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G325 Q1a Exams Preparation Table


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The student went on to score a level 4 overall for Q1a

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G325 Q1a Exams Preparation Table

  1. 1. Creativity     Digital  Technologies     AS  Production  -­‐    Opening     Convey  the  psychological   thriller  genre.     Convention  of  creating   suspense  through  the  use  of   tense  background  music  and  a   deep  red  font  to  connote  fear,   darkness  and  tension  similar  to   that  demonstrated  in  ‘Secret   Window’  and  ‘Hannibal’.     We  went  against  the   convention  in  terms  of  setting   and  characters;  in  films  such  as   ‘Cold  Creek  Manor’  and  ‘The   Butterfly  Effect’  storylines  were   adult  driven  and  based  on   families  whereas  the  storyline   for  my  production  is  based  on   the  psychological  problems  of  a   high  school  student.     From  my  research,  I  found  that   audiences  want  to  be  scared  as   many  pay  to  go  and  watch   horror/psychologically   challenging  movies.  However,   instead  of  creating  another   story  about  an  adult’s  battle   with  the  world  they  live  in,  we   decided  to  appeal  to  a  younger   audience  by  focusing  on  a   student  in  a  high  school  with   typical  high  school  features   such  as  the  school,  popular  girl   and  her  association  with   popular  cliquesàdemonstrated   this  through  Horatio  writing  an   article  echoing  Mia’s  popularity   whilst  looking  at  pictures  of  Mia   with  friends.     We  wanted  to  make  a  film  that       IMovie-­‐  Used  IMovie  to  edit  our   film.  Used  various  tools  such  as   the  titling  tool,  audio  tool,   lighting  tool.     Youtube-­‐  Used  to  research  6  of   my  films  and  highlight  codes  and   conventions.     PowerPoint-­‐  display  my  research   on  Slideshare  and  refer  back  to  it   when  developing  my  product.   More  attractive  than  a  simple   blog  post.     Blogger-­‐  create  posts  detailing   the  stages  of  my  production-­‐   research,  planning,  post   production.     Easier  to  cross-­‐reference  my   work  and  go  from  post  to  post   without  any  difficulty.   Embedded  pictures,  videos  and   various  documents  and  this   made  it  easier  for  me  because  I   could  access  all  of  my  work   through  one  location  rather  than   going  through  various  files  on  my   computer  to  find  them  thus   saving  time.   -­‐Web  2.0  technology  (O’Reilly,   2004)         Research  &  Planning   Results  of  research  and   planning.   2/6  films  used  red  titlingà   developed  convention.     6/6  films  use  diegetic  and   non-­‐diegetic  sound  in  the   opening  2  minutes.       6/6  films  featured  mature   characters  and  the  film  was   shown  from  their  point  of   view.     6/6  appeared  to  use  Todorov’s   narrative  theory  of   equilibrium  in  the  first  2   minutes.         3/6  films  used  dark  lighting   from  the  offset  (The  Secret   Window,  Hannibal  and  The   Butterfly  Effect)           Studied  ‘Secret  Window’    and   ‘Memento’  titles  and  found   that  all  the  titles  were  1  or  2   seconds  apart  however  ‘Secret   Window’  was  more  erraticà   titles  were  spaced  2  seconds   apart  in  the  beginning  but  11-­‐ 14  seconds  towards  the  end.           Used  Codes  &  Conventions   Post  Production-­‐       red  titlingà  developed   convention.     Use  of  diegetic  sound  and  non-­‐ diegeticà  developed   convention.       Went  against  convention  by   focusing  story  on  a  teenage   character.       We  used  Todorov’s  narrative   theory  of  apparent  equilibrium,   disruption  to  the  equilibrium   however  we  only  used  the  first   2  stages  as  it  was  the  opening  2   minutes  of  the  film.    Also  used  Levi-­‐Strauss’s  ‘binary   opposites’  theoryà  dark   (Horatio)  and  light  (Mia).   Debunked  convention  by  using   two  types  of  light.  Used  bright   light  when  Mia  was  on  screen   and  used  dark  lighting  when   Horatio  was  on  screen.       Used  convention  however   spaced  the  title  6  seconds  apart   to  follow  the  music  and  what   was  on  screen.       Edited  using  Imovie  titling  tool.   Also  used  blurring  tool  to  blur   the  title  ‘Neurosis’  and  make  it   appear  shaky  to  reflect  the   main  character’s  mind.       Editing  using  Imovie  audio  tool   to  include  non-­‐diegetic  sound.       Used  footage  from  our  camera,   imported  into  IMovie.  Hannah   edited  the  clips  and  put  them  in   order  to  start  off  with  Horatio’s   following  Mia.     Hannah  used  the  lighting  tool   on  IMovie  to  adjust  the  lighting   on  the  footage  to  make  the   beginning  lighter  and  Horatio’s   scene  in  the  computer  room   darker.       Used  the  titling  tool  to  create   the  font  of  the  titles  and  space   them  apart.       Uploaded  edits  of  our  film  on   Facebook  to  get  feedback.   Feedback  enabled  us  to  make   further  adjustments  e.g.  make   lighting  darker  (both  AS  and   A2).  
