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How to Survive the Tundra


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To prepare college students who may not have experienced harsh winter, we have put together a college student winter survival guide presentation.

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How to Survive the Tundra

  1. 1. How to Survive the Tundra College Survival Guide for the winter
  2. 2. Attire •LAYERS ARE KEY!!!!!!! •Cheaper isn’t always better •Dress accordingly •Don’t be an ice skater (proper footwear)
  3. 3. Cars/Transportation •Be early for public transit/get earlier times •Have necessary tools for your car •Maintenance is key •Vinegar solution on windshield (avoids frost) •Zip ties on bike
  4. 4. Activities •Plan ahead/be early •Leave early (traffic/weather) •Bring extra layers in case
  5. 5. Food •Always warm things (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) •Meal prep (cut things early/defrost early) •Enough for a couple of days •Water boiler is KEY
  6. 6. Staying warm •Reflect heat from radiator •Heaters •Layers •MULTIPLE BLANKETS!!!