GCSE Yr 10 Advertising Brief: Trainers Advert


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GCSE Yr 10 Advertising Brief: Trainers Advert

  1. 1. Unit 2 Coursework Assignment 1 - Advertising Production Brief: devise a print advert for Streets Trainers Skills acquired and developed through this assignment: Designing Audience profiling Copywriting Photography Photo-manipulation Layout Your task is to create a campaign for a new brand of trainer/leisure shoe called STREETS. You are going to produce one print advert for a specific target audience (for example, young men aged 16-25, B-C2, or women aged 25-50, C1-D). You must choose a model from those listed below for the campaign. Look carefully at the model names and think about the connotations that each name suggests. This will need to be reflected in your advert. You must also create a brand logo and then choose a typeface and design for the model name. You will also need to come up with a slogan for your advert and consider carefully the unique selling point of the shoe you are promoting. Think about the different techniques advertisers use and identify which techniques you are using. You should identify your target audience from the list below and then choose the model of ‘Streets’ trainer to advertise to them. Target Audiences – choose one of the following: Young people aged 13 to 19 Young adults aged 17 to 25 Older people aged 25-35 Parents of young children Model Names – choose one: Arrow Blade Buck Coaster Dart Loafer Pacer Rocket Skate Sport Stomp Stripe You must ensure that you stick to the brief and fulfil all the requirements below: 1 Print Advertisement - 1 A4 format print advertisements for a model of ‘Streets’ trainer/leisure shoe, to be printed out and handed in to your teacher You must plan carefully and experiment with a number of ideas before embarking on your product. You should use at least one original image. The Supporting Account
  2. 2. When you have finished your production work you must write a supporting account in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the work that you have produced. Your evaluation should include the following information: 1.Describe the product and the target audience. 2.Discuss the various components of the production, how you created them and why they look/read the way that they do – you should refer to professionally produced media products, including a range of magazine advertisements that you used for research. Think about the key concepts you have discussed during this unit - representation, language, institutions and audience. How have you applied your knowledge of these areas to your own production work? 3.Assess the degree of ‘finish’ and professionalism that you have achieved. Focus on the strengths (or weakness’) of the appearance of the product rather than on the difficulties of the production process (where you had problems, describe how you overcame them rather than focusing on how difficult it was). If you are not satisfied with the professionalism of your media products, discuss what you could have done to improve them. 4.Have you been successful in creating a campaign that will appeal to your target audiences? Why do you consider your campaign to be effective?