  2. 2. left  our  target  audience  in   suspense  and  caused  them  to   question  the  motives  of  the   main  character,  Horatio.  We   were  successful  in  this  as  we   found  during  our  audience   feedback  that  audiences   wanted  to  know  what  happen   next.       A2  Music  Video   Group  and  I  aimed  to  create  an   emotional  narrative  and  a   vibrant  performance  element  in   order  to  appeal  to  our  target   indie  audience  who  like  going   to  gigs  and  emulating  the  style   of  their  favourite  bands.  During   my  research,  I  found  an  indie   music  website  called  ‘XFM’   which  has  a  ‘find  a  gig’  section   where  indie  audiences  can   search  their  favourite  bands   and  buy  tickets,  this  tells  me   that  audiences  enjoy  live  music   and  having  fun.    Therefore,  in   our  music  video  we  used  the   performance  convention  and   included  a  performance  to   make  it  seem  like  the  audience   are  watching  a  gig  like  in   Kasabian’s  video  for  ‘Underdog’   where  we  see  actual  footage  of   audience’s  enjoying  their  gig.     We  made  our  band  wear   simple,  laid-­‐back  clothing    such   Youtube-­‐  allowed  me  to  play,   replay,  pause  and  screen  grab   various  moments  of  music  videos   so  that  I  could  highlight  various   codes  and  conventions  and   analyse  the  affect  of  the  codes   and  conventions,  the  relationship   between  lyrics  and  visuals  etc.   Also  used  youtube  to  upload  our   music  video.       Facebook:   Uploaded  rough  drafts  of  our   music  video  on  facebook  to  gain   feedback.  Helped  during  post   production  stage  as  our  target   audience  helped  us  to  determine   further  change  to  our  music   video  e.g.  stabilise  shots,  adjust   lighting  etc.       Screen  grab  tool:    to  grab   moments  from  screen  to  display   the  relationship  between  lyrics   and  visuals,  music  and  visuals,   5/5  video  included  a   performance  element.   e.g.  Snow  Patrol,  Razorlight,   The  Enemy.         4/5  wearing  laid  back  clothing   (jeans,  v  neck  shirts,  jackets   etc).  Interpol  wore  suits  to   stand  out  more.     0/5  used  a  narrative  element   mainly  performance  driven.         3/5  features  relationship   between  the  lyrics  and  visuals   on  screen.           5/5  featured  strong   relationship  between  music   and  visuals.       Used  convention  in  our  music   video.  Vibrant  performance   element  with  microphones,   drumkit,  guitars  etc.       Used  convention.  Our  band   wore  simple  v  neck  shirts,  jeans,   jackets  etc.           Challenged  convention  by   including  a  performance   element  and  a  narrative   element.         Developed  convention  by   including  an  illustrative   relationship  between  lyrics  and   visuals  on  screen.         Used  convention  however  it   was  not  possible  all  the  time  as   we  had  to  include  a  narrative                           Edited  music  video  so  that   there  would  be  an  equal   balance  of  narrative  and   performance.         Edited  so  that  lyrics  would   match  performance  at  times   e.g.  when  lead  singer  sings  “this   is  not  out  of  reach”  he  extends   his  hands  to  the  camera.     Edited  so  that  music  matched   visuals  on  IMovie.      
