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Questions to audiences


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Questions to audiences

  1. 1. Questions to Audiences Below are a series of draft questions drawn up by group members with the aim of securing quality audience feedback. Remember the expectation is that you will the outcome of your audience evaluation to report back to the examiner what you have learnt from your target audience's feedback about the success and quality of each of your 3 productions. It is really important that you avoid asking questions that will simply yield yes or no response with any room for elaboration and/or examples and suggestions. It is better to secure quality feedback from 10 members of your target audience than feedback from many who simply say that you video is 'sick' and/or really appealing but are not prepared or able to cite examples and/or moments taken from your product. Look back at the age range and background of your genre's target audience, please make sure you select a representative sample. Any chance of filming/ taking photos of them? You may need to talk your audience through the questions first before the screening. This will present your audience with an opportunity to look out for key areas when watching/ looking at your media products Any references/comparisons with real media text is always useful. Group A Question 3 Question 3 - What have you learnt from your audience feedback? Questions: 1. What do you think our narrative was about? 2. Do you like the storyline? 3. Would you say this music video fits in with the pop rock genre? - characteristics of pop rock genre: - Could you suggest any improvements we could change? 4. What are your thoughts on the quality of the editing? e.g. pace with beat of music 5. If you were to watch this without the audio, would you still think this is a music video? - yes, no, i don't know, possibly reasons... 6. Do you think the narrative of the music video matches the lyrics of the song? - very good, good, little match, no match, i don't know - could you give examples? 7. What did you find appealing about the video? 8. Do you think the narrative to performance ratio is good? How well do you think our Music Video, Digi-Pack, and website combine together (do they match)
  2. 2. e.g. any relation between the three 9. Rate the overall video out of 10 - 1 being bad and 10 being excellent? - marketed him as an individual - did not conform to typical conventions of an indie artist - non white, wearing glasses Group B 1.Do you think we have met the needs of a pop/rock audience? 2.How far do you think selected miss en scene (costume, location, setting, body language etc.), is appropriate to the pop rock genre? 3.How would you rate the quality of the filming?