Gcse news advert evaluation


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Gcse news advert evaluation

  1. 1. Think (Evaluate)- How successful is my final advert …1. What does your main imageshow?6. how successful is myfinal advert in making itobvious what is/are theUSP of the my newsprogramme and why Ithink my audience will findthe USP appealing5. how successful is my finaladvert in reflecting/appealingto my target audience’s profileand their needs?4. How successful ismy my page design &layout?7. What anchorage did Iuse (i.e. slogan) and howsuccessful do I judge it tobe?2. What types of camerashots/framing have you usedand why?3. What connotationshave I used in my advertand why?(e.g. use ofcolour, props,background, costume,lighting, settings, actorspositioning/gestures, fontstyle etc.Institutional Values: Howdoes your advert meet thecriteria for the institution?e.g. PSB, to inform, educateand entertain
  2. 2. Analyse and Respond (AO2 10 marks)• Level 6 9–10 marks (Excellent)• Convincing and effective analyses of media texts and explanation of their pre-productionwork. Media terminology is used extensively and effectively. Excellent understandingof how and why audience will relate to specific parts of their advert. Responses arecogent and well structured with precise and accurate use of language and argumentsclearly supported by evidence.• Level 5 7–8 marks (Very Good)• Good-quality analyses of media texts and explanation of their pre-production work.They use technical terminology with confidence. A sound understanding of how andwhy audience will relate to specific parts of their advert. Points are clearly writtenand well-organised with generally accurate use of language and evidence used tosupport points.• Level 4 5–6 marks ( Satisfactory)• Solid analysis of their advert and explanation of their pre-production work. Sound usetechnical terminology. Audiences are briefly mentioned and how they may relate tospecific parts of the advert. Ideas and points mostly well organised with reasonably(average) accurate use of language and arguments are usually supported by evidence.
  3. 3. • Level 3 3–4 marks (reads pretty basic – sometimes ok and sometimes not)• Candidates show a basic grasp of textual analysis and use technical terminologyoccasionally. Some effort is made to discuss how their advert might appeals to aparticular audience. Responses are reasonably well organised and points aresometimes supported by evidence.• Level 2 1–2 marks• A very simple description of advert but no attempt to explain reasons behind it’smaking. Little or no thought given to audience appeal.• Level 1 0 marks• No work worth the award of a mark.
  4. 4. • 2-3 points that were well made• 2 points that you thing they could improve onDraw an arrow where youthink they are on the ladder