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My own collection of cheap & tasty recipes

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Cheap & Tasty Cookbook

  1. 1. Cheap and Tasty
  2. 2. Preface / IntroductionCheap and Tasty is a collection of simlpe recipies that are to my knowledge cheap and tastyWith a selection of surgesstions for left overs, and old favouritesThis ebook was complied from my own experence in cooking, I hope you enjoy making the mealsand of course eating them too.
  3. 3. Cheap and TastyCheap and TastyCheap & TastyRecipes for cheap & Tasty meals using every day food, saving you money and help you provideTasty food Time saving too, as you wont need to go shopping so often, therefore Less Waste OldTime Favourites, Making the most of cookingRecipes for cheap & Tasty meals Every day foodCORN BEEF HASH Ingredients1 tin corm beef Small packet of instant mash ( you could use normal potatoes, but they can be timeconsuming Salt + pepper, to taste, if you use them Half a kettle waterMethod Empty the corn beef onto a cutting board, cut into small cubes, best way to do this was bycutting into strips then turning them around and repeat the cutting until you get cubes ( they areeasier to mix in Boil the water, tip the mash into a pudding basin, add the boiled water until it coversthe mash , stir with a fork Add the corn beef, stir that into the mash, add salt & pepper if desiredplace all ingredients into a oven proof dish until cooked to your liking Best cooked in a hot ovenuntil the top is crusty, but make sure the middle is cooked too by inserting a knife, as with cake if itcomes out clean its cooked Serve and Enjoy **************Cheese & Potato (Pie) But Not really a pie)IngredientsMature cheese { size depending on how many for } (depending what cheese you like Packet ofinstant mash Half a kettle of water Onion or onion salt ( optional ) Tomatoes ( optional ) Soar milk (if any available) a squeeze of lemon juice if not & Normal milkMethodGrate the cheese into a container, this makes it easier to mix in Boil the water add to the mash, stir,then add the cheese & milk (the lemon helps to add flavour and curdle the milk slightly Empty themixture into a casserole dish if oven cooking, then add tomatoes if using Or you can put straightonto the plates for serving if using a microwave ( this will make it a little sloppy if you have addedtoo much water ( other way is to place plate with mixture under grill & leave till brown on topServe and EnjoyWelsh Rabbit or (Rabbit or cheese on toast ) Note there are quite a few variation of this teatimesnackIngredientsMature Cheese { size depending on how many for } Milk (about half a jug, depending how manyyour serving ) Worcester Sauce Mustard ! Egg & spoonful of corn flour Sliced bread for toasting%u2026. Mixing bowl neededMethodGrate the cheese into a mixing bowl, break the egg into the milk, mix add Worcester sauce, smallamount of mustard (to suit taste ) Place the mixture into a microwave, this is the quickest way to setit, you can use saucepan on top of the stove, but you will need to keep stirring - with microwave youjust pop it in set to Full power for about 5 minutes and keep a eye to it, when it starts to thickens take Copyright Graham Commander - 2012 3 of 7
  4. 4. Cheap and Tastyjust pop it in set to Full power for about 5 minutes and keep a eye to it, when it starts to thickens takeit out and stir well ( Dont worry if it looks weird it will smooth as you stir Next, Spread onto piecesof toast, place under a hot grill until brown spots appear - Serve and Enjoy **************This Next recipe was out of an old cookbook called "Save Money CookbookSausage RoastIngredients1 lb Sausage Meat ( You dont need to use all of it if just cooking for yourself 3 oz Plain Flour (SelfRaising will do if not 1 oz Fine oatmeal ( I also use half a crumbled up wheatabix Salt Pepper (optional) Pinch of ground Nutmeg (optional) 1 Beaten eggMethodMix together the sausage meat, flour, oatmeal, salt & pepper and the beaten egg, until it stiffensenough to tip onto a floured pastry board, this is when I add the wheatabix which gives the dish acrunchy finish Place onto a greased baking tray . Bake at 350oF (Gas 4) for 40 minutes Serve withgravy and root vegetables A variation of this is to replace sausage meat with Corn Beef, also withgravy**************Healthy Chips!!If your children love chips as most do, there is a way to make them healthier, this will require you tomake them yourself, but I its worth the time as are also much tastier Take small amount of rawpotatoes leave the skin on, wash and cut them into chips,the advantage is that you will be givingthem Roughage in their diet which is something that you dont hear much about these days, but itwill make for a healthier chip **************Quick Home Made SoupFor those who prefer home made soups, here is a bit of a cheating wayBoil some water add it to a pan, add two bullion cubes, then add some chopped up vegetables foradded goodness Simmer for a short while, until you are ready to make the actual soup, then mix asmall amount of corn flour in a cup with water Add it to the hot water, stir until it the liquid thickens,strain through a sieve and serve immediately Note you can use normal flour, if you dont havecorn-flour, but it will require more mixing. ************** Toad in the HoleWhich sounds weird, basically its sausages baked within Yorkshire pudding mix ( same as pancakebatter mix ) requires cooking in hot oven, until sausage s are cooked and the batter has risen. Youneed to place the sausages in a baking tin or dish, then pour over the batter mix and cook in amoderate oven in the middle, the trick is to cook it slowly so that the sausages cook first then thebatter has chance to rise and harden - cooking time 1 hour approx **************Sausages and mashYou will need about a pound of sausages, prick them and cook under the grill until brown turningoccasionally, when cooked enough Make instant mash (quickest ) cut up the sausages ( if desired )place all ingredients together, can be served right away ************** This is all the recipes, Buta couple of suggestions for cheap mealsBreast of Lamb, this is dearer than it used to be, But still a cheap dinner, cut into strips, it Must beWell cooked, served with lamb sauce of course ************** Draft of Pork, this comes in ready Copyright Graham Commander - 2012 4 of 7