  3. 3. as  v  neck  shirts  and  jeans  in   order  to  emphasises  the  ‘Do  It   Yourself’  ethos  indie  genres   base  their  music  on  so  it  looks   they  chose  the  clothes   themselves  rather  than   someone  else  chose  for  them   (like  with  mainstream  artists).   We  also  used  tools  such  as   Facebook  and  IMovie  to   creatively  enhance  our  music   video.     For  example  we  used  Facebook   to  gain  feedback  from  our   target  audience  and  used   IMovie  to  apply  their  feedback   onto  music  video  to  make  it   more  aesthetically  pleasing.         close  up  of  band  members.       IMovie:  Used  IMovie  to   essentially  put  the  music  video   together.  Used  tools  such  as  the   ‘stabiliser’  tool,  crop  tool  and   colour  wheel  to  adjust  the  music   video.  Also  used  the  time  on   IMovie  to  create  quick  cuts  in  the   music  video.                   5/5  used  close  ups  of  band   members       5/5  music  videos  had  quick   cuts  and  used  over  200  in  the   music  video.     1/5  bands  used  notion  of   looking  in  their  music  video.       0/5  made  intertextual   references  to  videos.                     element.  However,  when  there   was  a  particular  strong  drum   beat  or  guitar  rhythm  we   included  it  on  screen  along  with   the  lead  singer  singing.       Used  convention  in  order  to   establish  the  band  as   individuals  as  well  as  whole.     Used  convention.  Included  over   200  cuts  in  our  music  video.       Developed  convention  and   included  a  close  up  of  female   looking  at  the  picture  of  the   couple  on  her  phone.       Challenged  convention  by   making  two  references  to   videos  we  watched  which   helped  us  with  our  narrative.   Keira  Knightley  campaign  for   domestic  violence  (she  is   pushed  to  the  floor,  in  our   video  female  is  pushed  to  the   floor  difference  is  that  it  is   implied,  not  shown)   ‘Love  The  Way  You  Lie’-­‐   Eminem  and  Rihanna  (Megan   Fox  looks  straight  into  the   camera,  so  does  the  female  in   our  music  video)   Used  IMovie  ‘stabiliser’  tool   which  helped  stabilise  shaky   shots.    Used  hand  held  shots  to   make  the  music  video  look   more  ‘indie’  which  heightened   the  ‘stabiliser’  tools   importance.             Used  Crop  tool  on  IMovie  to   frame  shots  better.         Used  IMovie  to  create  quick   cuts.         Hannah  used  the  ‘colour  wheel’   to  lighten  some  shots  and   darken  some  shots  for  example   lighten  for  the  female  character   and  darken  for  the  male   characterà  good/bad  (Propp).    
  4. 4. Creativity     A2  Digipak   For  our  digipak,  my  group  and  I   wanted  to  create  a  product  that   conveyed  the  image  of  the   band  as  well  as  what  their   interests  are.  I  was  unable  to   find  a  digipak  of  any  indie  band   therefore  I  had  to  make  do  with   album  covers  of  bands  such  as   ‘Razorlight’,  ‘Franz  Ferdinand’   and  ‘Snow  Patrol’.  From  my   research,  I  found  that  the  band   members  were  featured  on  the   front  cover  of  the  album   therefore  we  did  the  same  for   our  digipak-­‐I  took  a  picture  of   the  band  together  to  feature   them  on  the  front  cover.  We   also  included  pictures  of  the   band  having  fun  and  playing   their  instruments  to  emphasise   their  dedication  to  song  writing   and  playing  music  like  in  The   Kooks  album  where  there  are   images  of  the  band  playing   their  instruments.  