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Meeting 2 [12/31/2013]


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Meeting 2 [12/31/2013]

  1. 1. League of Legends [LOL] Club (Meeting 2) Kevin Nguyen Youmin Baek
  2. 2. What’s Happening at Today’s Meeting?  Today’s meeting will be pretty brief, just going over the most recent patch.
  3. 3. What’d I miss?  Addition to the club roster (sign it)!  Talking about what League is, general guidelines, etc.  All future presentations will be uploaded to
  4. 4. Is there a game scheduled for this week?  No, we’re currently on a break from that. As of now, customs are still happening from 9-12 on Friday and Saturday.  Remember, to join, make sure to check FB and Twitter and guess the password to the room! Kevin only accepts sans-password invite requests after 10 minutes have passed in the lobby.
  5. 5. What’s happening at this weeks customs?  In this week’s customs, we’re probably going to play a lot more actual custom games, like hide-and-seek, or other Dominion/ARAM based games. When we don’t have enough people, we sometimes queue as the club on a team called “Trojan Pride.”
  6. 6. Significant Patch Chnges  Heimerdinger reworked, buffed significantly  Jinx earlygame nerfed  Corki nerfed, CD between missiles and base AS reduced. (Blame worlds for this)  Fizz Seastone trident nerfed (YES)  Sivir Reworked  Zed cast time increased, range increaed  Zyra AP ratio increased, overall damage reduced (Sorry Justin)
  7. 7. With this patch done..  We’re a week closer to season 4. Are you ready? -New jungle camp, the addition of trinkets, buffs to supports, less snowballing, changes to runes and masteries [This is where I let you go.]