Greater San Antonio Chamber Breakfast with TEA Commissioner Robert Scott


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Slides from presentation on September 10, 2010 at Sunset Station.

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  • Graph: Attrition Rates in Texas over Time
  • Graphic: Map showing year when each US state will report the Compact Rate
  • Dropout and Completion21 states report using the NGA compact graduation rate definition. Of the 16 that publicly reported their graduation rate for 2008, Texas ranked fourth behind only Iowa, Vermont and Virginia. Texas ranked ahead of states such as Michigan, Florida, Rhode Island, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, and New Mexico among others.
  • Table showingFour-Year Graduation Rates, by Ethnicity, Selected States Using the Compact Rate, 2007-08: Iowa, Vermont, Virginia, Texas, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Rhode Island, South Carolina, North Dakota, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Arkansas, New York, New Mexico.
  • Title slide: Student Achievement
  • 2009 NAEP MathematicsEighth-grade African-American students in Texas tied Massachusetts for first place on the NAEP mathematics exam.Among white students, Texas’ eighth-grade students earned the fourth highest score on the NAEP math exam.Among Hispanic students, Texas’ eighth-graders had the fourth highest score on the NAEP math exam. Overall, Texas ranked 18th among 50 states on eighth-grade NAEP math exam.African-American fourth-grade students in Texas earned the third highest score on NAEP math. Texas’ white fourth-graders tied for fifth place with North Carolina on NAEP math. Hispanic students in Texas ranked eighth nationwide.
  • ACT ScoresTexas ACT composite score reached an all-time high in 2009 as did the number of students tested.The percent of Texas students meeting all four college readiness benchmarks has increased from 17 percent to 22 percent since 2005, a 29% increase.
  • OtherTexas earned a grade of ‘A’ on standards, assessment and accountability, and ranked sixth in the country in Education Week’s Quality Counts report. The report gave Texas a “100” on curriculum standards and school accountability. Texas also ranked sixth and earned a grade of ‘B’ for a category called transitions and alignments, which examines early-childhood education, college readiness and economy and workforce. Three districts won Broad Prize for Urban Education (Aldine, Brownsville, and Houston), more than any other state in the history of the prize. The Broad Prize is given for demonstrating the strongest student achievement and improvement while narrowing achievement gaps between income and ethnic groups.
  • Sunset of TEA RulesStatutory Process (Texas Gov. Code Chapter 2001.039) of four year review still in progressSunset rules through an informal process to receive input from the fieldNew HB 3 rulesWhat is important to you?Stakeholder meetingsMidwinter Meeting on School Improvement GrantFebruary meeting on HB 3 Accreditation RulesFuture meetings on HB 3 Accountability RulesMonthly Stakeholder meetings on ????
  • Graph showing Total School district expenditures and FPS allocations 2000-2010
  • Project Share’s first major initiative is to provide online professional development for K-12 teachers beginning summer 2010.
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