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How to pick a college major


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SlideShare presentation on how to pick a college major. Hope it helps you make an informed decision.

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How to pick a college major

  2. 2. Possible colleges/Universities •Where do you see yourself in the future? •Consider the majors offered at the all the schools you are applying to!
  3. 3. Curiosity • What things are you interested in? Ex: Health, business, education… • Apply to schools with majors that interest you!
  4. 4. Once at college… • Meet with your freshman advisor! • Take 1 credit classes that are intended to help you find your interest and perfect major!
  5. 5. Explore • Keep in mind how much schooling is necessary for some majors you may be considering! • If you can not decide, remember you can double major or double minor.
  6. 6. DO NOT STRESS •Many students change their major 2 to 3 times during their undergraduate years •You will find the right fit for you!