  5. 5. Cheap and Tastycut strips, a great alternative for Spare Ribs, they need to be thoroughly cooked under a hot grillturning occasionally, then add barbecue sauce - I use my own mixture of barbecue sauce, by mixingWorcester Sauce and tomato soup ( finger licking good) **************Potato cakes Once again use Instant Mash for quickness, use a medium mixing bowl, just addenough boiled water to cover, you can add egg yolk - also add a little flour mix well - then turn thewhole lot onto a floured working space. Keep rolling it and flattening until it looks like pastry, thenuse pastry cutters - place the cut shaped cakes onto a hot griddle or they can be fried if you preferServe piping hot -enjoy ******************* Fishermans PieYou may know it by another name, no matter it tastes the same.You will need some raw uncooked fish and mash potato (instant for quickness) and grated cheesePlace the fish in a oven proof dish, and top it with the potato then the cheese, place it in hot ovenuntil fish is cooked and cheese is brown Serve and enjoy right away *********************Another favourite - is Beef stew, although you could replace the beef with other meat or evenvegetablesTo make a proper stew you need a mixture of meat and vegetables, chopped small this will reducecooking time, add a some stock or use cubes for quickness put all ingredients Place all in to asuitable cooking pot or slow cooker, or oven cook slowly for several hours - serve piping hot************** Homemade PizzaThis is a quick version, buy readymade bases grate whatever cheese you prefer add other things ifyou want examples: cooked bacon sliced – mushrooms – tomatoesTake the base and thinly spread it with margarine add tomato ketchup or relish if preferred – thenadd all the toppings and place in a hot oven or double grill until chees has melted Serve immediatelyenjoy **********************Bacon & Beans on Toast (Teatime Snack)Simply empty a can of baked beans into a saucepan to heat Cook the bacon, last of all pop slices ofbread in toaster, butter when done Add bacon & beans - eat right away**************************** Children’s favouriteDippy egg – for this you need to boil one egg for about 2 minutes, so it’s still runny while you waittoast a slice of bread and cut into soldiers (thin strips which can be dripped into egg Teatime SnackPilchards on toast, tins of pilchards are still cheap to buy, Method: take out the fish and remove thebone, by splitting them in two, mash them all up and spread on hot buttered toast, place under a grilluntil hot, eat & enjoy You could use any tinned fish such as sardines, but these wont go so far beinga smaller fish. ****************** Banana sandwich.Just sliced bananas and put them onto buttered bread ******************Toasted sandwichYou can include a verity of fillings, but a favourite ones is grated cheese, you can use a special grilltoaster but you need to place the buttered side facing upwards, or you ca just make as a normalsandwich and then place under a normal grill turning it over occasionally to make "French toast"**************** Bacon Butte Just a sandwich with cooked bacon on it, but you could add gratedcheese and ketchup if you like. **************** Puddings Bananas and Custard , simple cutBanana and add readymade custard Sugary pudding, buy readymade Yorkshire pudding, heat themup and add sugar Pancakes these when heated can have sugar & lemon juice or Maple Syrup added***************** Left Over Food Copyright Graham Commander - 2012 5 of 7
  6. 6. Cheap and TastyThis maybe something thats over looked these days, but it will save you money.1st Bubble & Squeak, which is left over potato and cabbage, but you could also add any other leftover veg. Mix it all together, its meant to be cooked in a frying pan, but it does tend to get stuck,unless its a really good none stick pan, alternatively you could cook it in the microwave.2nd: Potato cakes ... see further above3rd Left over Sunday Lamb, which you can cut up into small pieces, add gravy, heat up in a dishwith potatoes on top, serve as Cottage pie or Sheppard’s pie (whatever you want to call it)4th You could also use any left over meat to make curry, if you like making your own.5th Left over Bread, which can be used to make Bread & Butter Pudding or Bread Pudding, whilethese sound the same, but there is a difference, the 1st one is a hot soft buttery pudding, served withcustard, the second is left to go hard, and more like a cake5th Left over cake (home made or shop bought) Can be used as pudding, just by adding cold custardthen heating in a microwave for a few seconds, Caution keep a eye to this as it can still burn if lefttoo long. 6th Scones For these you will need self raising flour, sugar and left over slightly stale milk,unless you are making cheese ones then the milk can be sour. Mix the flour & sugar or cheese addmilk, make into dough, cut to shape & cook until brown, butter when cool.Fizzy Drinks Most kids love fizzy drinks that are until the drink loses its fizz. Here is sneaky way ofusing the flat left over drink.First buy a New fizzy drink, preferably the same flavour, into a empty glass pour just a small portionof the flattened drink - The top it up with the New Fizzy one, with any luck you will be able to useup all or most of the flat drink you would otherwise throw away saving you a little moneyDont share this Secret with the Kids Copyright Graham Commander - 2012 6 of 7
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