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Search IP address location


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To search IP address location you only have to access few steps. If you have proper information about IP like IP system, mechanism of IP then it will help you to locate IP address.

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Search IP address location

  1. 1. Search IP Address Location
  2. 2. Contents• Define IP address• Function of IP address• Mechanism of IP Address• IP System• Thanks
  3. 3. Search IP Address Location• Define IP address• Internet Protocol address is commonly known as IP address. It is a set of numerical data assigned to each electronic machine which are connected through computer network. This numerical set is mainly used to establish communication among computer users. Commonly with the help of IP internet connection established with other network across the world. Without this you can’t image to enter the internet world. Whenever you start your computer and open a website then ISP provide you IP address which works in establishing communication. Due to some reasons people search IP address location that is possible through some free service.
  4. 4. Search IP Address Location• Function of IP address• Mainly there are two principal functions of IP address. First is to identify the network connection and second use of IP is to locate address of assigned computer. In simple terms you can say that for the computer identification and addressing of the computer IP address plays a major roll. It is like an address where all the data are transferred through network. To search IP address location this numerical data work and find location of that.
  5. 5. Search IP Address Location• Mechanism of IP Address• If no any detailed description is added in IP address term then it is just like a binary number which represents numerical values which uses two notations of 0 and 1. These are stored in text file formats and represents in human readable notations such as,, and so on. In a single IP address you will find millions of number combinations. Whenever you search IP address location then this set of digits helps you.
  6. 6. Search IP Address Location• IP System• With these networks identification mechanism and function two system are formulated to understand the internetworking methods of internet. First IP system is commonly called Internet Protocol version 4 or IPv4. This fourth version of Internet protocol is widely used in the Internet world. In this 21st century Internet Protocol version 6 or IPv6 is being used. With this new IP addressing system a huge amount of data can be transmitted in a small packet. At present the mix of these two IP systems are being used for proper internetworking. In the search IP address location this latest IP system works automatically and find very quick and collect proper information.
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