Evidence of Research, Planning & Construction


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Evidence of Research, Planning & Construction

  1. 1. Product Name The main reason I have selected the product name “Stripe” is the fact that I plan for my product to have stripes on it. This name “Streets Stripe” also contains alliteration, making it more memorable and suggesting lightheartedness; this alliteration is centered around an “s” sound, a sound that is often affiliated with speed. Although speed is not the focus of these shoes are they are leisure wear, it will certainly be taken into account by the audience.
  2. 2. Target Audience The audience I have chosen to target with my advert is 13 to 19 year old males. I have chosen this audience because, as I am part of it, I possess a deeper understanding of the psychology and therefore the needs of its members than I do of any of of the other audiences available to me. I will be targeting my audience’s need for affiliation, prominence, attention and ascetic sensation; these needs are significantly important to myself, my peers and virtually all members of my audience. Streets is a relatively new brand with little recognition, I will be using this as a marketing ploy by targeting a need for autonomy in my audience. Autonomy is something growing in popularity with an entire sub-culture of “hipsters” having emerged over the past 20 years. Although the term “hipster” is considered to be derogatory and those involved in this sub-culture are typically aged from 20 to 30, aspects of it have permeated throughout all of society, i.e., people tend to trend away from things that they regard as overly normal or conventional more than they would have in the past.
  3. 3. Slogans Built for the city Walk the Walk Above all else
  4. 4. Unique Selling Point The unique selling point that my advert will convey will be the unique appearance of my product. Appearances are, as mentioned earlier, important to my demographic and as Streets will be a very new brand on the market, appearing unique will be the most effective and the fastest way to build a large consumer base.
  5. 5. Logo Design Modern, neutral font. Logo looks like the stripes found on streets. All bold and in capitals, more eye catching.
  6. 6. Construction & Evaluation
  7. 7. Empty Frame Used
  8. 8. Gallery Wall Used
  9. 9. Original Image of the Shoe
  10. 10. Original Formatting
  11. 11. Before Shading and Colour Correction After Shading and Colour Correction
  12. 12. Final Logo (on Black Background) Road Stripes: the inspiration for my logo
  13. 13. Final Image of Shoe Used
  14. 14. Final Advert