DigiCom Systems Managed Access Control for Card Access


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Description of the latest offering from DigiCOM Systems (MAC) or Managed Access Control. Giving your business more flexibility with card access systems.

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DigiCom Systems Managed Access Control for Card Access

  1. 1. Managed Access Control Provided by:
  2. 2. Why Use Access Control? 1. FLOW CONTROL OF TRAFFIC • Establish different levels of access to areas within a facility to protect sensitive data, valuable assets or hazardous materials 2. ELIMINATE UNSCHEDULED VISITS • From strangers & solicitors from entering your building 3. REAL-TIME MONITORING • Monitor movement throughout the facility or through reports 4. DISABLE FEATURE • Immediately disable key cards for contractors & terminated employees 5. IMPROVED EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY AND ATTENDANCE • Run reports to investigate suspicious time clock activity (Buddy Punching) • Identify an early break and a late return 6. IMPROVED SAFETY FOR BOTH EMPLOYEES AND VISITORS 7. ESTABLISH BUSINESS HOURS • You, not your employees, determine your scheduled business hours • 1st Man In rule
  3. 3. What is Managed Access Control? Managed Access Control gives you a powerful security system without the overhead of a full-time security staff, computer hardware, maintenance and software management. Our system is fully scalable for any number of readers or locations.
  4. 4. Managed Access Control logical system architecture… Client B Client C Client A Small, Medium & Large Customers Schools, Colleges & Universities
  5. 5. Why use Managed Access? Most likely you’re already paying third party service providers to perform operations that are not directly within your area of expertise to be free from the burden of managing those services Security Service Provider Software Support Payroll IT Managerial Security Services
  6. 6. Why this solution makes good business sense… 1. Our customers are being asked to do more with less 2. No additional computers or servers to maintain 3. Fully redundant application server 4. Minimal upfront capital investment 5. Minimal training is required 6. Easily manage the card database remotely via a web interface, phone call, fax or email 7. Maintain consistent security policies in multi-site / multi-tenant building 8. Most system repairs are included within this program 9. Enjoy reliable, cost-effective security without the overhead of a full staff to manage the system 10. Scalability and Flexibility
  7. 7. Managed Access Control is not the same as Hosted Access Control Traditional Hosted Managed Access Control Access Control Access Control Procure & Maintain Provided by Server and the Access Customer Provided by DigiCOM DigiCOM Control Hardware Manage Application & Customer Customer Provided by DigiCOM Database Provided by DigiCOM Customer Customer Operational Monitoring (Not yet available)
  8. 8. Return On Investment (ROI) for Hosted Access Control 1. Save on computers, operating system software, virus software and infrastructure 2. Remove the expensive cost of maintaining the server’s operating system 3. Worry free deployment of new patches, updates and even upgrades for the card access application 4. Have a professional security team implement and maintain your system 5. Greatly reduce or totally eliminate costly Service Agreements, because the server, software application, card readers and controller panels are automatically covered under this program 6. Greatly minimize your cost for local administration
  9. 9. Web Portal • Allows you full control over your system from any web browser  Real-time, constant connectivity  No software required  No additional fees for multiple users • Simple and intuitive interface • Manage the entire system from your secure web portal
  10. 10. Web Interface Key Features  Card management  Custom Clearances  Operations: Doors, relays, inputs  Web Views (Live Video)  Report Requests  Password Management  Real-time Operations  Alarm Integration (coming soon)  “First Man In” Rule  Elevator Control  Real-time Email Alerts  Automated Reporting
  11. 11. What level of Service works for you? Our unique solution can be deployed in such a way that caters to your specific needs. - Hosted and/or Managed Access - Flexible pricing model - Layered approach - Can cover small to very large installs
  12. 12. Connectivity Options Dial-up IP Based   Managed Access Compatible  Real Time Connectivity  Extremely Low Bandwidth  128-bit AES Encryption
  13. 13. 5-Year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) the power and value in the ‘Economy of Scale’ 6 Door System Example Traditional Access DigiCOM Managed Expense Category Period of Expense Control Solution Up-front fees and expenses One-Time $13,500.00 $3,500.00 Recurring montly service fee Annual $0.00 $220.80 Recurring operational expenses Annual $1,800.00 $0.00 Recurring IT expenses Annual $1,200.00 $0.00 Service Agreements Annual $1,325.00 $0.00 5-Year TCO $35,125.00 $16,748.00 *Examples include 100’ of cable and basic electric strike cost Save at least 53% in the Information was compiled and interpreted from the following sources: Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) first 5 years alone! www.dell.com www.hp.com CNET Networks, Inc. TCO Calculator
  14. 14. Other Services Card Key Badges (and Key tags) • • Customized layout designs • Eliminate cost for expensive badge printer • Per card pricing • Video Surveillance • IP Video • Analog • Full Integration with your Card Access System • Alarms • Monitored by a UL Listed Monitoring Station
  15. 15. Contact Information DigiCOM Systems 1375 State Route 131 Suite D3 Milford, Ohio 45150 Brad Fletcher Director of Business Development Toll-Free: 1-877-543-0534 Mobile: 1-513-543-1958 Fax: 1-513-625-2115
  16. 16. Questions?