My  group   and  I  developed  in  creativity  as   we  used  Adobe  Photoshop  for   the  first  time  in  many  years  to   create  a  product  that  we  did   not  create  in  our  Foundation   Portfolio.     Creating  a  digipak  allowed  me   to  develop  my  skills  on  Adobe   and  it  also  allowed  to  me  to   channel  my  creativity  which   Digital  Technologies   Research  &  Planning   Used  Codes  &  Conventions   Post  Production   Developed  creatively  as  I  used   a  professional  camera  for  the   first  time.         Canon  SLR  professional   Camera:       Borrowed  from  media  teacher.   Allowed  me  to  adjust  the   lighting  on  the  camera  to  create   a  visually  pleasing  photo.  Also   used  the  zoom  on  the  camera   to  zoom  in  on  members  and   adjusted  the  lens  for  a  more   professional  outcome  of  the   photo.  Professional  camera   allowed  me  to  produce  clear   pictures  in  contrast  to  a  normal   digital  camera  that  is  only   suitable  for  everyday  activities-­‐   not  photo  shoots.       Dafont:   Used  Dafont  to  find  a  cool,  edgy   font.  Narrowed  font  list  down   to  4  fonts  and  went  with  our   gut  instinct  and  chose  ‘planet   estyle’.  Dafont  allowed  us  to   use  more  bolder  fonts  than  the   ones  available  to  us  on  the   MACs  as  they  were  very  simple   and  not  edgy  enough  for  an   indie  band.       IPhoto-­‐  Used  IPhoto  on  MAC  to   upload  the  results  from  the   photoshoot.    New  technology   as  I  didn’t  use  IPhoto  for  our   Foundation  Portfolio  as  we  had   no  need  for  it.    3/3  used  a  contrasting  colour   scheme.                 3/3  used  the  same  font  on  the   digipak.                 3/3  used  Logos,  barcodes,  band   introduction,  readable  font  and   a  copyright  notice.   Slightly  developed  convention.   Used  black  and  white  against   blue.  E.g.  band  jumping  in  the   air,  band  members  are  in  colour   whereas  the  background  is  in   black  and  white.       Used  conven     tion.  We  used  ‘planet  estyle’  on   the  name  of  the  band,   copyright  notice  and  song  name   and  band  introduction  however   we  used  ‘hand  of  sean’  font   from  dafont  to  make  it  look  like   the  band’s  signature.       Used  convention.  Included  an   introduction  on  the  inside  left   of  the  digipak,  readable  font,  a   copyright  notice  on  the  band   and  the  record  label’s  logo  on   the  front.             Used  convention.  All  of  our   band  members  are  wearing   blue-­‐  blue  jeans,  blue  hoodies,   and  blue  scarf.           Used  colour  enhancer  tools  on   Adobe  to  create  this  contrast.   Used  the  colour  palette  to  select   colours.           Embedded  font  into  the   computer  then  added  the  font   into  Adobe  fonts  to  use  it.  Used   the  colour  palette  to  give  the   font  a  colour  that  matches  the   colour  scheme  of  the  digipak.         Used  the  ‘text’  tool  to  create   short  message  from  the  band.   Also  used  the  colour  palette  to   select  the  colour  blue  to  keep  in   with  our  colour  scheme.   Used  the  copy,  paste  and   positioning  tools  to  position  the   logos,  copyright  notice  etc.     Used  the  ‘blur  tool’  on  the   background  of  one  panel  to   make  it  look  more  aesthetically   pleasing.               IPhoto-­‐  Used  the  black  and  white   tool  to  adjust  the  inside  left  of   the  digipak.  Used  the  black  and   white  tool  give  it  an  edgier  effect   and  then  edited  it  further  on   Adobe.                     3/3  digipaks  featured  bands   that  are  wearing  the  same   clothes  or  wearing  one  part  of   the  colour  scheme.                      
