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From Strategy To Execution


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You can talk all you want and even have the world's best strategy. However, if you cannot consistently execute you are toast. Consistent execution is possible if you operationalize your know-how. This presentation describes how we make this happen for hundreds of clients around the world.

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From Strategy To Execution

  1. 1. So they are now history They had lots of meetings and generated tons of paper But could not execute From Strategy to Execution the ProCarta Story
  2. 2. Amen They forgot: the big don’t eat the small … the fast eat the slow Tastes a bit like a bank or an auto company
  3. 3. Because the world is transparent and connected, organizations that do not consistently execute on their promises will run out of places to hide. Execution Matters
  4. 4. There are two paths that lead from discovery to execution The conventional path The high speed path
  5. 5. begins with a need to execute something x discovery the conventional path
  6. 6. followed by series of meetings
  7. 7. a number of discussions Sure glad we are on the same team .
  8. 8. And a careful gathering of relevant information I know it is in here someplace
  9. 9. This would be a great job if it wasn’t for users IT Department moves over to IT for development
  10. 10. And possibly even delivery 4 months or 4 years. Don’t see what the fuss is all about
  11. 11. to the end user for execution Please make this go away!
  12. 12. x <ul><li>conversation with no end </li></ul><ul><li>argument with no resolution </li></ul><ul><li>disengagement </li></ul><ul><li>failure </li></ul>Here’s why: The conventional planning spin cycle has inputs but few outputs
  13. 13. There must be a better way
  14. 14. Discovery The high speed path begin with a need to execute something
  15. 15. Jump to the visual design process Design where teams collaborate to design the execution plan by linking the best processes, knowledge and tools together.
  16. 16. Using a simple desktop app Simplified process hierarchy Harvested knowledge and links to tools Tools for reporting, flowcharting and GPS generation
  17. 17. that creates a web based execution plan Execute Immediately without extensive training, IT involvement or new infrastructure.
  18. 18. That is ready to go out of the box Pandemic Response Plan Detailed instructions on how to perform Links to policies and tools to support the execution Accessible and updateable 24/7 from anywhere with web access design + execute
  19. 19. and accessible 24/7 on the web Web based GPS to guide execution across the enterprise and to harvest innovation Guided Performance System Welcome to our Guided Performance System. This is your source for the latest and best processes and knowledge to help you execute effectively. Your contribution of innovative ideas to improve our speed and agility will help ensure our success. Remember, its not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast the eat the slow. Standardized performance maps for each function design + execute
  20. 20. For peanuts (ie one of the best ROI’s in business)
  21. 21. One promise and one future at a time design + execute
  22. 22. From Strategy to Execution was created by Graham Westwood, founder and CEO of ProCarta. Contact us to discuss how to harness the energy and ingenuity of your people by making their know-how visible and operational. “ ProCarta is one of those rare products that actually does what it says it does.” Jeff Klein, partner, Convey LLC NY. ProCarta Inc. [email_address] 1 416 597-8400 (Toronto) design + execute