GCSE Media Advert Annotation Guide Sheet


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GCSE Media Advert Annotation Guide Sheet

  1. 1. Anti-Hero Why a long coat/ clock and why black? (mise en scene Why is the actor/ Why is the actor looking costume & use of colour) character wearing sun away from the audience? glasses? (mise en ( direct mode of address)Why the use of dark scene – use of props) when the model/actorsskies? (mise en scene- faces the camera andlighting) indirect when looking Why is a long shot away) used?(framing) Why is the actor placed up high overlooking the city? (mise en scene – settings & locations and actor’s pose) Why are audiences having to look up at the character (camera -high angle - framing ) Why the use of machinery (mise en scene props) Why has the character got his back to the audience? (mise en scene – actor’s pose)
  2. 2. Sunny day – positive associations Brown wavy border – Eyes follow body signifies (connotations) shape down to smooth, flowing product chocolate. Draws eyes Young woman, happy, to top of page. smiling, professional,Cheeky grin - status, smartly dressed,naughty subtle make up –reflectsSlightly sexualized image the target audience –– pulls (average woman) – createsmeanings/associations empathy and positivetogether – white top associations with productsignifies good, positiveassociations Medium long shot – uses full Product – very width and height of frame – strategically placed and tightly packed. positioned – sexual Predominance of brown – connotations (cheeky) connotations of chocolate humour – associations with emotion and desire Subject is framed by – implies the illicit - borders – exciting) connotations of being immersed in Anchorage – ‘catch line’ – chocolate sets up the humour, implies an illicit affair – funny, exciting, naughty, reinforces Pack shot – the product, associations with sex and Phallic – sexual shows the audience – chocolate – creates an connotations reinforces Slogan - recognition emotional response – desire. recognition/associated pleasures
  3. 3. Lighting – high or low key lighting Models- Direct or indirect mode of address?Setting/Location/Background Use of Model – If you decide to useWhat is your setting, a model/s how arebackground or location? you going to try and make sure your modelHow does it help to make reflects the targetyour trainers or advert audienceoverall more appealingto your target audience Framing of Shot- What framing of shot will you use and why?Product – where will youstrategically place/position your your Boarders- Will youtrainers? use a boarder and if so, what colour and what will you frame? Fonttype- What font style and font sizeAnchorage – What and will you use?where will you place your Slogan - recognitionanchorage?
  4. 4. Slogan Techniques Advertising TechniquesBroken Rules -Mis-spelled words, •HUMOURincomplete sentences, grammatical error •SHOCKBeanz Meanz Heinz •EMOTION •DEMONSTRATIONRepetition of SoundThe use of rhyme, alliteration (clusters of •COMPARATIVEsimilar sounding consonants) or •CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTassonance (similar vowels)A Mars a day helps you work rest and •ENIGMA ADVERTISINGplay.... Snap! Crackle! Pop!- Kelloggs RiceKrispies Cereal • Frames can be empty orWord PlayObvious joke, puns, double meanings or full.well-known sayings, songs or • Characters/products canQuotations -Once you pop, you cant be in the foreground orstop! Pringles Argos-Dont shop for it Argosit background • They might be left or rightVerbal images - Strong visual suggestions of the frame – These allthat widen the range of asociations Softstrong and very long- ,Andrex have meaning
  5. 5. Demographics Psychographics
  6. 6. I am likely to buy a product if the I am likely to buy a product whichstyle and content of the advert benefits allows me tostrikes a chord with me eitherbecause of my; 1.Feel better about myself 2.Be even more successful1.Lifestyle 3.Feel even more attractive2.Interest/ hobbies 4.To take part and be efficient/3.Views/ outlook on life on life effective4.Ambitions 5.To be even more popular5.How I’ve been socialized (brought 6.To be even more admiredup) 7.To feel and look successful/ rich6.Commitments 8.Feel as if it a natural addition to7.My Attitude my lifestyle8.What is important to me
  7. 7. Get your target 11. Need to escape- flight is 6. Need to achieve- the ability toaudiences to buy by very appealing; you can accomplish something difficultappealing to their: imagine adventures you and succeed identifies the cannot have; the idea of product with winning. Sports figures1. Need for sex- escape is pleasurable as spokespersons project thissurprisingly, only 2 percent image.of the television ads he 7. Need to dominate- the 12. Need to feel safe- to be freesurveyed used this appeal. power we lack is what we from threats, to be secure is the can look for in a appeal of many insurance and2. Need for affiliation- the commercial "master the bank adslargest number of ads use this possibilities.”approach: you are looking for 13. Need for aestheticfriendship? Advertisers can also 8. Need for prominence- sensations-beauty attracts us,use this negatively, to make you we want to be admired and classic art or dance makesworry that youll lose friends if and respected; to have us feel creative, enhancedyou dont use a certain product. high social status.3. Need to nurture- every time 14. Need to satisfy curiosity-facts 9. Need for attention- we support our belief thatyou see a puppy or a kitten or want people to notice information is quantifiable anda child, the appeal is to your us; we want to be looked numbers and diagrams makepaternal or maternal instincts at. our choices seem scientific 4. Need for guidance- a 10. Need for autonomy- father or mother figure can 15. Psychological needs- Fowles within a crowded appeal to your desire for defines sex (item no.1) as a environment; we want to someone to care for you. biological need, and so he be singled out, to be a classifies our need to sleep, eat, 5. Need to aggress- (attack "breed apart." This can also and drink in this category. first) we all have had a desire be used negatively: you Advertisers for juicy pizza are to get even, and some ads may be left out if you dont especially appealing late at night give you this satisfaction use a particular product
  8. 8. Here is a reader profile writtenby Mrs Moore. She hasdocumented lots of brands thatshe aligns herself with andthen written a personal profileusing Socio-economics andPsychographics.You are now going to produceyour own personal Readerprofile. You need to considerlifestyle brands but also yourmedia tastes, mediaconsumption habits, ctechnology you buy into, radiostations you listen to etc.
  9. 9. Anchorage Pictures are often seen with some sort of writing. InUsing words to fix most media, and in advertising in particular, words,meaning. soundtrack or captions are used to tie down or anchor the meaning of images. Think about captions and see how much the message of the picture depends on the words that have been chosen to go with it.
  10. 10. Must Cover/Use Marks Good Work- Nearly There Marks You’ve Nailed It Marks- Lets Celebrate !!Connation Demographic/ Audience Profile/Psychographics Desired meaningAudience appeal Use of anchorage Slogan Mise en Scene Use of quotes/statsDesign and layout (colour, font style and font size, lighting, costume) Lifestyle AppealRelationship between font and image Use of Ideology Use of Pack Shot Institution – the companies involved in the production of media texts and how the advertreflects the company’s identity Actor’s Pose Framing/Camera WorkYou felt the ad deliberately left things out - why? Use and positioning of /logoUse of known stereotypes / stereotypical & why? Use of specific model/ celebrities & whyUse of specific settings/locations Foreground/background ConsumerImages Message Communicate Page set up -Portrait/LandscapeUse of SFX & Why Crop Positioning Use of Direct/Indirect Mode of Address