YLA - Bringing True Diversity to Motorsports


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YLA is dedicated to providing disadvantaged kids with real life opportunities through motorsports. YLA\’s program combines strong educational programs (with a specific focus on science, math, and technology) with a proven mentorship program to enable their youth to aspire to motorsports dreams while developing real life skills.

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YLA - Bringing True Diversity to Motorsports

  1. 1. Race 2 Success<br />
  2. 2. America’s At-Risk Kids<br />60% of at-risk youths will not graduate high school<br />33% of low-income graduates enroll in college <br />14% of those college entrants earn a bachelor’s degree<br />High school dropouts are 4 times more likely to be unemployed<br />High school dropouts earn nearly 60% less than high school/college graduates<br />High school dropouts are 2.5 times more likely to be arrested<br />
  3. 3. Youth Learning Academy<br />President and Founder Tammy Cavanaugh started the Youth Learning Academy in 2003<br />YLA was initiated to improve math and science scores among young people and as a direct response to the increasing need for qualified workers in industries that require math and science skill sets<br />Quite simply, YLA aims to “build futures” for at-risk children through interactive educational programs<br />The YLA program works! Currently impacting 122,418 at-risk youths each year in 7 VA school districts <br />
  4. 4. YLA’s programs WORK<br />Student retention – 84%<br />Student business aptitude – 114% improvement<br />Student written skills – 83% improvement<br />SAT scores – 254-point increase after YLA’s SAT prep<br />High School Graduation – 100% of YLA graduates have graduated High School<br />College Admissions – 100% of YLA graduates have been admitted to college<br />
  5. 5. YLA’s programs WORK<br />82% of teachers reported change of two letter grades<br />86% of parents reported their child’s overall behavior has changed positively<br />75% of students boasted higher grades in math<br />70% of students boasted higher grades in science<br />93% of students agreed the program enhanced their interpersonal skills and ability to be successful in a job<br />
  6. 6. YLA’s Race 2 Success<br />Mission: Increase the number of at-risk individuals who enter design, engineering and motorsports-related fields through interactive educational programs.<br />3 Main Goals of Race 2 Success:<br />Inspire youths to learn about science, math, design, and technology<br />Attract new students to the automotive and motorsports industry<br />Retain students in the industry though hands on activites<br />
  7. 7. Race 2 Success Programs<br />YLA has created a pipeline of age-specific programs for<br />students ages 4-18 so they can develop working skills and<br />gain exposure to a quality education throughout their<br />childhood. <br />Phase One: Career Awareness<br />Phase Two: Career Orientation<br />Phase Three: Career Exploration<br />Phase Four: Career Preparedness<br />
  8. 8. Phase One: Awareness<br />Introducing motorsports to kids at an early age:<br />“Kick Start”- (grades P-1) Basic programs teaching children about transportation and imagination<br />“Pit Stop” – (grades 2-4) Activities, events and competitions teaching children how transportation affects the environment with math and science lessons and some real world application.<br />“Motorvate” – (grades 5-6) After school program teaching automotive technologies through the use of designs, models, building practices and presentations.<br />
  9. 9. Phase Two: Orientation<br />Focusing on the anatomy of cars and how they work:<br /><ul><li>“Chase your Dreams” – (grades 7-8) Rigorous and advanced look at the design and creation of a working racecar. Lessons include: complex physics, advanced scale drawing, mechanical engineering, and geometry. </li></li></ul><li>Phase Three: Exploration<br />Technical experience geared to challenge students:<br /><ul><li>“Stock Car Challenge” – (grades 9-10) Introduces students to the history of racing, civil and mechanical engineering, design, fabrication and management in the racing industry. </li></li></ul><li>Phase Four: Preparedness<br />Focus shifts to career pathways in motorsports:<br /><ul><li>“Racing Mentor Program” – (grades 11-12) More intense concentration in business management, design, engineering and journalism through class work, field trips, hands on instruction, and internships.
  10. 10. Racing Business Model Competition – (grade 12) The final project before graduation. Seniors work together to create a comprehensive business model. Each team member utilizes their individual areas of expertise to compete in the interscholastic racing series.</li></li></ul><li>Race 2 Success Resources<br />Community Colleges –YLA is connected with a number of colleges in VA and NC which offer on-line classes, quarterly examinations, and job placement opportunities for students seeking a college education.<br />Mentors –Comprised of former YLA students and volunteers, the YLA has established an extensive mentorship program for students seeking to join, participating in, or graduating from the YLA pipeline.<br />“Pay It Forward” Initiative – YLA places a premium on teaching the advantages of networking. Each YLA teacher and mentor is open to connecting students with professionals who can help them realize their goals.<br />
  11. 11. Race to Success Wants…<br />National Exposure – The program works, let’s take it to a national market so it can make a big difference<br />NASCAR Affiliation – The program needs NASCAR connections so top performers can land opportunities at the motorsports industry’s elite level of competition<br />Additional Investors – The program needs to secure new business partners to fund further expansion<br />Face of the Program – The program needs to align with a well-respected personality with a strong connection to Race 2 Success<br />
  12. 12. Your Company Can Help…<br />Contact Graham Chapman today for more information or<br />details on how to partner with one of the nation’s<br />most successful non-profit organizations:<br />Graham Chapman<br />919 Marketing Company<br />919-459-8157<br />gchapman@919marketing.com<br />