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Meeting 19 (4/2/14)


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Stop reading descriptions and get me some ice cream

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Meeting 19 (4/2/14)

  2. 2. League of Legends [LOL] Club (Meeting 19) Kevin Nguyen Youmin Baek
  3. 3. Intro Point- Summer Jobs?
  4. 4. All stars? Bjergsen + Wildturtle + Balls
  5. 5. U.R.F. – Ultra Rapid Fire
  6. 6. Skin of the Week- Arctic Ops Varus 1350 RP
  7. 7. Champion of the Week- Soraka, the Starchild 450 IP | 260 RP
  8. 8. Skype Calls -Inactivity removal is only done right before customs for the sake of the call -Inactive members will be readded so they can chat post-customs Add “kevinlolwut” to be added to the chat.
  9. 9. CUSTOMS -Requested changes will not be made until subsequent customs Fridays + Saturdays (Still at 9, may change) -If a custom ends before the next one, I typically mute my mic in the call for intermission -Passwords should be pretty easy to guess. Text > fb/twitter > Skype -Custom 1: 9-10 PM (Random game mode) -Custom 2: 10-11 PM (Chill) -Custom 3: 11-12 PM (Competitive)
  10. 10. Custom Types Chill | Competitive Chill type customs are generally more open towards more banter/unorthodox building. Competitive type customs should be treated as real games, because they’re expected to be more skill based. Expect your opponents to go all the way.
  11. 11. Examples of Chill Customs ARAM Capture the Teemo Protect the Poppy Ultra Rapid Fire Protect the Soraka Bot Hide and Go Seek
  12. 12. Examples of Competitive Customs Dominion 5v5 Dominion 3v3 Twisted Treeline 3v3 Summoner’s Rift 3v3
  13. 13. Philosophy of Customs T.U.S.H. Tolerance Understanding Sportsmanship Happiness
  14. 14. Notifications  Text to 301-956-0199   Twitter @ghslol   Most notifications are sent through text, including minor ones. If you don’t want any more text notifications, just text me to stop and I’ll remove you from the list. Otherwise, you can check bigger updates through the ghslol pages above.
  15. 15. Contact Use these if you have any suggestions or questions to deliver personally.  Skype @ kevinlolwut  Text @ 301-956-0199
  16. 16. Mission of the week *SCRAPPED* Send in artwork/pictures so I can show at the meetings. Stay away from videos, they take too much time
  17. 17. Straw Poll from Meeting 17
  18. 18. Straw Poll from Meeting 18
  19. 19. This Week’s Straw Poll 
  20. 20. League Question of the Week Which champion needs another skin? What should it be?
  21. 21. Unrelated Question of the Week: What’s a special skill you have?
  22. 22. GOODBYE