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8 Perks of ualbany campus


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8 Perkis of UAlbany Campus

Published in: Education
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8 Perks of ualbany campus

  1. 1. By: Maki, Noah and Urgen 8 Perks of UAlbany Campus
  2. 2. The Fountain Here is a picture of our beloved fountain. It is the start of the spring season so we will see the fountain filled up and running in no time!
  3. 3. The Fountain The Fountain is located in the middle of campus, right outside of the Lecture Center. It has so much to offer to the Ualbany community. Whether you are being studious, hanging with friends, or just trying to cool off and relax then the Fountain is the place to be. Warm weather is approaching, so make sure to find your way there and enjoy the vibes!
  4. 4. The Nanoscience Building Home of one of the most elite nanoscience schools in the country!
  5. 5. The Nanoscience Building Although the school of Nanoscience is currently in the process of becoming their own SUNY Polytechnic Institute, this 1.65 million sq. ft. complex is the first thing you see when you get on or off the highway near the UAlbany campus. There are billions of dollars of investments and offices in this Nanoscience megaplex with over 4,000 scientists working in it daily.
  6. 6. The Lit Skyline Admire the gorgeous campus skyline view from Collins Circle while also taking in the main entrance to the academic podium.
  7. 7. The Lit Skyline One thing the UAlbany Campus is not short of, is it’s skyline. Things can get a bit dreary from school work and dining hall food, so to see a view like this can really brighten your mood and give busy students a brief moment to relax and breath.
  8. 8. Campus Center When you want to steer clear of the dining hall food, but don’t want to spend money on Chipotle.
  9. 9. The Campus Center With the newest additions coming to the Campus Center in the fall of 2017, the Campus Center will once again be an awesome spot on campus to grab a bite to eat, hang out with friends or get some school work done. New Restaurant Additions: Tully’s Sports Bar, Starbucks, SubConnection
  10. 10. The Massry Center for Business The newest edition to the UAlbany Campus is home to the university’s School of Business. With modern furniture, classrooms and mock conference rooms, students can prepare for their professional career, today.
  11. 11. The Massry Center for Business The new home to the School of Business offers a variety of services to prepare students for the future. Whether it be traderoom, stylistic workplaces to collaborate with fellow students, or grab a bite or a coffee from Zime’s, the Massy Center for Business is your one stop shop before entering the professional world of business!
  12. 12. University Art Museum A great place to learn about current artist’s and spend time around visually pleasing artwork.
  13. 13. University Art Museum The Art Museum is located in the Fine Arts Building, in the front of campus. The museum is open daily for the public and features all different types of art and artist’s. If you are looking to explore the art realm, discover new artists, or just enjoy viewing artwork, the University Art Museum is a great place to visit.
  14. 14. Collin’s Circle The first thing that you see when you enter the UAlbany Campus.
  15. 15. Collin’s Circle If you want to lay out on a towel to catch some rays, or play some pick up football/frisbee in the nice grass, Collin’s Circle is certainly a great highlight on campus for everyone. Many students question why we don’t host concerts on Collin’s Circle. The reason that the school refuses to host large events like that is because they want to preserve Collin’s Circle because of how iconic it is to our campus. They don’t want the circle getting dirty!
  16. 16. Casey Stadium A great place to support your Great Dane’s Athletics!
  17. 17. Casey Stadium Show your school spirit at Casey Stadium, where the Great Danes have their football, soccer and lacrosse matches! Either in the Fall or Spring Semester, cheer on UAlbany’s division one athletics a
  18. 18. Photo Credit All photos courtesy of: and Sean Moriarty’s Instagram page