  5. 5. resulted  in  the  creation  of   vibrant  and  aesthetically   pleasing  digipak.       Adobe  Photoshop:  Allowed  me   to  use  various  tools  such  as  the   ‘Blur’  tool,  colour  palette,  text   tool  and  hue/saturation  tools  to   make  our  digipak  aesthetically   pleasing.  Adobe  was  vital  to  our   digipak  as  the  software  allowed   us  to  create  a  digipak  that  was   colour  vibrant,  unique  and   looked  professional.  Adobe   developed  my  creativity  and   allowed  me  to  create  a  product   that  I  could  never  produce   without  the  software.     A2  Music  Advert   Google-­‐     Creatively,  we  wanted  to   Used  Google  to  find  music   construct  a  vibrant  music   adverts  of  the  band.  Google   poster  that  conveyed  the   also  gave  me  links  to  other   band’s  image  and  details  of   sites  where  I  was  able  to   their  album  and  release  dates   download  music  adverts  and   to  their  fans.    During  the   highlight  their  key   research  stage,  I  found  4  music   conventions.     adverts  that  informed  me  of     what  an  advert  should  look  like     and  it  also  allowed  me  to   Dafont:  Allowed  me  to  the  find   highlight  the  key  conventions  of   the  right  font  for  all  of  my   a  magazine  advertisement.  By   products  (same  as  digipak)   researching  into  music  adverts,   Adobe  Photoshop:   I  and  my  group  were  able  to   Adobe  Photoshop  allowed  me   create  a  music  advert  that   to  change  the  size,  colour,   looked  professional  and  was   saturation  and  brightness  of  the   aesthetically  pleasing  with  the   image.  It  also  allowed  me  to   aid  of  Adobe  Photoshop  and   add  texts  such  as  the  copyright   tools  such  as  the  text  tool,   notice  and  introduction  of  the   colour  tool,  stamp  tool  and  a   band  along  with  the  band’s   professional  digital  camera.     signature  using  the  “hand  of   We  utilised  this  convention  and   sean”  font  I  downloaded  from  (same  as  digipak)   included  the  album’s  release   date,  ratings  from  music   magazines,  the  album’s  name        4/4  magazine  adverts  included   the  name  of  the  band.             4/4  included  the  name  of  the   record  label           4/4  included  the  release  date  of   the  album     4/4  included  the  name  of  the   album     4/4  included  key  colour  theme   that  links  to  the  album.               0/4  band  included  the  ‘available   on  itunes’  sign  and  star  ratings.     Uploaded  the  digipak  onto   Facebook  and  asked  for  feedback   in  order  to  aid  us  in  post-­‐ production.  We  found  that  our   target  audience  liked  the  overall   appeal  of  the  digipak   nonetheless  we  made   adjustments  to  the  lighting  on   the  digipak  etc  to  make  it  more   aesthetically  pleasing.         Used  convention.  Included  the   name  of  the  band  on  our   magazine  advertisement  in   order  to  drive  publicity  and   make  the  band  known  to  the   public.       Used  convention.  Included  the   logo  of  the  record  label  in  order   to  highlight  the  band’s   management.       Used  convention.  Included   release  date  in  order  to  inform   our  target  audience  of  when   they  can  buy  the  record.       Used  convention.  Included  the   blue  colour  motif  from  our   music  video  and  album  to  link   all  of  our  products  together  and   give  the  band  a  colour  that  is   associated  with  them.       Included  ‘available  on  itunes’  to   highlight  new  technology  within   Used  the  ‘text’  tool  on  Adobe  to   type  the  name  of  the  band  onto   the  advertisement.             Copied  and  pasted  the  band’s   logo  on  Adobe  and  then  used  the   stamp  tool  to  create  a  stamp  out   of  it.  We  then  stamped  the  logo   onto  the  magazine   advertisement.     Used  ‘text’  tool  to  input  the   release  date  of  the  album.  Also   used  the  colour  palette  to   highlight  the  text  in  blue.       Used  the  colour  palette  to  adjust   the  colours  on  the  magazine   advertisement  so  that  it  would  fit   in  our  without  colour  motif.           Used  the  stamp  tool  to  recreate  
  6. 6. and  the  fact  that  it  is  available   on  ‘ITunes’  thus  recognising   new  media  technologies  and   audience  movement  as   audiences  now  buy  their  music   online  rather  than  go  to  CD   stores.  Adobe  Photoshop   allowed  me  to  develop   creatively  as  it  exposed  me  to   new  tools  that  helped  me  in   creating  the  digipak  as  well  as   giving  me  insight  into  how  to   help  Hannah  create  the  music   advert.         the  music  industry  and  in  order   to  access  a  wider  demographic.           the  ITunes  stamp.   Also  used  the  ‘symbol’  tool  to   draw  out  starts  to  create  the  star   writing.     Uploaded  magazine   advertisement  onto  Facebook   and  asked  for  feedback  in  order   to  change  elements  in  post-­‐ production.  Main  comments   were  that  the  ‘Q’  below  the  5   star  rating  needed  to  be  moved   however  we  picked  up  on  that   before  the  comments  but  moved   it  nonetheless.