Illustrations for personal, professional and commercial projects


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25 years of experience providing diverse unique styles of illustrations for personal, private, and commercial use. Everything from specialty advertising art to children's book illustrations. Great communications, fair pricing, and on-time delivery guarantee successful projects!

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  • Selected illustrations from Too Many Tutus-
  • Selected Illustrations from Grandfather Knows…about the Sun
  • Illustrations for personal, professional and commercial projects

    1. 1. Illustrations for Children’s Books and Stories
    2. 2. Full Color Bike Poster for Fundraiser Gouache & Pen/Ink Logo Artwork for Specialty Advertising Materials
    3. 3. Product Illustration (Digital & pen/ink) and Brochure Design for L’Aroma Therapy Products
    4. 4. Illustrations and Design for National Girl Scouts of America Greeting Cards
    5. 5. Illustrations for Jaguar Brochures and Catalogs
    6. 6. Black and White Illustrations and Ad Designs
    7. 7. Pen and Ink Illustration for Shoe Store Bag Design Illustration & Ad Design for Ski Shop Ilustration and Design for Key Chain Prom Give-away
    8. 8. T-Shirt Illustrations Combination of line drawing and digital enhancement
    9. 9. Caricatures, pen, ink and watercolor Illustration for Calendar Head
    10. 10. Pastel Pencil Illustration for Education Poster Digital Collage for Birthday Poster
    11. 11. Proposed Illustration for Book Illustration for Car Care Brochure
    12. 12. Pen and Ink and Watercolor; Beauty & the Beast and TomThumb (Illustration/Design)
    13. 13. Pen and Ink and Watercolor; Jack and the Beanstalk
    14. 14. Watercolors: Pinnochio / Reindeer Princess
    15. 15. Pen/Ink & Watercolor: Swan Prince Robin Hood & Maid Marian
    16. 16. Left: Illustrated Letter H, Pen/Ink & Watercolor Right: Letter H with digital effects
    17. 17. Line Drawing with Digital Effects “Dream of Mars”
    18. 18. Created in Adobe Illustrator “Man Made Machine”
    19. 19. Manipulated Photos Montages - Photoshop
    20. 20. Combination Hand drawn/scanned images, digitally colored
    21. 21. Digital artwork for T-shirt design
    22. 22. Digital Editing of Hand drawn scan
    23. 23. Watercolor – Flower Girl of Heidelberg
    24. 24. Pastel Pencils – Mountain Grandfather
    25. 25. Watercolor Little Italy
    26. 26. Watercolor Fruit Sellers
    27. 27. Water Soluble Pencil and Watercolors; Blazing Hilltop
    28. 28. Pen and Ink Illustration for Girl Scouts Family Caricatures
    29. 29. Betsy Beaver Line Art Series developed for use by Girl Scouts
    30. 30. Pen and Ink Illustration for Black and White Ad
    31. 31. Pen and Ink Icon Illustrations for Elderly Government Housing Options
    32. 32. Fabric Paint on Cloth Panel for Puppet Show Backdrop
    33. 33. Example of Illustration Stages for “East O’ the Sun and West O’ the Moon 1) Pencil Sketch
    34. 34. Example of Illustration Stages for “East O’ the Sun and West O’ the Moon- 2) Ink Sketch
    35. 35. Example of Illustration Stages for “East O’ the Sun and West O’ the Moon- 3) Water Soluble Pencil