal to close a nuclear generating station in San Diego. This webquest is good for students in 9th grade and above for subjects in politics, history and science(physics,chemistry).
  11. 11.  Ease of Use - This was relatively easy to navigate. The teacher provided the links/resources that students could use. 2/2 HOTS - Students were able to use all levels of HOTS to complete the final project and have a successful presentation. 2/2
  12. 12.  The introduction gave an insightful overview of the current event (at the time) of the future of the nuclear generating station. The task section was clear to the expectations of the end product. The process section gave valuable detail as to where to locate the resources to do research. It offered a variety of types of online sources: videos, articles, sites etc. and it segmented out into the areas that needed to be covered in the final project. It also provided links on how to create the final project.
  13. 13.  Goals were appropriate for level of students. Students required to access a variety of web tools and applications to complete task. The issues with the quest are, in the evaluation section, there is graded section for an outline and storyboard, however there is not a mention of the creation or use of one in the process section. The evaluation section does not tell what the total possible points that can be earned are even though a student can figure it out, it would be helpful. 1.5/2 TOTAL SCORE: 5.5/6
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